How About That ‘Green New Deal’?

I have writing about the offering of them Progressive Dems and trying to educate my readers o9n what is what with this proposal……

Now that we have a new president and maybe a way forward with this proposal…..but first….99% of the Progressive co-sponsors of the Green New Deal won their re-election…..

Shedding more light on a significant electoral trend that progressives have drawn attention to in the aftermath of the 2020 U.S. election, a new analysis by Earther found that of the 93 House co-sponsors of the Green New Deal resolution who ran for reelection this year, only one lost their congressional race. 

“Simply put,” wrote journalist Brian Kahn in Earther, “the Green New Deal is not a political loser,” including for representatives in swing districts. 

Kahn identified four House co-sponsors who represent districts that “range from very slightly Democratic to moderately Republican,” according to Cook Political Report’s Partisan Voting Index…but for more in-depth look at those races and people…..

To put this all simply….the Green New Deal is not the political loser that Centrist Dems and the GOP would have you believe…..but will it ever see the light of day with a Biden presidency….not likely!

While the president-elect, Joe Biden is a Centrist and in my mind a coward…there are a few things he could do to help our climate problems….just 10 things offered up by Naomi Klein…..

  • Declare a national climate emergency under the National Emergencies Act, which would “unlock specific statutory powers to help accomplish the necessary response.” Biden would be able to direct federal agencies to reverse all of President Donald Trump’s regulatory rollbacks.
  • Keep fossil fuels in the ground, halting fossil fuel permits and lease sales, banning fracking on federal lands, and issuing stringent pollution rules for oil and gas companies.
  • Stop fossil fuel exports and infrastructure approvals through executive orders.
  • Shift financial flows from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources through an executive order that would promote new investments and phase out old ones.
  • Using the Clean Air Act, set a science-based national pollution cap.
  • Power the electricity sector with 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030. Pursuant to the National Emergencies Act, Biden could direct the secretary of defense to redirect a portion of military spending to carry out a rapid construction program of renewable energy projects to meet a significant portion of the nation’s power needs. The president-elect could also provide loan guarantees to clean energy developers and utilities that use renewable energy.
  • Issue an executive order creating an inter-agency just transition task force to implement a national program guaranteeing support for communities and workers affected by the halting of fossil fuel extraction.
  • Direct federal agencies assess and mitigate environmental harms that disproportionately impact Indigenous, Black, brown, and low-income communities. 
  • Investigate and prosecute fossil fuel polluters and commit to vetoing all legislation that grants legal immunity to big polluters. 
  • Rejoin the Paris climate agreement and increase the United States’ emissions reduction commitment to slash greenhouse gas emissions below 2005 levels by at least 70% by 2030 and reduce them to near zero by 2040.

While I like most of this proposal…I just do not see a spineless politician doing them….too much corporate cash in his pocket.

Any Thought?

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Closing Thought–30Nov20

Since the election of 1980 the religious right have had a strangehold on the GOP and its policies and rhetoric… it possible that the hold could be weakening and possibly ending?

Donald Trump, by his own words and actions, does not appear to be the most religious person.

He has claimed he doesn’t seek forgiveness from God, and he once tried to put money in a Communion plate. Apart from his controversial photo op while holding up a Bible in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church, he doesn’t seem especially concerned with Christian symbolism.

And yet 76% of white evangelical voters supported him in the 2020 election. It’s clear American evangelicals value something other than his religious devotion.
As a Christian ethicist, I’m especially interested in the ways Christians seek to gain and use political power. Why did so many Christians vote for Trump? And what are they afraid of losing when he leaves?

Many evangelical Christians are drawn to Trump’s promises to protect religious liberty. President-elect Biden, meanwhile, has also promised to protect religious liberty. But it might not be on evangelicals’ terms.

Could the religious right have finally met its match with Donald the Orange?

Personally if it has then I can thank Trump for his breaking of the power that these zealots held over a political party…..religion has NO place in government.-

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Sore Losers

The analysis of the 2020 election is still going on…..and on…..

By now most everyone knows Biden won the election and by now we all know that Trump is being a dick by refusing to accept that he lost the election.

