Those Empty Slogans

Since I started this blog I have been writing about just how much I hate a politician’s empty slogans and promises.

The GOP candidates have, in the past, been the worse at silly slogans….Make America Great Again is one such bizarre and silly slogan (America has always been a great country just not so much as a society).

But since the Dems won the House I have noticed that they are starting to sling a slogan or two…..(this quote is from the WaPo that will do what it can to sabotage any progressive agenda this op-ed is a prime example)…..

Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post thinks Democrats are starting to look like the Republicans of 2016, and she doesn’t mean that as a compliment. They’re “emphasizing empty slogans instead of evidence-based policy, rejecting experts in favor of cranks, handwaving away questions about implementation, and promising that an expensive policy will magically ‘pay for itself’ through economic growth,” writes Rampell. And one of those she calls out is a fellow millennial, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, specifically over the Green New Deal championed by the new congresswoman. That policy promises to save the environment by achieving carbon-emission targets that far exceed anything on the table so far, but the plan skips over the details on how to get there, along with any sacrifices that Americans would have to make.

AOC dismisses this kind of criticism by saying the plan will pay for itself by creating jobs, but that’s not nearly good enough, writes Rampell. She finds the same kind of “lazy sloganeering” present in “Medicare-for-all,” and thinks it’s a mistake because it comes at the expense of “vibrant, nuanced debate” on health care, tax policy, and climate policy. As for the 2016 comparison, it’s true that President Trump won the White House with some “empty slogans” of his own, writes Rampell. But “right now, Democrats still retain a monopoly on expertise and evidence-based policy,” she writes. “They should not relinquish it easily.” Click for the full column, in which Rampell takes issue with the Modern Monetary Theory that’s been gaining in popularity

I agree with the main point….that with silly slogans the Dems are slowly becoming the GOP……(could it be that they also think the American people is easily swayed by moronic slogans as does the GOP?)

The with this op-ed is that to have a rigorous debate you need a willing opponent and the Dems do have have such an opponent…all they have is the GOP and their silly slogan and lies.

I suggest the WaPo needs to call out one then call out all.


Feel The Bern!

Run Bernie Run!

All us people that supported Bernie in 2016 have been waiting for him to step up in the 2020 contest.

The wait is over!

Last time, he was the underdog, notes NPR. This time, he’ll be one of the favorites. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday told Vermont Public Radio that he is entering the 2020 race for president. The 77-year-old joins a crowded field, with big names including Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Amy Klobuchar already in the mix. “We began the political revolution in the 2016 campaign, and now it’s time to move that revolution forward,” said the independent senator. He will campaign on familiar issues, including universal health care and a $15 minimum wage.

As the Washington Post notes, a big challenge facing Sanders is that many of his 2020 rivals already embrace policy positions he’s pushing. In his announcement, Sanders didn’t mince words when talking about the man he hopes to replace as president. “I think the current occupant of the White House is an embarrassment to our country,” Sanders said. “I think he is a pathological liar. … I also think he is a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, somebody who is gaining cheap political points by trying to pick on minorities, often undocumented immigrants.” (Sanders wants to raise taxes on the richest Americans.)

Now the MSM can make sure we all know he is a Democratic Socialist……sad that this nation has to use labels and not policies……the GOP is gearing up and some of the Dem candidates will join in…..candidates like Harris……

For now I like Bernie but I am leaning more to Tulsi at this stage of the process…..but I will be watching..

Is it possible that there is a path for Bernie to win?

Bernie Sanders is a famous, successful loser.

When he announced his run for the Democratic nomination in April 2015, Sanders trailed Hillary Clinton in the polls by nearly 57 percentage points. By spring of 2016, some polls showed him within single digits. Sanders was no longer an obscure senatorial frump from Vermont — he was a bona fide political phenomenon whose primary success embodied the Democratic Party’s leftward drift.

