The Donald On Foreign Policy

Yesterday was a day of firsts….Cruz picked a VP and the Donald made his first foreign policy speech……since I am a nerd for foreign  policy that was the story I wanted to fixate on for the day…..

I have not been kind to any of the presidential candidates over their foreign policy, whenever I could get a handle on just what it was or how it would be handled….

Donald rattled on and on….at best it was incoherent…..

As part of his ongoing attempt to appear more presidential, Donald Trump gave a speech on foreign policy Wednesday in which he called for the country to be “America first” in its dealings with the rest of the world. “Both our friends and our enemies put their countries above ours, and we—while being fair to them—must start doing the same,” Trump said, per the Hill. Trump said the US has been making too many deals that hurt it and needs to have a “two-way street” in the future, CNN reports. He characterized the foreign policy of Obama and Clinton as “randomness” and “chaos” and criticized them for ignoring Islamic extremists. Here are some of the early reactions to Trump’s speech:

  • Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post, among others, knocked the speech’s lack of specifics: “The 45-minute speech was heavy on what the country has done wrong under President Obama and decidedly light on the specifics of how Trump will fix things.”
  • CNN’s Fareed Zakaria called the speech “bizarre” and “incoherent.”
  • Lindsey Graham’s Twitter account, on the other hand, had burns for days. For example, “Are we sure the guy running the teleprompter has the pages in the right order?” and, “Not sure who is advising Trump on foreign policy but I can understand why he’s not revealing their names.”
  • David Sanger at the New York Times says Trump “left questions on the table” and included “many big, Trump-like themes” that nonetheless contradicted each other.
  • White House press secretary Josh Earnest pounced on Trump’s mispronunciation of Tanzania: “Apparently, the phonetics are not included on the teleprompter.”
  • That slip didn’t bother Newt Gingrich at all. “Washington elites mock Trump for mispronouncing Tanzania,” he tweeted. “They don’t get it. He said the most important word correctly: America. He gets it.”
  • Finally, the New Republic’s Ryu Spaeth was left unimpressed: “He declared that America is ‘finally going to have a coherent foreign policy,’ but literally nothing could be less coherent than the rambling, uncharacteristically telepromptered speech he gave today.”

I was hoping for something that I could get a grip on but instead I gotrthe same slogans and dog whistle speech that is only given to get an applause or two…..

In his latest attempt to answer the myriad questions about where his foreign policy stands, Republican front-runner Donald Trump gave a long foreign-policy speech blasting the previous policies of Bush and Obama/Clinton, laying out some of the same broad comments made in the past, reiterating his opposition to the Iraq War and insisting America must not go abroad looking for enemies, but ultimately raising new questions with some internally inconsistent statements and a reiteration of his desire to be “unpredictable” as a centerpiece of his policy.

Source: ‘Unpredictable’ Trump Sends Mixed Foreign Policy Signals — News from

I heard nothing that would give me confidence in his visions for the future…..all I heard was regurgitation of the same taglines uttered for the paranoid tools that support him…..and of course the thing he desires most….applause.

But do not take my word for it….read his speech for yourself….

Source: Read Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ Foreign Policy Speech | TIME

Make America Great Again

There are many that I encounter on line that are always saying that America is the greatest country….ever……and most of them are supporting Trump…..which is odd because his campaign slogan is saying something completely different.

Donald Trump is the first candidate to run on a platform openly stating that America is in decline.

Low-energy Jeb.” “Little Marco.” “Lyin’ Ted.” “Crooked Hillary.” Give Donald Trump credit. He has a memorable way with insults. His have a way of etching themselves on the brain. And they’ve garnered media coverage, analysis, and commentary almost beyond imagining. Memorable as they might be, however, they won’t be what last of Trump’s 2016 election run. That’s surely reserved for a single slogan that will sum up his candidacy when it’s all over (no matter how it ends). He arrived with it on that Trump Tower escalator in the first moments of his campaign and it now headlines his website, where it’s also emblazoned on an array of products from hats to t-shirts.

Source: What Trump Really Means When He Says He’ll Make America Great Again | The Nation

Trump is great at insulting people but then most of his paranoid tools that support him like that….if you cannot refute what a person says then insult them with some sort of label that you find humorous….but I guess insults are easily understood by those mentally challenged.

So is America the greatest country ever or does it need to be brought back from the brink?

(Upcoming post on Trump’s latest foreign policy speech…..)

Is It Time From A Change?

This election, the 2016 election, has brought up many questions….one being…… are the two parties really representing the people of this nation?