He may leave the White House but I doubt that he will ever admit that he lost the election because he was a terrible president.

First of all was the election of 2020 some sort of a mandate or just a ‘vote against Trump’?

My thought is that it was the later….there is NO Dem mandate….but others thoughts…..

Every election year is accompanied by countless analyses of why Americans voted the way they did. The 2020 election is no different. Liberal and Democratic Americans who were hoping for an overwhelming victory for Joe Biden were disappointed, although the Democratic candidate did defeat a sitting president by nearly 6 million votes. This is itself noteworthy considering how infrequently incumbent presidential candidates lose reelection in the post-World War II era.

The questions that arise now are simple enough: what caused Trump to lose the election, and to what extent did Americans vote for Biden, as opposed to voting against Trump? Answers to these questions emerge from a careful examination of pre-election polling and Edison’s national exit polling, the latter of which surveyed both in-person and mail-in/absentee voters to collect information on voters’ demographic backgrounds and their political and economic motivations. What we find is that mass anger at racial injustice, the disaster of Covid-19, and the depressed economy that accompanied it, were all chief difference makers in the election outcome.

Election 2020: a Democratic Mandate or a Vote Against Trump?

Now that I made that point…..the real reason for this post is to look back into history and see about the sore losers of the past…..

Trump isn’t the first sore loser in history. Many of them have whined their way into obscurity, but others have been able to do real damage. Driven by ego and resentment, some sore losers have engaged in the personal destruction of their opponents, their parties, or even their countries. A look back provides a sober counterpoint to the shrugs with which we might otherwise greet Trump’s tantrums.

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Nothing Changes With Democrats

The world owes Donald Trump thanks. But for him, our next president would be Donald Trump, and “moderate” Democrats – spineless defenders of the pre-Trumpian status quo and of the interests of the kinder-gentler wing of the ruling class — would have done even more harm than they did.

Needless to say, this is not how liberal media see it. As soon as the election was called, they went on the offense. Within a day or two, watching MSNBC and CNN became unbearable, worse even than listening to NPR or reading the drivel of most New York Times and Washington Post columnists.

Stephanie Rule, Claire McCaskill, Dana Bush and a few others were among the first to go on the attack, but within hours and with very few exceptions, they all followed suit – blaming not themselves and their politics, but the politics of leftists within the Democratic fold for the fact that the “blue tsunami” they were all expecting failed to materialize.

Damn Moderates

As I type the Dem candidate, Joe Biden, is winning the presidency….but to be fair it is not over yet……that is not over in Trump’s tiny mind…..

The Dems have proven that they remain spineless after 50 years of snuggling up to corporate cash…..gutless and spineless to the end.

The Dems are once again looking for someone to blame because they lost some seats……like in 2016 it was my fault because I voted Green that Hillary lost…..not that she was a horrible candidate that had NO feel for the voter just a sense of entitlement…like her crooked husband.

The public overwhelmingly supports Medicare For All…..the Green New Deal….Minimum wage increase…..etc etc…..even FOX News is reporting that …..Election Day exit polling showing that 72% of voters favor transitioning to a “government-run healthcare plan.”

That is Progressive and yet the Centrist keep trying keep the health industry in the loop and profitable.  Once again these Centrist illustrate why Hillary lost and why they are becoming a political dinosaur that is due for extinction.

But the Centrists are whining and blaming….

In a heated caucus-wide conference call on Thursday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other centrist Democrats in the U.S. House reportedly blamed lost congressional seats on the redistributive agenda advanced by the party’s progressive members, with Majority Whip James Clyburn warning that running on “socialized medicine” will result in losing the two runoff races in Georgia that could give the party a Senate majority.

“Polls consistently show a majority of the U.S. electorate [is] considerably to the left of both party leaderships… on issue after issue—the environment, electoral reform, [and] Medicare for All,” said Jacobin’s Luke Savage, less than 72 hours before the Democratic Party establishment recycled its attacks on popular progressive policies following a underwhelming showing at the ballot box.

The Progressives in the House are pushing back on the attacks from the do-nothing Centrists…..