But 2020 is not 2016. Sanders kicked-off his 2020 run early on Tuesday, and as he navigates his second presidential primary, he’ll need to prove he can build on his past success, not coast on his 2016 coalition.

A few takes on the Bernie candidacy…..

  • Wide appeal? A common knock against Sanders is that his democratic socialist views would make it hard for him to win in a general election. But Sanders’ campaign says his appeal among minorities, the white working class, and independent voters could help him win in unexpected places, including typically red states such as West Virginia, Iowa, Ohio, and Indiana, reports Politico. The story talks to Sanders’ pollster.
  • Trump team: The president’s campaign is already out with a line of attack using the s-word. Sanders “has already won the debate in the Democrat primary, because every candidate is embracing his brand of socialism,” says the campaign, per the AP. Among other things, it cites Sanders’ support of a Medicare-for-all system.

  • The challenge: An analysis at Vox agrees that many of the issues championed by Sanders in 2016 have now been accepted by his Democratic rivals. In a way, that’s good for Sanders. “On the other hand, Sanders has to make the case that he’s still the progressive that voters should choose. He’s remained consistent; he’s fighting for the same things today that he was in 2016. The question is: Can he win at his own game?”
    Sign of trouble? David Weigel of the Washington Post writes that Hillary Clinton came off her 2008 loss in the primary by building on her support to become the 2016 frontrunner. Sanders has not done the same, he says. “In early polls of Iowa and New Hampshire, where he won 50 percent and 60 percent of the vote, support for the senator from Vermont has ranged from the low teens to 30 percent.”
    The basics: Axios has a primer on Sanders’ life and policies. One question surrounds his age of 77. More than half of Democratic county party leaders in Iowa said in a recent poll that they wanted a young candidate.

The fact that gives me a smile is that Bernie’s candidacy will have corporate Dems, like Kamala, will be running scared and their voice, MSM, will start the slander and the misinformation…..

With a launch of the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign on the near horizon, efforts to block his trajectory to the Democratic presidential nomination are intensifying. The lines of attack are already aggressive—and often contradictory.

One media meme says that Bernie has made so much headway in moving the Democratic Party leftward that he’s no longer anything special. We’re supposed to believe that candidates who’ve adjusted their sails to the latest political wind are just as good as the candidate who generated the wind in the first place.


Women…..A Media Smear Campaign

If you need an example that the MSM does not really hold to that old saying “fair and balanced”….those days are gone thanx to a Clinton program that allowed corporations to buy then control the news.

Since the midterms and a wealth of freshman Dem reps have entered the House most of whom are more progressive than the cowards that pretend to be so…..and now the media will do their job and try to smear these reps to keep any progressive agenda from seeing the light of day.

The MSM will emphasize the petty stories to keep the bigger stories from the airwaves.

They, MSM, seem to have their sights on 3 or 4 of the freshman representatives, the women, AOC, Ilhan, Rashida….then there is the campaign against an established rep……Tulsi Gabbard……

Apparently these women have more balls than the men in the House and the they plus the media are scared to death of strong women with plans.

Let’s begin with Ilhan and were statement about AIPAC (a statement that was NOT fact checked)…..I wrote about her statement earlier…..

The MSM spent a couple days smearing her as much as possible…..

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has published an apology for making self-evident observations about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), an immensely influential lobbying firm which, like all lobbying firms, works to influence government policy toward a specific agenda, in this case the interests of the Israeli government. She issued the apology after hours upon hours of shrill, hysterical shrieking accusations of antisemitism from the entire establishment political-media class.

Like I wrote….she was not fact checked for her statement and the MSM has full time fact checkers for Trump and they could not take the time to do her the courtesy.

Next on the MSM hit list is the Palestinian-American rep Rashida….she got on the list because she called someone a MF……

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), who officially became the first Palestinian-American congresswoman last week, was accused Monday of perpetuating historically anti-Semitic sentiments.

