Dem “Gong Show”–Day One….Part Deux…..

We Americans live and breath for winners and losers….winners we worship and losers we hate… how does the 2016 Dem convention stack up for the winners and the losers?

There was no shortage of drama on Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention, though the day appeared to end with a more unified party, with Michelle Obama delivering what could be the convention’s best speech and Bernie Sanders telling the Philadelphia crowd that Hillary Clinton “must become the next president.” Here’s who analysts say had a good day, or a terrible day.

Among the winners:

  • Michelle Obama. She didn’t just give a great speech, she gave the “best speech of Hillary Clinton’s career,” according to Glenn Thrush at Politico. She “delivered a more passionate and concise case for Clinton than the candidate has ever made for herself—and perhaps the single most effective political address delivered in 2016,” he writes
  • Bernie Sanders. Some 14 months after he launched his campaign from the “outskirts of American politics,” Sanders received a “hero’s welcome” from an emotional crowd Monday night, writes Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post. His speech was was, “essentially, a confirmation that he was right about almost everything and Clinton now understood that fact,” Cillizza writes.
  • Sarah Silverman. Her off-the-cuff line to hecklers—”To the Bernie-or-bust people, you’re being ridiculous”—got one of the night’s biggest cheers. It came after what the Guardian calls “one of the speeches of the night, with a thoughtful exposition of the argument for switching from Sanders to Clinton.”

Among the losers:

  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The soon-to-be former Democratic National Committee chief had a terrible day by anybody’s reckoning. She decided against opening the convention after she was heavily booed and heckled when speaking to Florida delegates Monday morning.
  • Cory Booker. The New Jersey senator tried a little too hard to launch himself on the national stage with his Monday night speech, which “felt too rehearsed, too plotted—and, without question, way, way too long,” according to Cillizza at the Post. “The speech could have been half as long and twice as good.”
  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership. The rhetoric against the trade deal from speakers including Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders was almost indistinguishable from what Donald Trump has to say about it, despite the fact that it was negotiated by the sitting Democratic president notes Dylan Matthews at Vox. He predicts that the deal will now die under either Clinton or Trump “if Obama can’t push it through in the lame-duck session.

On to day two and the “Gong Show” continues…..

The Dem “Gong Show”–Day One

The “Gong Show” is for all those old farts that remember probably the greatest game show ever aired……

The Dem Convention opened up with a really big announcement….Wasserman-Schultz is out but not down…..The Democratic National Convention opened Monday marred by the sudden resignation of its unpopular chairwoman after a series of leaked emails suggested she might have used her office to help Hillary Clinton defeat the insurgent candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The night began where I thought it would….trying to neutralize the email fallout….also all speakers up to Cory Booker was all about…blah blah blah…..Hillary good…..blah blah blah….vote for Hillary…..blah….Trump scary…..blah…..the usual Dem heavy hitters….Sanders…..Warren…..

But it got good with the speak by Booker…….good because the media hound that he is…it was his “look at me” speech for the Dems in the next election….

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker had one thing on his mind at Philly’s Wells Fargo Center: love and equality for all. With a rapt Bill Clinton watching in the audience, a hoarse-voiced Booker—who some Twitter users said brought “church” to the convention with his passion—used the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed as the backdrop to declare: “No matter who you are, rich or poor, Asian or white, man or woman, gay or straight, any religion or none at all, you are entitled to the full rights and responsibilities of citizenship.”

Booker directly addressed the “hypocrisy” of Donald Trump in his treatment of women and Muslims, as well as noted how Trump has tried to “get laughs at other people’s expense, tried to incite fear at a time we need to inspire courage, tried to rise in the polls by dragging our national conversation into the gutter.” Becoming increasingly animated, Booker then listed all of the reasons why Hillary Clinton is the candidate who knows “you and I, together, interdependent, [are] interconnected with one single interwoven American destiny.” He also appealed to viewers’ patriotism, noting, “You can’t love your country without loving your countrymen and your countrywomen.”

But as usual the First Lady hit it out of the park…….

Monday night, Michelle took her own place in the spotlight at Philly’s Wells Fargo Center, telling the crowd that Hillary Clinton is the only person she trusts to “have the power to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives.” As for Melania’s cribbed speech: no mention from Michelle. She also didn’t mention Donald Trump by name, though her target was clear when she said: “When someone is cruel or acts like a bully, we don’t stoop to their level,” the AP reports. “When they go low, we go high,” she said.