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did not directly address comments made in Thursday evening’s House Democratic caucus call on Friday, but in an extensive Twitter thread the congresswoman discussed multiple reasons for rejecting centrist Democrats’ claims that the embrace of progressive policies led to lackluster election results for the party. 

Support for broadly popular policies like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All and relentless canvassing by progressives in the House—even when Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign declined to campaign in key states—were among the factors which helped unapologetic progressives win elections this year, the New York Democrat tweeted, while centrist candidates lost or came close to losing.

This is why I like these Reps…they do not mince words and go to the heart of the problems.

Keep in mind that Progressives worked hard for Biden and if he does what I think he will and turn his back on them then they will make them, Centrists,  pay in 2022 and 2024.

The evident defeat of Donald Trump would not have been possible without the grassroots activism and hard work of countless progressives. Now, on vital issues—climate, healthcare, income inequality, militarism, the prison-industrial complex, corporate power and so much more—it’s time to engage with the battle that must happen inside the Democratic Party.

The realpolitik rationales for the left to make nice with the incoming Democratic president are bogus. All too many progressives gave the benefit of doubts to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, making it easier for them to service corporate America while leaving working-class Americans in the lurch. Two years later, in 1994 and 2010, Republicans came roaring back and took control of Congress.

From the outset, progressive organizations and individuals (whether they consider themselves to be “activists” or not) should confront Biden and other elected Democrats about profound matters. Officeholders are supposed to work for the public interest. And if they’re serving Wall Street instead of Main Street, we should show that we’re ready, willing and able to “primary” them.

Centrists are pussies that have their corporate handlers best interest at heart not the people of this nation….and yet they blame everybody but themselves for their poor showings at the polls.

As usual Dems were cocky and overconfident and blew their advantage by embracing the wrong policies……by basically shrugged off all policies with the exception of “Beat Trump”……they, Centrist, need a message….something they have not had for decades…the Progressives have that message and maybe it is time to pull Centrists heads out of corporate asses and embrace some true issues.

A memo to the Democratic Party from four progressive organizations outlines how through a number of unforced errors in an attempt to appeal to conservatives and moderates rather than the more forward-looking Democratic base, the party allowed the loss of a number of congressional seats—and now risks further alienating the racial justice organizers and working-class voters who helped deliver President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. 

The memo (pdf) from Justice Democrats, the Sunrise Movement, New Deal Strategies, and Data for Progress comes a week after centrist Democrats including House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.), Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.), and Rep. Conor Lamb (D-Penn.) explicitly blamed progressive policy proposals such as Medicare for All, far-reaching police reform, and a fracking ban for congressional losses.

Since the Centrists will be in control we can look for NO progress on any issue that means anything to the nation.

A memo to the Democratic Party from four progressive organizations outlines how through a number of unforced errors in an attempt to appeal to conservatives and moderates rather than the more forward-looking Democratic base, the party allowed the loss of a number of congressional seats—and now risks further alienating the racial justice organizers and working-class voters who helped deliver President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. 

The memo (pdf) from Justice Democrats, the Sunrise Movement, New Deal Strategies, and Data for Progress comes a week after centrist Democrats including House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.), Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.), and Rep. Conor Lamb (D-Penn.) explicitly blamed progressive policy proposals such as Medicare for All, far-reaching police reform, and a fracking ban for congressional losses.

You asked for a policy-less DNC and now you have it…..

Do Not Bitch And Whine….this is what you wanted.

BTW…I will be cruising blogs and looking for those that supported Biden when they start bitching…I will be there to remind them that I TOLD THEM SO!

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Blame The Progressives

This time around Dems cannot blame the Green Party for their loss…..but they will look until they find someone to blame to their lack of a real plan for this nation.

The Dems lost some seats in the House and failed to turn the Senate blue so as per usual the Moderates started blaming everybody for the losses and the “Progressives” take the brunt of their attacks.

They say that issues like Medicare For All and the Green New Deal were labelled by Repubs as “socialism” and the moderates lost their edge…..

AOC made some excellent points about the allegations by the Gutless Centrists….