It is already the second major controversy for the freshman lawmaker. Last week — on the same day she was sworn into Congress — Tlaib triggered widespread condemnation and backlash after she referred to President Donald Trump as a “motherf***er,” asserting that she will effortlessly work to impeach the president.

I like her grit!

Ilhan and Rashida are targeted by others as well as the MSM….

Hardly anything has been more disruptive to geopolitics as usual in the Middle East than the newly flourishing relationship between the Saudi monarchy and the state of Israel.

While the newfound coziness between the two states is built largely on shared enmity towards Iran, the normalising of ties comes at the expense of the Palestinians, who have become, once again, all but ignored in the world of Arab politics.

The most popular of the freshman Congresswoman, AOC, has got the MSM and the conservs running scared because of her popularity and her social media savvy….she is using it more effectively that “what’s his name”……

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become a breakout star in the Democratic Party since June, when she pulled off a stunning upset in the New York midterm primaries, beating Rep. Joe Crowley, a top Democrat in the House.

And, not coincidentally, she has also become the white-hot epicenter of not just derision, but blistering, nonstop criticism from conservatives and Republicans.

Ocasio-Cortez is a part of the new left flank of the Democratic Party that is fighting both Republicans and establishment Democrats (and, occasionally, the media) in advance of the fall midterms.

Another rep that I like a lot…..she punishes back when morons attack….no excuses….great.

Finally (for now) is the only woman of the list that has announced she is running in 2020 for president….Tulsi.

So far she is the only candidate that is an antiwar candidate (will get my support for now) and the MSM cannot tolerate a candidate that does not support our many many wars…..

Last week, as a polar vortex engulfed broad swaths of the upper Midwest, Rachel Maddow offered a chilling hypothetical. “What would happen if Russia killed the power in Fargo today?” she asked her viewers. “I mean, what would you do if you lost heat indefinitely as the act of a foreign power, on the same day the temperature in your front yard matched the temperature in Antarctica?”

Since Robert Mueller began his collusion investigation nearly two years ago, Maddow has emerged as one of the nation’s leading “Russiagate” conspiracists, but she is hardly alone. Days after the MSNBC host speculated that Russian President Vladimir Putin might try to freeze unsuspecting North Dakotans to death, NBC News published an article with the headline, “Russia’s propaganda machine discovers 2020 Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard.” And like Maddow’s on-air musings, the report has proved no less irresponsible.

Four strong women representatives and the MSM like the “old guard” in the Congress especially the old white dudes are afraid and running scared as these women come to the forefront.

I am positive that the MSM is not through with the lies and the smears on these women.

******One side note……watch the media and listen……the overpaid douches on TV as pundits are scared to death of these women….they are taking every opportunity to smear them and tell just how ignorant they are, the women I mean, the MSM is SCARED to death that their policies, progressive policies will become popular and they will be in the cross hairs that they will bad mouth every turn these women talk, even the women pundits will them, like good old MIKA……do not be swayed by the fearful pundits……evaluate these women and their policies for yourself and not from slogans…..check their policies and the facts.  The country needs these women and their voices do not let the pundits, corporations and MSM silence them!******

Here Come The Ladies!

2020 will be an interesting election….there will be more women running than ever before. (I will give my analysis a bit later in the post)

Advocates for gender equality are reckoning with what one called a “wonderful challenge”—four or more women running for president in 2020, the AP reports. To many activists, that means a field more reflective of a party that counts women as a crucial voting bloc. But the prospect of multiple women in the race also presents obstacles, with no single candidate holding a claim to women’s votes to the degree Hillary Clinton did in 2016. The women’s vote, and groups that provide financial and grassroots support, could split. Looming over it all is persistent gender bias and the question of whether Americans are ready to elect a female president. “We do realize there’s still sexism in this country, and what we’re trying to do is change minds,” says EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock, whose group aids the campaigns of Democratic women supporting abortion rights.

