Is This The Future?

We hear in the media that the young candidates, win or lose, are the future leaders of our country and that we should be paying attention at what they have to say….because they will be the ones making policy…one day…..

The link below flies into the face of that absurdity…..

Christine O’Donnell’s WILD debate performance.

Remember:  “If you get enough stupid in one place, you can elect anybody”

Is This The Politics You Want?


The 2010 mid terms are a wealth of crap!  There are candidates on both sides that if their IQ ever gets to a 100, I suggest they sell and start over….I have never in my 40+ years of political observations seen such a wide array of morons, idiots and perverts running for office…..

I mean we have had all sorts of attacks, personal ones especially, this candidate is a witch…that one is gay…that one is sexually active….this one is a rubber stamp…this one…..well you know on and on and on and……..all total CRAP!

But this one is my fav as far as stupidity goes…….

Vote for Him and He’ll Kill Your Dog

It just gets worse the closer we get to election day, Nov. 2, 2010……the sad part is that some of it is working on the voter….does that surprise you?  Really?  To me it makes perfect sense because the population is so concerned with gossip and mindless dribble…..a society that makes stupidity like Jackass..the movie a hit….or reality shows like Jersey Shore…a hit….or Dancing with the stars a must see TV program…..and a society that thinks poker is a sport……appeals to an electorate that has an IQ that matches their shoe size……WE ARE DOOMED!