  • Progressives aren’t to blame for the party’s congressional losses, a narrative centrists have argued. The election showed that “progressive policies do not hurt candidates, Ocasio-Cortez said, adding the example that “every single candidate that co-sponsored Medicare for All in a swing district kept their seat.”
  • The party’s operation deserves blame. “There’s a reason Barack Obama built an entire national campaign apparatus outside of the Democratic National Committee,” she said, adding that “the party—in and of itself—does not have the core competencies, and no amount of money is going to fix that.” When Obama’s organization faded away, she said, “we lost House majorities.”
  • Republican success in the messaging battle can be traced to Democrats’ weak online presence. In fact, “Our party isn’t even online, not in a real way that exhibits competence,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “I don’t think anybody who is not on the internet in a real way in the Year of our Lord 2020 and loses an election can blame anyone else.”
  • Joe Biden’s transition decisions will show how open his administration will be to progressives. If it’s not, “we’re going to lose,” she said. “It’s really hard for us to turn out nonvoters when they feel like nothing changes for them.”
  • The significance of Biden’s election is that “we aren’t in a free fall to hell anymore.” But that doesn’t mean the nation is out of the woods yet. “Whether we’re going to pick ourselves up or not is the lingering question,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “We paused this precipitous descent.”

I agree with her thoughts…..Progressives are not to blame….Centrist Dems are terrible candidates and cowards.

First the Moderates/Centrists are so lame they could not defend themselves and now they want to blame others for the pussy ass campaigns….typical Centrist cowardice.

But let’s look at the issues that they are blaming for their losses…..M4A and Green New Deal……

Here are the facts:

►112 co-sponsors of Medicare for All were on the ballot in November. All 112 of them won their races.

►98 co-sponsors of the Green New Deal were on the ballot in November. Only one of them have lost an election.

Bernie has written an op-ed in USA Today shooting down all the accusations by the gutless spineless Centrists…..

You’re reading the Opposing View, one of two perspectives in Today’s Debate.

I am very proud of the hard work that the progressive community put into electing Joe Biden as our next president.

And let’s be clear: This election was not just a normal election between two candidates. It was much more important than that. It was an election about retaining our democracy, preserving the rule of law, believing in science and ending pathological lying in the White House. And with a record-breaking turnout, the American people voted to reject President Donald Trump’s racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, religious bigotry and authoritarianism. That is very good news.

Even so, truth be told, the election results in the House and Senate were disappointing. Despite Joe Biden winning the popular vote by more than 5 million votes, the Democrats lost seats in the House and, so far, have only picked up one seat in the Senate.

Now, with the blame game erupting, corporate Democrats are attacking so-called far-left policies like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal for election defeats in the House and the Senate. They are dead wrong.

I agree with Bernie….the DNC needs to pull it’s head out of corporate America’s ass and start representing the people that vote for them and not the free lunches they get with the wealthy.

Then there is the Media…..they have been pushing Biden even before he announced and gave Centrist candidates far more exposure than any of the true progressives…..and they continued their assault on progressives by helping the cowards centrists blame others fir their failures…..

In a write-up about the call, the Washington Post‘s Rachael Bade and Erica Werner (11/5/20) quoted and paraphrased 14 sources blaming those who “endorse far-left positions” for Democrats’ losses, counterbalanced by only four sources defending the left. All of the progressive sources were named; half of the establishment sources were either quoted anonymously or presented as unspecified “moderates”—or, twice, simply as “Democrats,” committing the exasperatingly common journalistic sleight-of-hand that erases progressive Democrats as legitimate members of their party.

In addition to quoting a handful of participants on the call, Bade and Werner interviewed numerous “moderates” for the article (“Several moderate Democrats said in interviews…”), but only managed to interview two progressives: Alexandra Rojas, head of the leftist PAC Justice Democrats, along with Rep. Jared Huffman, a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus—who took the side of the centrists.

The MSM is still NOT a source for accuracy and facts….

Before some lame Centrist tries to equate me with a Bernie supporter……you are WRONG.  I like some of his ideas but he is too damn old…..if I were going to vote for an Old Fart I would have chosen Biden…..BTW I dd not vote for him (before they ask)…..