In the early days of the Democratic primary, leaders of many advocacy organizations are thrilled that so many women are seeking the presidency, but are not backing any particular candidate. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren last month became the first woman to launch a presidential exploratory effort, joined shortly afterward by New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. Sens. Kamala Harris of California and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota also are considering running. Among those candidates, Gillibrand is particularly vocal in invoking her gender as a driver of her campaign, while Warren’s campaign has emphasized economic inequity. So is gender still a problem for candidates? “Because there are so many women running, it doesn’t totally inoculate women from sexism, but it does provide some guardrails,” says a gender-equality activist.

(Amy has weighed in after this draft was written)

I think it is great that so many women are running but that does not mean that I think any would make a good president.

Warren…a populist message but I am not convinced that she is all that progressive.

Amy…..corporate shill

Kamala……resume padder

Gillibrand….another Clinton-esque corporate shill

Tulsi……seems to be a true progressive and an antiwar person (she is the closest to an antiwar candidate so this will probably get my vote)

Did I forget anyone?

Let us not forget a passing word for the men running…..

Castro……a DNC construct…..too ambitious

Booker…..a media savvy and a corporate shill….a made for TV candidate.

Some guy with a name NO ONE can pronounce….who knows?

And for God sake do not forget the media favorite….BETO!

I am sure there is more to come and my worthless analysis will follow.

Pick a candidate and vote!

Those Moderates!

Closing Thought–06Feb19

The SOTU is over and been analyzed to death….so what now?

The next big thing will be the next date for is possible shutdown…..beyond that will be the 2020 election……the Dem field is expanding and the GOP field is being suppressed to protect a lying windbag from having to face a challenge in the primaries.

The buzz is the the Dems are looking for more moderate candidates…..that is a mistake!

Moderates do what moderates do the weaken all legislation….and I have written about their place in American politics…..

I also dislike the term “Centrists”… me these a political cowards that are trying to do nothing more than pad their resume for the next election.  I mean if you want whats best for the American people then pick a side and stick to it!

I agree with those that say that ‘moderates’ are a dangeros political animal…….

The “moderate.”

Such a soothing political word. It conjures up a reasonable, considerate person who seeks the middle ground between ideological extremists: Works well with others, crosses the aisle to make good policy, knows how to win incremental change rather than issuing jarring proclamations that jump too far ahead of the electorate. A moderate is pragmatic, gets things done and doesn’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

Oh, in these troubled times, aren’t such moderates—beloved as they are by right-wingers like Bret Stephens—desperately needed?

Get ready to hear more and more of that from mainstream media pundits as the Democratic Party moves more towards the kind of progressive populism put forward by the Sanders/AOC wing of the party. We’ll be asked by centrist journalists to take a careful look at more reasonable moderates like Gillibrand, McAuliffe, Bloomberg, Biden, Booker, Landrieu and many more (e.g. “Is There Room in 2020 for a Centrist Democrat?” and “The Loneliness of a Moderate Democrat”).

But what is the substance of all this centrism and moderation?

I will be writing more on this as the 2020 election comes around….these political cowards need to be replaced with policy driven candidates.

Just Not Good Enough

We have finished the midterms and now all eyes will turn to the 2020 elections…..there is a wealth of opinions out there in what to expect with this voting…….

So why not let the old professor throw stuff out there for your consideration….

There is a small group that thinks that Trump will not run for re-election…they say that he would want to go out on top and not from a possible stinging loss that would follow him throughout the rest of his life both personal and professional.

There are Progressives that say that being anti-Trump is not enough to win in 2020….I agree…..

While affirming that he “strongly” disagrees with former Newt Gingrich, who led the GOP in the House in the mid-1990s, “on virtually every issue,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is calling on Democrats in Congress to rip a page of out the Georgia Republican’s playbook by creating—and aggressively pushing—a new progressive version of the Contract With America in order to galvanize the nation, offer real solutions to its most urgent problems, and go beyond being simply anti-Trump.