Obama praised Clinton for having the “guts and the grace to keep coming back and putting cracks in that highest and hardest glass ceiling until she finally breaks through.” The Guardian reports that she finished on a note strong enough to spur “Michelle 2020” speculation: “I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. And I watch my daughters, beautiful, intelligent black young women, playing with their dog on the White House lawn,” Obama said. “And because of Hillary Clinton my daughters and all our sons and daughters, now take for granted that a woman can be president of the United States. So don’t let anyone ever tell you that this country isn’t great. That somehow we need to make it great again. Because this right now is the greatest country on Earth.”

The winners and loser of the night will come a little later…..

Wassup Philly?

I will take a break from my normal days of fun focusing om international stuff and terrorism and write about the best comedy in the world….a political convention……

Today is day one of the Dem convention in Philly…..some say it will be messy, messy, messy…..(shades of ’68?)

This year’s Republican National Convention was the wildest in decades—and with legions of disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters, dozens of planned protests including a fart-in, and the sudden resignation of DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the eve of the convention, things could get just as crazy for the Democrats this week. A round-up of coverage as delegates gather in Philadelphia:

NPR looks at some of the protest groups that have obtained no fewer than 28 permits for marches and rallies. They include “Black Men for Bernie” and the “Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign,” which is stocking up on beans ahead of a planned “fart-in” to be held as Hillary Clinton accepts the nomination.

The Wrap lists the “fart-in menace” as one of three ways that the convention could go wrong for Clinton. The others are Bill Clinton veering badly off-message—or having nothing go wrong, which would leave Hillary with no way to “demonstrate her resilience and ability to roll with adversity.”

A full list of speakers and caucus meetings at the Wells Fargo Center can be found here. Sanders speaks Monday night, followed by Michelle Obama.

The Hill looks at the story Hillary Clinton’s campaign plans to tell over the four days of the convention, finishing with a speech Thursday night that Clinton ally Rep. Emanuel Cleaver says will be her most important ever—and possibly the most important at a Democratic convention since JFK in 1960.

The protests, most of them involving Sanders supporters, began Sunday and the ones to follow are expected to be bigger than anything seen at the RNC, the AP reports. They will also be hotter, with the region in the grip of a heat wave that will bring temperatures over 100 Monday.

Politico looks at Democratic efforts to calm the “chaos” in the party following the leak of DNC emails that revealed an anti-Sanders bias. Insiders say party leaders hope to get things under control before there is a “Ted Cruz moment.”

Sanders has called for unity, but some of his supporters still hope for a contested convention and may seek to nominate an alternative candidate to Tim Kaine for vice president, the Washington Post reports.

The DNC won’t be dealing with nearly as many high-profile no-shows as the RNC, reports Politico, but one big name who won’t be there is Al Gore. The 2000 nominee, who has yet to formally endorse Clinton, says he has “obligations in Tennessee.”

But there will be an unexpected high-profile speaker: Michael Bloomberg. A Bloomberg adviser tells the New York Times that the former Democrat, who was a Republican during his years as mayor of New York City and is now an independent, will endorse Clinton during a prime-time address.

A Politico survey of Democratic operatives in 11 battleground states highlighted the challenges Clinton faces in getting the party fired up: Only 10% think she will make the best case for the party this week. Some 49% said President Obama will be most effective, and 26% chose Elizabeth Warren.

There you have a rundown of the possibilities…….more come…..messy is as messy does…….

Let the fun begin!  Stay tuned…..same bat channel……


Just Blame It On Russia

The big news over my weekend was not the announcement of Kaine as VP…that was sorta predictable….no the big news was that Wasserman-Schultz finally got called out on her blatant support for Clinton…she was making sure that Clinton would be the Dem nominee over all others….

Her campaign is blaming everybody but Wasserman-Schultz for her downfall….but the best was from her manager….

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager is alleging that Russian hackers are leaking Democratic National Committee emails critical of Bernie Sanders in an effort to help Donald Trump win the election in November.

It comes on the heels of “changes to the Republican platform to make it more pro-Russian,” Robby Mook told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” Sunday.
“I don’t think it’s coincidental that these emails were released on the eve of our convention here, and I think that’s disturbing,” he said.
I think we are looking at the center point of a Clinton foreign policy…..counter Russia at all points.
This should please all her war hawk buddies….It will make for a new arms race and the beneficiaries will be the M-IC.

Don’t You Just Love Karma?

No secret that during the primary season I was supporting Bernie Sanders and like many on thew Right I could see that the Clinton presidency was a coronation……what makes me say that is the actions of the head of the DNC, Debbie Wassman-Schultz.

Instead of being a supporter for all the DNC she was an outspoken supporter of Clinton… intense was her support that she would game the system in favor of Clinton….