Be Smart!

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Look Beyond 2020

Okay this is a look at 2021, January when the new president takes (that is if Biden wins the hearts and minds of the voters)

Trump supporters applaud him for his use of Executive Orders to by-pass the Congress…..on the border…..immigration….and taxes and trade and so on.

My question is will these same people applaud the new president when he uses the same tactic to pass abortion rights or immigration or medicare for all or some green new deal or so on and on…..

Will they, the Repubs, be thrilled with the use of the EO?

Of course not!

They will revert to the Constitution, the same Constitution that they, Repubs, have ignored for 4 years, and demand that the process include the Congress.

This is a given….and it is a given pathetic tactic.

The view passed down from on high in the U.S. is that elections are the effective and legitimate means of collective decision-making in the realm of the political. Conversely, on matters of war and peace, economic distribution, environmental wellbeing, healthcare, education, housing, and social welfare— the areas where collective outcomes matter, these are either considered ‘economic’ in nature, or elected representatives defer to markets, grant decision-making power to corporate pleaders, or act with unanimity across alleged ideological differences. In other words, the liberal conception of politics has remarkably little to do with collective decision-making.

This isn’t the tired complaint that there are no differences between political candidates. One can grant all the difference in the world. However, if elections aren’t where political decisions are made, their meaning and function are different than is popularly understood. That for the second election in a row two of the least favored politicians in American history represent the range of choices speaks to the vacuity of the ‘process.’ In the throes of electoral passion, the insistence has been that personality and tenor are substance, hence the promise ‘to restore dignity to the presidency’ is put forward as a ready substitute for adequate healthcare, meaningful employment at a living wage, environmental repair, and real political participation.

The Day After Election Day

Now the Dems even before a winner is announced are in a circular firing squad of blame for losing those seats in Congress……The Centrists are blaming Progressives for their losses….just like 2016 they were crappy candidates on issues all the Centrists had was “anybody but Trump” with no plan after that….plus they are blaming the “Progressives” for the sad showing in the vote….but they just can find a way to fend for themselves so they find someone to blame and the media is assisting in that blame.

As Joe Biden inches closer to a White House win, Democrats are starting to celebrate. But the mood wasn’t one of elation during a Thursday conference call among House Dems, who sources tell the Washington Post engaged in a three-hour-plus “bitter exchange” in which centrists accused more progressive members of being too vocal on far-left ideology. That move, the centrists claimed, may have caused their party to lose at least a half-dozen House seats—leaving them with what looks to be the smallest House majority in nearly two decades—and fail in their quest to win the Senate. According to the sources, the more moderate House members dug into their liberal counterparts, saying that by pushing certain leftist platforms, including defunding the police and the Green New Deal, it gave the GOP an opening to label all Democrats socialists and radical leftists.

“We need to not ever use the word ‘socialist’ or ‘socialism’ ever again,” Rep. Abigail Spanberger was quoted as saying. “We lost good members because of that.” Progressive members like Rep. Pramila Jayapal and Rep. Rashida Tlaib accused the centrists of ignoring key concepts that get their base energized. “To be real, it sounds like you are saying stop pushing for what Black folks want,” Tlaib is said to have countered. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi painted Tuesday’s results as a “measured success,” a source tells the Wall Street Journal, noting that “we did not win every battle, but we did win the war.” Meanwhile, two moderate House Democrats tell the Hill they and other centrists are talking about backing a plan to oust Pelosi as speaker. “It’s time for Democrats to elevate a new generation of leadership in both the House and the Senate,” says one.

And the Dems promise to bring the country together…..and how will they do that when they cannot bring the Party together?

Do you truly believe that your life will improve after election day in 2020?

If so then I have been correct all along….the American people know nothing about their society and walk around in a fog their entire lives….or they are just plain stupid.

Finally…..with all the troubles that this absentee voting and mail-ins I look for the GOP to up their game against voter expansion…..that will be a priority not getting this country on the right track once again.

And after the writing of this draft… predication came about…..