In stark contrast to Gingrich’s original version—”a radical right-wing agenda full of tax breaks for the wealthy, massive cuts to programs vital to working families, and racist and cruel bills to ‘reform’ welfare and our criminal-justice system”—Sanders argues in a Washington Post op-ed on Thursday that Democrats should instead forge a vision that “reflects the needs of working Americans — centered on economic, political, social, racial and environmental justice.”


If he stands for re-election as it is today I think he can win the election…..why?   I cannot see anyone in the DNC that could win on a head to head election.


Too many Clintonites to make a difference…..the Clintonites are NO better than the big business GOP……they stand up for progressism but are just a neo-liberal pack of manure……

There is lots of noise coming from the Dems…but right now it is all noise and optics.

Sorry, wish I had better thoughts but looking at the political landscape these days and the Dems have zilch.

I agree…..anti-Trump is not a winning policy…..Dems need to dig deep and find some policies not rooted in the 1950s….or a placate of the big dollar donors.

If Bernie Does Not Run

Let’s say that Bernie decides not to run…..and he leaves his legacy to younger candidates……we will lose a lot…..his voice has Americans listening and thinking of a better country….I am NOT sure we would get the same dedication from some of the younger candidate hopefuls….

No secret I supported Bernie through the primaries but left the Dems behind when they chose a loser in Clinton……

I know this is a long red….but the country deserves your attention for a little while… has listed the things that we will lose if Bernie does not run….I will give them to you in their entirety….because a one click look is too difficult for some…..

1. An Improved Medicare for All

After decades of advocating for and working towards a single-payer system in the United States, the 2016 presidential campaign Sanders ran effectively and positively shifted the national discussion by making the moral argument that healthcare should not just be a privilege of the few, but a right enjoyed by every single person. The shift was so profound that many Democrats who once ran away from such a policy have now embraced the growing—and overwhelmingly popular—idea of “Medicare for All.”

But while anyone can parrot the rational and emotional arguments for such a solution, there is nobody on the national stage at this point with the depth of understanding—a result of his years debating and educating on the issue—that Sanders possesses. With the moneyed health insurance industry ready to “buy off” any politician who threatens its for-profit model, or dilute any proposal considered by Congress, such a transformational policy stands almost no chance without a truly dedicated champion leading that bruising fight. Without someone committed to the very core, a genuinely improved and expanded Medicare For All will be displaced by inadequate reforms and the profiteering off of human suffering will continue unabated.

2. A Just Education System and Student Loan Forgiveness

When Sanders first injected the idea of tuition-free college into the 2016 campaign, the corporate media and most pundits dismissed the policy as unrealistic and laughable. But with student loan debt now at a record $1.5 trillion, the U.S. has created a system in which there is no right to higher education unless you are a) wealthy; or b) agree to saddle yourself with debt for years, decades, or the entirety of your life. But like with the healthcare system, there are powerful forces who will stop at nothing to keep this system going.

Without Sanders’ continued fight for student loan forgiveness and equal access to education through tuition-free college, financial institutions and the student loan industry (of which the federal government is a key player) will continue to use their power and influence to relegate this issue to the back of the room, something not to be discussed and no bold solutions allowed.

3. More Peaceful Tomorrows and a Less Militaristic Foreign Policy

Sanders has highlighted the calamitous consequences of the right-wing both at home and abroad while at the same time striving to expand the political and moral consciousness of a nation that in recent decades has known too much war and not enough peace. With an understanding that the United States does not exist in a bubble, Sanders has made clear his belief that we must be an integral part of the international community in order to displace right-wing fanaticism with democracy and cooperation.

In addition to his wider call to bring to a close our endless wars abroad and rein in the “out-of-control” Pentagon budget, Sanders was the co-sponsor of Senate Joint Resolution 54 last year calling for an end of U.S. military support for the Saudi-led bombardment of Yemen. While more than 50,000 have been killed and 12 million pushed to within a knife’s edge of starvation in Yemen, the historic resolution, with Bernie’s leadership, was the first time the Senate invoked the 1973 War Powers Act.