And what about all those “independents”?  This is a con job…there are very few independents most can accurately be called centrist….but independent is a lie!  (More to come before the election on this faux issue)

With all the battles going on within the two parties could it be time for a new party to arise from the ashes of 2016?  Especially with the Democratic Party….there is deep division within the ranks….

Despite a decisive victory Tuesday providing further confirmation of her likely nomination, in many respects Hillary Clinton emerges from the New York primary more damaged, her party more divided, than she entered it. What came to be called The Battle of New York has served only to further expose what millions of people in the […]

Source: The (un)Democratic Primary: Why We Need a New Party of the 99% – The Unz Review

With this premise I agree….as a matter of fact I have been saying this since 2010 when the Dems imploded and allowed the GOP to gain control where they should not have control….


I was thinking that in 1912 TR established the Bull Moose Party and the platform is one that could be useful today……

Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressive Party in 1912  gave Americans “A New Nationalism” and their platform was as follows….

In the social sphere the platform called for

  • A National Health Service to include all existing government medical agencies.
  • Social insurance,  to provide for the elderly, the unemployed, and the disabled.
  • Limited injunctions in strikes.
  • Farm relief.
  • Worker’s compensation for work-related injuries.
  • An inheritance tax.
  • A Constitutional amendment to allow a Federal income tax.

The political reforms proposed included

  • Women’s suffrage.
  • Direct election of Senators.
  • Primary elections  for state and federal nominations.

The platform also urged states to adopt measures for “direct democracy”, including:

  • The recall election (citizens may remove an elected official before the end of his term).
  • The referendum (citizens may decide on a law by popular vote).
  • The initiative (citizens may propose a law by petition and enact it by popular vote).
  • Judicial recall (when a court declares a law unconstitutional, the citizens may override that ruling by popular vote).

Some parts we have settled….others are still not used or employed….we could do better…..

However, the main theme of the platform was an attack on the domination of politics by business interests, which allegedly controlled both established parties. The platform asserted that

To destroy this invisible Government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.

To that end, the platform called for

  • Strict limits and disclosure requirements on political campaign contributions.
  • Registration of lobbyists.
  • Recording and publication of Congressional committee proceedings.

Teddy was shrewd….he was ahead of his time…….sadly we have few that are that shrewd these days…..we have cowards and reformers that best propose reactionary crap as policy.


I even proposed a new Bull Moose Party here on IST back in 2010…….

The 2010 mid term elections have shown that the American people are ready for some change in the way that governing is done by our representatives…unfortunately we have little choice on who d…

Source: How About A New “Bull Moose Party”? #2 – In Saner Thought

I still believe that the US is primed for a new party….a Bull Moose Party…..a party that is truly of the people and not of Wall Street….Sander supporters must become a Tea Party of the Left. Bernie, run 3rd-Party….and A Bull Moose Party would be a good place to start this thing.


The political revolution has begun….do you have the ‘nads to continue to the end?

Can you hear me NOW!?


Bernie Keeps Fighting

After yesterdays vote Bernie was handed his ass to him by the machine of the Clinton’s…..many think that he should bow out gracefully (mostly the liar’s supporters) but he has said he will soldier on (good choice)…..but what will he be fighting for it not the nomination?

Bernie Sanders isn’t giving up the fight after Tuesday’s primary results—but there may be a shift in what he’s fighting for. In what Vox describes as “a major hint that the race is over” and a “savvy, classy way” to start winding down his campaign, Sanders issued a statement Tuesday night saying he is looking forward to “issue-oriented campaigns in the 14 contests” to come and that he plans to go to the Democratic convention with “as many delegates as possible to fight for a progressive party platform.” Clinton won four out of five states and her delegate haul puts her 90% of the way to the nomination, according to the AP, leaving Sanders little chance of winning, even with his surprise victory in Rhode Island.

Sanders plans to “reassess his candidacy” Wednesday, according to the New York Times, and chief strategist Tad Devine says there will definitely be “adjustments” if it turns out there is no mathematical route to the nomination. The thing “to watch now is whether Sanders tempers his rhetoric against Clinton, a tacit acknowledgement that the math is close to conclusive, or whether he keeps going at her hammer and tongs,” writes Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post. Politico notes that in her victory speech Tuesday night, Clinton praised Sanders, listed the policy priorities she shares with him, and urged his supporters to unite behind her. “There’s much more that unites us than divides us,” she said.

I think he should continue the fight, at least for now, but to have Hillary’s word that she will push a progressive agenda to get his support is a f*cking LIE!

Once she gets the nomination she will forget all about the “promises” she has made….why?  She does not have to follow them for she will be the next president…especially if she runs against the paranoid tool of the idiotic Right, Trump.

Bernie needs to tell Clinton to piss off and take his support into the election as a Progressive Party candidate…..screw the cowards in the Democratic Party.