These state Republican officials are getting backup from top national Republicans, including Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, who said he wants to his committee to investigate mail voting. “If we don’t do something about voting by mail, we’re going to lose the ability to elect a Republican in this country,” he said on Fox News Monday night.

It’s very easy to imagine state-level Republicans introducing legislation in early 2021 to cut back on mail voting or early voting, which helped lead to record turnout in 2020. Republican attorneys general have intervened in litigation to back the Trump campaign’s efforts to block mail ballots that legally arrived after Election Day from being counted in Pennsylvania, claiming that the authority of the state legislature, which refused to give voters more time to send their ballots back, should supersede the judgements of state courts that did allot this extra time—an argument that could give GOP-controlled state legislatures even more sway over voting laws in 2021

Republicans Are Laying the Groundwork to Make It Harder to Vote

Good to know that I still have it!

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I Remember JFK

I am an old fart and us old farts remember JFK……a young good looking dude that became the president….

It was 1960 and I was 13 and recall the debates in my household over who to vote for…at times it got as ugly as some of the debates and accusations we have heard this year….but most of them did not have social media to pass the crap around.

My grandfather despised Goldwater and my father was in the GOP camp completely… mother even in 1960 would not stand by silently…she let the house know who she would vote for….JFK……and it had nothing to do with him being considered handsome….(at least that was her story and she stuck to it)……

I do this remembering because some things that JFK set into motion for a campaign that are still in place….even in the days of social media controlling everything……NPR looks at those situations….

1. The Self-Selected Candidate

Kennedy ushered in an era of successful presidential candidates who weren’t anointed by the party establishment — they chose to put themselves forward as presidential candidates. After Kennedy’s 1960 run, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all followed his model of elbowing aside other candidates with seemingly more claim to their party’s nomination.

2. Television Debates

It can’t be said often enough: Kennedy’s charismatic and poised performance in the first-ever televised presidential debate set the standard for all future debates. A solid television debate performance has now become a way for nominees, especially those running against a much better nationally known opponent, to level the field and erase doubts, just as Kennedy did against Richard Nixon in 1960. Since then, the importance of nominating a telegenic candidate has only grown.

3. Primary Strategy

While primaries existed before the 1960 campaign, no prior candidate used them as strategically as Kennedy did to establish his electability. That’s now the conventional approach for well-known and lesser-known presidential aspirants alike. Kennedy proved he could garner votes by winning both the Wisconsin and West Virginia primaries. The latter primary was especially vital to proving a Catholic could win in a largely Protestant state.

4. The Tolerance Speech

Kennedy pioneered the political use of a speech to address broad concerns about a candidate being from a racial, ethnic or religious minority. In West Virginia and elsewhere, Kennedy spoke directly about why his Catholicism shouldn’t bar him from the presidency. But he made his most famous speech on the issue in September 1960 before the Houston Ministerial Association. In 2008, Obama’s speech on race in Philadelphia and Mitt Romney’s 2007 speech on why his Mormon faith shouldn’t be an issue in the Republican presidential primary came straight out of Kennedy’s playbook.

5. The Candidate As Rock Star

Long before Obama, it was Kennedy who first embodied both Hollywood-like celebrity and charisma in a presidential candidate. Indeed, JFK was first to link presidential politics to Hollywood in a big way, only to be followed in that by Reagan and Obama. Kennedy’s personal star power helped him win the 1960 Democratic nomination; later, candidates like Reagan (who had real Hollywood bona fides), Clinton and Obama had leading-man chops that helped to separate them from political rivals. While a candidate can win the presidency without that aura, the absence of that quality makes it a far tougher task to raise the vast sums of money necessary to run, or to energize enough voters, or to win the White House in the screen age — whether we’re talking TVs or smartphones.

Just a few things that JFK brought to the campaign and that has stuck around for over 50 years….

How would history have changed if JFK had made it full term?

Here are five intriguing ways history may have changed if Kennedy had survived the assassination attempt, or if gunman Lee Harvey Oswald had never taken the shot.

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The Failure Of Social Balances

AS the election of 2020 neared and we would expect all those traditional countervailing forces that help keep the American presidents on a balanced path have failed the nation in the time of Trumpian corruption….

