The Circle Is Unbroken

College of Political Knowledge

Subject:  2010 Election Series

Lecture #1

This is the first in a week long series dealing with the 2010 mid-terms……..

As the mid-term elections of 2010 quickly approach (one week to be exact), there are a few things that voters need to know….(not that anyone will listen…but what the Hell!)

As we travel down the road to recovery or the road of destruction, depending on which side of the aisle that you stand, we see that NOTHING imaginable is anything new…..look at our situation…….

1–the economy of the country and especially the cities is in danger and chaos…

2–Average Americans struggle daily to make ends meet…

3–Legislators bought and sold by large corporations….

4–One misguided tax scheme after another….

5–Governmental bureaucrats catering to special interests….

6–Politicians mouthing empty slogans of concern for the country

7–A change of people in high places without any substantive change in policy…

Re-read the list….does that about sum up some of the problems we face as a country?  If so, then little has changed…for those symptoms of a wounded society were published by the People’s Bicentennial Commission on April of 1975…..

Merry Christmas….for all your concern…and all your hard work to elect this person or that and look….NOTHING has changed…..I do not care which one of the lame parties you choose….NONE are actually helping the American people….they only help themselves at the public trough…..

Why has nothing changed?  Your elected officials want to keep the status quo…it is their life’s blood…and it will NEVER change until the American people demand it and do it themselves…..they need to find and elect people that will truly work in their favor…find a way to take the money out of the political process and then we may find individuals that are really concerned with the direction of the country…..

If you approve of corporatism and favoritism and corruption and games…then by all means….sit back and take your whipping like a man….if this is not to your liking…. then get off your butt and help find the answers to return the US to its place in the world….After 35 years…what has been accomplished?  Not too damn much…granted one sector is making out like a bandit (pun intended)…….meanwhile the middle class is slowly circling the drain….all with the help of the people YOU have elected……elected?  Is that what you call the buying of representation?  You have NOTHING to do with the running of this country….if you did you would be much better off financially than you are today.

So by all means, keep voted for the endless line of idiots and thieves….I am talking about the ALL, Repub and Dem, and you can leave your children NOTHING as their inheritance when they run the country…..(now there is a scary thought…..people who think Jackass is entertainment will be running the country)

If not…then stick your head in the sand and allow your backside to be vulnerable……and they WILL take advantage!