Bernie supporters decided to bite back……

On June 28, the Miami-based law firm Beck & Lee filed a class action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee and DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

“There are essentially six legal claims we are asserting in this lawsuit on behalf of the composed class members,” said attorney Jared Beck in a YouTube video announcing the lawsuit. “The first is a claim for fraud—against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz—based on the revelations from the recent Guccifer 2.0 documents purportedly taken from the DNC’s own computer network.” The Guccifer 2.0 documents include internal memos in which the DNC broke legally binding neutrality agreements in the Democratic primaries by strategizing to make Hillary Clinton the nominee before a single vote was cast.

As they say “karma is a bitch”…….revenge is sweet….

At least one head is starting to roll in the wake of leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee that show officials working to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign: DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz will no longer speak at the convention she was to preside over, reports Politico, and for Sanders, that move doesn’t go far enough. “I think she should resign, period,” Sanders said Sunday on ABC’s This Week. “And I think we need a new chair who is going to lead us in a very different direction.” Of the leak, he said, “it’s outrageous, but it is not a great shock.” He told CNN: “I don’t think she is qualified to be the chair of the DNC not only for these awful emails, which revealed the prejudice of the DNC, but also because we need a party that reaches out to working people and young people, and I don’t think her leadership style is doing that.”

All of Wasserman Schultz’s convention appearances have been hastily scrapped, notes CNN, and Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge has been named convention chair in her stead. “She’s been quarantined,” a Dem tells CNN of Wasserman Schultz. The move is seen as an effort to head off open revolt among Sanders’ supporters when the DNC kicks off in Philadelphia on Monday. Wasserman Schultz’s term with the DNC ends next year, notes Roll Call.

Her final act is one of falling on her sword…..’never fear Clinton will make sure that she is well protected….

Embattled Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced Sunday that she will step down, CNN reports. The announcement that she will resign following the party convention, which begins Monday, comes on the heels of leaked emails that appear to show that DNC officials were working to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Wasserman Schultz’s role at the convention already had been reduced to simply opening and closing the event. “I am confident that the strong team in place will lead our party effectively through this election to elect Hillary Clinton as our 45th president,” she said in a statement, adding, “Going forward, the best way for me to accomplish those goals is to step down as party chair at the end of this convention.”

Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge will chair the convention, the New York Daily News reports. And, per NBC News, Vice Chair Donna Brazile will steer the DNC through the election as interim chair. “I am grateful to Debbie for getting the Democratic Party to this year’s historic convention in Philadelphia, and I know that this week’s events will be a success thanks to her hard work and leadership,” Clinton said in a statement. Republican nominee Donald Trump tweeted, “I always said that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was overrated. The Dems Convention is cracking up and Bernie is exhausted, no energy left!”

Bernie accused her of wrong doing and all DNC seem to come to her defense…..a little late but at least we can get rid of this bitch…..and Bernie when he called her out early in the process has been proven right.

In essence thanks to Wasserman-Schultz the Right in their prediction of a coronation was right on so many levels…..

So much for free and fair elections.

See Irene…… there is a God…..he just may be a little slow on the uptake…….(probably a Clinton fan)…..

Dem Official Announcement

The GOP convention is over and in the books….and as usual the other party has to try and steal a little thunder from the convention….Hil is NO different.

Late Friday the announcement was made of her VP pick….a yawn at best….

It’s Tim Kaine. Hillary Clinton says in a text message to supporters that she’s picked the Virginia senator to join her on the Democratic ticket as her running mate, reports AP. In the message, Clinton says: “I’m thrilled to tell you this first: I’ve chosen Sen. Tim Kaine as my running mate.” Kaine, 58, is expected to join Clinton at a rally in Florida on Saturday. A favorite since the start of Clinton’s search for a running mate, Kaine is a former governor of the battleground state and former mayor of Richmond. Kaine won election to the Senate four years ago after serving as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He is not, however, Mr. Charisma. Kaine has referred to himself as “boring,” a trait that Clinton acknowledged with a laugh last week in a PBS interview: “I love that about him.”

Some quick reaction:

  • Washington Post: The pick completes “a Democratic ticket that prizes experience and traditional notions of public service in a political year dominated by Republican rival Donald Trump’s unorthodox, highly personal brand of leadership.”
  • Politico: “He was considered a safe but boring pick. Kaine serves on the Armed Services and Foreign Relations panels in the Senate and is the type of candidate who is unlikely to hurt the ticket with controversial stands or painful gaffes.”
  • The Hill: “Clinton insiders say Kaine was selected foremost because he has the qualifications necessary for the job, particularly when it comes to national security experience. Clinton wanted someone with a thick national security portfolio, and Kaine holds seats on the Senate Armed Services and Senate Foreign Relations committees.”

