How Not To Have A Lasting Peace

International Studies Group

Subject:  Middle East

There are ways to go about negotiating for a peaceful end to hostilities….and these are NOT on that list anywhere….a couple of things have occurred since the collapse of the latest attempt at a peaceful solution on the Pal/Israeli conflict that has gone on and on and….for over 60 years….

First, from the mouth of a Fattah (that is Palestinian group, if you were confused)….

Mahmoud Aloul, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, said that Israel’s “racist policies” were meant to undermine the peace process.

“The Palestinian Authority made every effort to avoid reaching this conclusion, but Israeli racist policies led to the failure of the peace process,” he added.PLO negotiators Saeb Erekat and Nabil Sha’ath also reiterated their refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Another PLO official, Yasser Abed Rabbo, accused Netanyahu of seeking to destroy the image of US President Barack Obama in the Middle East by raising such a demand

Then the president of the Pal Authority made this comment:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that under no circumstances would the PA sign an agreement with Israel which required the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state or a land swap.

“The PA recognized Israel’s existence in 1993, and now Israel needs to recognize the Palestinian state in line with the 1967 borders,”  Abbas said during a meeting in Ramallah with Knesset members from the left-wing party Hadash.

Abbas clarified that the PA would exhibit flexibility regarding the nature of the negotiations, but added that they would not negotiate on issues the Palestinian people consider principal matters.  (where does he get his figures?)

After all the jaw flapping by both sides and so far we got nothing!  Pals die….Israelis die….and all the time they play a blame game……this makes me want to ask….ARE YOU F*CKERS REALLY WANTING PEACE?