Gays, God And Guns

College of Political Knowledge

2010 Election Series

Lecture  #7

Gays, God and Guns!  Damn!  I great title for a country song!  I can hear the chanting now!  They are there just muffled by the economy and the word….JOBS!

Now that the mid-terms are through, I expect to hear a lot more of the subjects that have been missing, though not completely, from the political discourse……2012 is approaching and these issues will probably make a huge comeback…Obama will be stealing our guns…he will be sinning for pursuing to legitimize homosexuality….and finally he will be coming for your guns…….it will once again be sad to hear this type of mental manipulation…..

For decades the GOP has used gays, God and guns to run their strategy in national and state elections…….and I look for them, if they are at all smart, to avoid these subjects and concentrate on the economy and jobs….these two are winners and the others are big time losers, at least in the country these days…..

I have watched some of the more…..vocal candidates (used a more polite term) show there asses in the waning days of the campaigns….some are reverting back to the “good ol’ days”………

Gays, God and Guns have been the corner stone of the ultra-conservs….but this time around they need to shut the Hell up if the GOP is too win a majority….Why?  These social issues will NOT play well with the electorate in this time of economic upheaval.

These issues will NOT go away…..they will just go into hibernation for the 2010 mid term elections….that is if they are smart enough to recognize their potential to scuttle their plans to regain Congress….

Gays, God and Guns will NOT go away……they are just side lined for a future roll out….nothing gets American political blood boiling like a good emotional issue…..and Gays, God and Guns is the best emotional issues they, the conservs, could have in the repertoire……..They will return….if you fear for these things…..never fear they WILL return!

UpDate:  In the closing days of the 2010 mid-terms…..they have RETURNED!  See nothing to fear…….questions about ones religion or God….referendums trying vigorously to demonize gays and of course the ever present…GUN issues and who will steal them from you….

12 thoughts on “Gays, God And Guns

  1. Yeah, well… what’s the term? Right wingnuts? Can I point out to these people that, just as they are blaming all the sh*t THEIR favourite – George W – created on these issues, so the utter prat who runs Iran blamed women who were flaunting themselves (like. not wearing a headscarf) for earthquakes.

    What CAUSES so many stupid people to be born, I ask myself? How did the human race get this far with such a burden of stupidity at its core?

      1. Yeah… I’m being forsed to the conclusion that there must be a god after all, since nothing less could have got such a ridiculous creature this far on our planet without managing to evolve at all – and yes, I agree entirely, She does have a sense humour – a strange one – but a sense of humour none the less 😆

  2. Emotional issues have always lined the streets to the voter booth. It seems to me the average voter cares less about the country they are so patriotic about, and more about what the “jonese” should or shouldnt be doing. Anyway , isnt it a founding tradition to shoot gays in the name of God? (sarcasm intended)

    1. Hi Phillip…I see you found the magic buttons….LOL ……..thanx for the comment……yes I agree with you but it is the voters fault that they have such crap to vote for….because they do NOT want to educate themselves on what is good governance….ands as long as they stay ignorant they will continue to get the government that uses them and then craps them out…..

      1. NO, it’s the politicians’ fault for NOT making any attempt to educate the voter – they rely on ignorance to keep them in office!

      2. But a politician is NOTHING without his promises and lies…..we can never trust them to accurately educate the people….the people need to do that for themselves….look what the TP has done to the US….

      3. Look at what the TP has done to the Conservs! Nevertheless, like I said elsewhere, CHANGE THE SYSTEM!

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