While a tireless advocate of U.S. veterans, Sanders has long spoken out against the injustices suffered by those in foreign lands and has offered a clear-eyed and rational vision for global cooperation that rejects authoritarianism and tyranny while supporting the dignity and self-determination of all people. This cooperative approach, one which favors diplomacy over armed conflict, is in stark contrast to the routine use of military force. Sanders’ presence in the 2020 campaign would greatly expand the foreign policy discourse and promote much-needed dialogue about needless and brutal wars while also providing a framework to rebuild tattered relations with allies around the world. Taken as a whole, these possibilities serve as a moral and political mandate for Sanders to enter the 2020 election.

4. Real Regulation of Wall Street and the Robin Hood Tax

The threshold question most pundits ask when confronted with social programs for the good of the overall population is “how can the country pay for them?” Sanders introduced a Financial Transaction Tax, the Robin Hood Tax, in the 2016 campaign and has continued to fight for its enactment. This would levy a fee on the accumulated windfalls of stock, bond, and securities trades of the 1% to be justly invested in programs for the 99% and the betterment of the country as a whole. Nobody else likely running in 2020 has centered taking on the corrupt influence of corporate power and Wall Street with the same consistency and moral vigor than Sanders. Nobody.

Without his voice in the 2020 presidential election this policy proposal, which is designed to limit the enormous political and economic power of the finance sector and mitigate gross economic inequality, will be largely jettisoned. While Democrats like to portray everyone in America as part of the “middle class,” Sanders will continue to clarify the fiction of a classless society. He calls out the obscene hubris and greed of the wealthy at the expense of everyday people in our nation and has stood unabashedly with the poor and working people of this country against the extreme and exploitative excesses of the billionaire class. That legacy cannot be faked, and it must not be ignored.

5. A Progressive Populist Campaign

Sanders has done the difficult and courageous work of building a base of support around ideas – not party identity, rhetorical gimmicks, or time-worn clichés. His base is solid (and expanding) because it is grounded in action-oriented policy prescriptions aimed at solving real problems faced by tens of millions of real people each day. Even some of his more vitriolic critics have grudgingly acknowledged that Sanders fans are compelled by his authentic commitment to the issues he talks about. Imagine that?

As simple as it sounds, Sanders supporters are not enamored by the person, but the ideas he has committed to putting forth. While he has shown great skill and leadership, any potential Sanders campaign is “owned” by the base inspired by the issues, not Bernie. His supporters are dedicated to the ideals of democracy, which is why they are unwavering. That is why I am unwavering in my support. Because you cannot fake authentic commitment. Ultimately, this is what falls to the wayside in the absence of Sanders.

6. The Promise of a Green New Deal That Centers Both the Planet and Workers

Sanders—an early proponent of the newly popularized Green New Deal—has been fighting to protect the natural world from polluters and damaging industries since his initial tenure as mayor of Burlington, Vermont decades ago, long before the true threat of the climate crisis was fully understood by most. Being a warrior for climate justice requires directly engaging the root problems of human-caused global warming, including the fossil fuel industry which has waged a war of misinformation and obstruction to protect their profits. Sanders has named names and gone after the perpetrators of climate destruction, because he understands that humanity is at a tipping point.

When asked during a 2016 debate what was the most serious national security issue facing our country, Sanders answered with two words: “climate change.” During his first presidential campaign and since, Sanders has forced the topic into the national conversation, refused to entertain false solutions, and championed those clamoring for a far-reaching transformation of the nation’s energy system while also lifting up workers and the economy. With the scientific community unified in its warnings that urgent action must be taken, the stakes are simply too high to put faith in a candidate who has not internalized the threat, embraced the challenge, and articulated a bold vision forward. With a message that argues we don’t have to choose between saving the planet and working people, Bernie is that candidate.