Missing the Biggest 2016 Story

Another set of primaries is done….front runners are still front runners and the other guys are still chasing…..and the media is once again speculating on what should be done by whom…..

I have never trusted the media to be honest and forthcoming….not since corporations were allowed to own them and drive the news….the fringe media feeds the paranoid tools…..

The big story has been missed by the MSM….the rise of the “outlaw” candidates…….plus they spend all their time trying to keep the public ill informed……to feed whatever paradigm they want…….

To their everlasting discredit, most of the MSM Big Feet, which is what the late journalist Richard Ben Cramer labeled the self-important, pontificating political reporters and pundits who dominate our press, got it all wrong about Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

That is no small thing when you consider those two are the big stories this campaign season. It’s like a weatherman missing a Category Five hurricane. Of course, if a weatherman had blown that call, he probably would be fired. With pundits, getting it wrong never seems to matter.

Source: Missing the Biggest 2016 Story – Consortiumnews

The time has come for the American voting public to re-think their choices of political affiliation….the time is now for a change….not some lame political slogan uttered for a bit of applause but rather a change in political parties….the old guard is dead just we keep them on life support out of fear….fear of the unknown….something Americans excel at doing to themselves.

Time to swallow your fear and MAKE the change that you desire….if you are incapable then slink off to your comfort zone…..ranting about immigrants or trannies or what ever your confused little brain has on it…..

What’s the old saying?  “Either you are part of the solution or you are the problem”.

(More on this later today in yet another post)

The Four Liars of the 2016 Election

Today is once again yet another “Big Day” in American politics… before the public votes I thought I would press this article that I read in the New Republic…..has some unflattering things to say about the 4 leading candidates of both parties…..

I am not saying that I believe all this analysis….just thought that the voter might like to see what is being written about the person they may be supporting in the 2016 election.

After all their vote is precious maybe they should check out all that is written about their candidate….but that may be a bit much to ask of the American people…..

Hillary the Noble Liar, Donald the Bullshitter, Ted the Trickster, and Bernie the Blue-Eyed Liar—who will win the day?

Source: The Four Liars of the 2016 Election | New Republic

Clinton: That Is Neither Here Or There

I use to thin the the townhall platform was a good idea…..after the one last night I see the media uses it to drive the paradigm they want……it was nothing but an hour campaign pitch……

The Dems are about as entertaining as the Repubs……not as much generated drama but still amusing……

I like the Dems especially the Clinton people….they are truly butt hurt when they see something that says that Hillary is not honest…..and then some rush to refute the allegations of her dishonesty

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof has offered a curious defense of Hillary Clinton’s “honesty,” refuting the public’s widespread view that she is a liar by narrowly defining what it means to be “honest” and arguing that she is less dishonest than she is a calculating and corner-cutting politician.

Kristof writes, “as we head toward the general election showdown, by all means denounce Hillary Clinton’s judgment and policy positions, but let’s focus on the real issues. She’s not a saint but a politician, and to me this notion that she’s fundamentally dishonest is a bogus narrative.”

Hillary Clinton’s defenders object to the widespread public view that she is a liar by noting she scores reasonably well on the accuracy of her policy statements, but that is missing the point, says Robert Parry.

Source: Is Hillary Clinton ‘Honest’? – Consortiumnews

Then when Bernie says she is in the bag with Wall Street……Clinton posse immediately call for Bernie to stop being so mean and halt the personal attacks…..

Hillary Clinton’s heated defense of the money she has raised from Wall Street and other interests won’t cut it. Her protests contradict the basic case that virtually all Democrats and reformers have made for getting big money out of politics. It is vital that voters not be misled by them.

Normally, liberal politicians defend setting up super PACs, and collecting large sums from big donors, because while they pledge to curb the influence of the rich and corporations in our politics if elected, they can’t “unilaterally disarm.” Clinton repeats this argument, but it has less force against Bernie Sanders who not only has made the corrosive effect of big money contributions central to his campaign, but has demonstrated that it is possible to be competitive without setting up super PACs and without asking billionaires and millionaires for money. By funding his campaign with small donations raised online, Sanders has not only walked his talk, he’s stripped away the easy defense of “they all do it.”

Source: Hillary’s Defense of Big Money Won’t Cut It – LA Progressive

There are many that get butt hurt when I say bad things about Clinton…..most of the time it is something about gender and like I tell them….I do not care what her gender is…..she is a lying  dishonest person that will say whatever she has to to get what she wants….

Voters need to strip away the BS and look into her issues and policies….they will see who she really works for and YOU are not that entity.

In closing I want to offer up this screen grab from Twitter…..