Fat Is As Fat Does


The debate rages on and on…..many of the liberal elite see the worse problem in America is obesity….and their half hearted attempts to change the tide are amusing at best and flipping naive at worse….but now they have found a new champion…..Mayor Bloomberg of NYC…..

Sugar-sweetened beverages are “the largest single contributor to the obesity epidemic,” Governor David Paterson and Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a joint statement in advance of a City Hall news briefing today. Obesity is almost twice as prevalent among the city’s poorest households compared to the wealthiest, they said.

The state’s office for disability assistance intends to ask the USDA to exclude the drinks from the list of items that can be purchased with food stamps, a welfare program that started in 1964, the statement said. The department oversees the benefit.

Obesity-related illness costs New York State residents almost $8 billion annually, or $770 for each household, according to city and state health officials. Overweight or obese adults comprise 57 percent of the city’s population, they said.

Almost half, or 46 percent, of the 22,300 people hospitalized for obesity-related diabetes each year live in low- income neighborhoods, the statement said.Almost 40 percent of New York City’s public school students in kindergarten through 8th grade are overweight or obese, including 46 percent of Hispanic students and 40 percent of black students, according to the statement. A child who consumes one sugary drink a day has a 60 percent higher risk of becoming obese than those who don’t.

All of this is well intended but look at the figures…Hispanics and Blacks are the heaviest and have the most problems and the answer to this is to all but tax them into submission….the groups mentioned are the families living in poverty….and the answer is to lessen the amount of sustenance that their benefits provide….find a solution to poverty and your obesity problems will also be solved….just a thought…..

This is a typical American response to a problem…..do NOTHING to solve the problem…and what is that problem?  ……you want to truly solve the problem then address the cause…..POVERTY!  All this type of reform does is give the idle rich a warm and fuzzy feeling that they are championing an issue……

It is easy to sit at your desk making plenty to give your family everything and have the spare time to go out an run to Albany….but real people do not have that luxury…penalizing poor people will NOT solve the problem…..only smooth the feathers ruffled by those who have NO idea……..the idea in NYC penalizes the poor, as I have said, they want to avoid taxing this stuff for it will effect those who can afford it….and that is NEVER the idea.

Here is an idea for those liberal airheads…..solve the problem and stop patting yourselves on the back for sticking it to the poor….so far all your well intended ideas are crap…..try again, but this time look at it from a real perspective, the perspective of making barely afford to live on and then have to feed a family,  if you can from the Hamptons…….