This will do NOTHING to bring Bernie supporters around to the DNC…..Kaine is a friend to big business and the wealthy….plus he will not take away from Clinton’s celebrity… he is in Bubba’s pocket……

Kaine was a supporter of the TPP…..Clinton says she is against it now….so is she lying?  If so, what else in her campaign is she lying about?

Clinton does not care about the progressives and this pick will help them decide to look elsewhere for a candidate. (Think Green)

Hillary Clinton has joined Donald Trump in selecting a white man from a swing state who describes himself as “boring” for a running mate—and liberal Democrats, especially Bernie Sanders supporters, aren’t exactly fired up about Sen. Tim Kaine. Clinton, however, describes the former Virginia governor as “a lifelong fighter for progressive causes,” and both Wall Street donors and labor groups are happy with the choice. Republicans, meanwhile including RNC chief Reince Priebus, were quick to highlight the party divisions. A round-up of reactions:

  • The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is among the groups not happy about Kaine’s past support for the big trade deals criticized by Donald Trump. “The mood of the country is a populist one,” group co-founder Stephanie Taylor said in a statement to Politico. “Unfortunately, since Tim Kaine voted to fast track the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Republicans now have a new opening to attack Democrats on this economic populist issue.”
  • Union chiefs expressed their support for Kaine, including Service Employees International Union chief Mary Kay Henry, who called him “an experienced leader with a proven track record on issues from raising wages to immigration reform and racial justice,” the Washington Post reports.
  • The Trump campaign wasted no time coming up with a nickname for Kaine: It is calling him “Corrupt Kaine,” based on gifts he received as governor, the New York Times reports. “It’s only fitting that Hillary Clinton would select an ethically challenged insider like Tim Kaine who’s personally benefited from the rigged system,” a Trump spokesman says.
  • Wall Street lobbyists are satisfied with the choice, especially since the other candidates being vetted included Elizabeth Warren. “He’s a sign of Hillary being Hippocratic in her pick—he does no harm,” a top lobbyist tells Politico. “Time will tell if progressives show real angst or if it’s just fringe groups.”
  • The National Organization of Women supports Kaine: “The combination of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine stands in sharp contrast to the turn-back-the-clock, step up the war on women platform of Donald Trump and Mike Pence,” NOW President Terry O’Neill said in a statement. “Women know this is the most important election in a generation, and we also know that we have a steadfast advocate in Tim Kaine.”
  • Norman Solomon, who says his “Bernie Delegates Network” represents hundreds of Sanders delegates, calls Kaine “a loyal servant of oligarchy.” “If Clinton has reached out to Bernie supporters, it appears that she has done so to stick triangulating thumbs in their eyes,” he tells the Washington Post.
  • The AP spoke to convention delegates and found that Clinton supporters consider Kaine a “solid” choice who will appeal to a range of voters, while Sanders supporters are deeply unhappy with the choice. It “was a horrible pick,” says Angie Morelli, a Sanders delegate from Nevada. “In a time when she is trying to cater to Sanders supporters, it was more catering to conservative voters and she’s not going to get any wave from it.”

The perfect choice…he will not upstage her in any way and he has been in the Clinton pocket for years…..

Today is the opening salvo for the Dem convention…..4 days of antics and drama and yes, even some comedy…..

Turn The Page!

We Have Seen This Bitterness Before

2016 is being billed as the election of bitterness…..the American people, according to some, are unset and yes, even bitter, about the way this country is governed and even the path it is on…..

But it is nothing new!  This is where I insert some sort of historical perspective to the chagrin of many….

Mark Naison: Though some people died, others burned themselves out, and families fractured, the nation survived and we stumbled on without our political system collapsing.

I have many friends, most of them younger than me, who are terrified by the divisions in the country, by the violent acts that periodically add to the tension, and by an election which brings out a level of fear and anger they have never seen before.

Unfortunately, this is not new to me. I have vivid memories of the year 1968 and that Presidential election. We had a terrible war. Assasinations. Riots in every major city. Campus take overs. And a country divided down the middle over race and politics

Source: We Have Seen This Bitterness Before: Reflections on 1968 and Now – LA Progressive

So far this election is nothing new…..we could say that the outsiders were the story but that is yet to be seen…..

Just as the election of 1968 the Dem Party has missed the boat….yet again…..

Barring any unforeseen circumstance, Hillary Clinton will likely become the Democratic nominee during next week’s Democratic Convention. With that nomination, the Democratic Party will have missed the opportunity to win a generation.

It’s no secret that Sen. Bernie Sanders polls well with millennials – during the primaries the candidate won more votes than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined, taking more than 80% of the age group’s vote in some states.

Source: The Democratic Party missed the opportunity to win a generation | TheHill

This election will do harm to this country than anything in the past….no matter who wins the damn election.

Next up is the Dem Convention….let’s see what antics are played out on that stage….