7. A Candidate With a History of Defending Civil Rights

Senator Sanders was deeply engaged in the civil rights movement as a young man in the 1960s and has never ceased fighting alongside civil rights leaders throughout his career. He believes that civil rights are the rights of all persons in a civilized society irrespective of their national origins, heritage, religion, or immigration status. A committed advocate for racial justice, he does not pander at election time only to set aside the issue once elected and has long recognized the interplay between racial discrimination and an economy rigged against the poor and marginalized communities.

Absent Sanders’ fight for a deep, genuine program to fundamentally address the obscene imbalance of wealth inequality, attain greater power for workers, and address the political economy of structural racism, there will be much discussion without a systemic solution.

8. A Feminist Candidate With a Deep Commitment to Gender Equality and Dignity for All

Senator Sanders has been a feminist in the best sense of the term for decades. In fact, I first noticed Sanders running for mayor of Burlington when I was in college in California and was taken by his embrace of women’s equality and his demand for pay equity, choice, and opportunity. Most political candidates now will signal—at least rhetorical, if not substantive—support for women’s issues, but Sanders has always gone further. Sanders battles for material real life changes for women by challenging at the basic structural level our politics of privilege and economic apartheid that demand the disenfranchisement of women and other vulnerable populations.

He does not posture about enhancing “equal access” or “fairness of access” to a deeply flawed and corrupt political and economic system. To do so confuses mere access or “fair access” to an unjust system with equality of access to a just political, economic and social order via a reinvigorated vision of democracy. For Sanders, democracy must be both fair and just. He fights for social justice for all women, including but not limited to the expansion of Social Security; a just wage system; better job opportunities with pay parity; improved protections against domestic violence at home and sexual harassment in the workplace; excellent and affordable healthcare; expanded protections for worker organizing; retirement security; paid time off for family leave; and other programs specifically directed to the wellbeing of women, such as: safe and affordable housing, reproductive care, early childhood education, and elder care.

9. A Warrior for Voting Rights and Democratic Reform

Senator Sanders stands solidly for voting rights and while this will be a grand talking point among all Democrats, Sanders seeks to eradicate the political, economic, and social factors that disenfranchise large segments of our population. Doing so will entail a direct challenge to the bad faith politics of gerrymandering electoral districts and voter suppression by the political class as well as ripping the mask off all structures that seek to make it harder, not easier, to cast a ballot and otherwise participate in open and transparent elections.

As he works to build a mass movement to educate voters, Sanders will continue to put forth a pro-democracy platform by fighting aggressively to get big money out of politics by eschewing corporate money; promoting far-reaching campaign finance reform efforts; battling to reverse the Citizens United decision; and ending the malignant and racist voter suppression that remains pervasive across the country.

10. A Candidate Focused on Jobs as Well as the Workers and Unions That Will Build a Better Future

Bernie has always been the most pro-worker candidate in Congress. He understands the fundamental role that unions play in economic equality. Most recently, he propelled the Fight for 15 by forcing the giant Amazon to cede to raises for all workers. He was on the lines at Disney which resulted in winning raises. He understands the benefits of technology but also some of its dangers and is concerned that worker skill-enhancing technologies may be in danger of being displaced by skill-corrosive technologies in an ill-advised attempt to enhance corporate profits and assert greater control over the U.S. workforce.

Sanders stands with and for working people. He recognizes class differences and the need for the working class to organize and fight for themselves and the common good. Sanders seeks national policies and massive investments to rebuild our country’s infrastructure such as roads, bridges, water systems, and railways as well as affordable housing—all built by America’s workers.

If you would like the whole story……

I can support every one of the 10 issues….no hesitation…..the candidate that can give me these issues will gain my support.

This post will be seen on IST many times during the run up to the 2020 election….hopefully like  minded people will read and support.