Forces like…..the Congress, the courts even the Democratic Party are all failing the American people.

Ralph Nader has written an article….while I do not agree with everything Nader has said or written in the past….I do see what he is saying with his latest article.

Let’s give dangerous, dictatorial, corporatist, lawless, unstable, Donald Trump his due. He has shown us just how weak our various countervailing institutions and constitutional standards are in checking the excesses of the most impeachable President in American history.

After three and a half years of corruption, cronyism, chaos, illegal wars, and destruction of law enforcement protecting people from corporate ravages, Trump a bigoted, racist, serial fabricator, and boastful savage serial predator has not only gotten away with everything but has doubled down on everything. He has intimidated almost everyone with any power or influence into submission or silence.

This unprecedented feat rests on many abdicators:

Expected Countervailing Forces to Trumpism are Failing

Has hate made this wide divide possible?

Tribalism is gonna to be the death of this republic….

To anyone following American politics, it’s not exactly news that Democrats and Republicans don’t like each other. Take what happened in the presidential debate last week. President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden did little to conceal their disdain of one another. And although the debate marked a low point in our national discourse, it was a crystallization of a long-developing trend: loathing the opposing party.

This is hardly a new trend; in fact, it’s increasingly common among American voters. However, this level of hatred — which political scientists call “negative partisanship” — has reached levels that are not just bad for democracy, but are potentially destructive. And extreme partisan animosity is a prelude to democratic collapse.

It wasn’t always this bad, though. Forty years ago, when asked to rate how “favorable and warm” their opinion of each party was, the average Democrat and Republican said they felt OK-ish about the opposite party. But for four decades now, partisans have increasingly turned against each other in an escalating cycle of dislike and distrust — views of the other party are currently at an all-time low.

Because of this political hatred and the failing stop gaps in our governmental style… is the perfect time to try and change the silly and destructive slide that began with Reagan and came to a festering head with Trump.

Be Smart!

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Closing Thought–10Nov20

Remember all those allegations of voter fraud….and those are still being flung around liberally……the question is why?

There has been NO wholesale voter fraud and yet Donald the Orange and his allies keep throwing that pile of pasta at the wall….what purpose does that serge now?

The Trump campaign’s strategy to file a barrage of lawsuits challenging Joe Biden’s win is more about providing President Trump with an off-ramp for a loss he can’t quite grasp and less about changing the election’s outcome, according to senior officials, campaign aides and allies who spoke to the AP. Trump has promised legal action in the coming days as he refused to concede his loss to Biden, making an aggressive pitch for donors to help finance any court fight. Trump and his campaign have leveled accusations of large-scale voter fraud in Pennsylvania and other states that broke for Biden, so far without proof. But proof isn’t really the point, said the people. Trump aides and allies also acknowledged privately the legal fights would—at best—forestall the inevitable.

And some had deep reservations about the president’s attempts to undermine faith in the vote. But they said Trump and a core group of allies were aiming to keep his loyal base of supporters on his side even in defeat. There has never been a presidential election in memory where such widespread, conspiratorial fraud was alleged. Moments after the race was called, Rudy Giuliani stood in front of campaign banner taped over the garage door in Philadelphia, wedged near a cremation center and an adult book store called “Fantasy Island,” with a handful of poll watchers and declared they’d been kept too far away to check for any inaccuracies. But voter fraud is extremely rare, and when it does happen, people are generally prosecuted and it does not change the outcome of the election.

It is to keep the low IQ voter in-line and in the Trump column even in defeat….but not to worry…..FOX News will have a spot for Trump and the sycophants….hate will prevail….

Remember the days when Rudy was America;s mayor after the attacks of 9/11?  What happened to him?  Was he just blowing smoke of America’s ass?  Maybe dementia has set in and his true nature has come to the surface.

Anyway he has proven to me that he has always been a sick, corrupt politician and lawyer….something I did not doubt in any way.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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Gone But Will Not Be Forgotten

Okay Trump supporters take the bull by the horns and admit that your candidate failed to win re-election….he was beaten and beaten soundly….I know you are disappointed but allow the light of reality into your dismal little world and just acknowledge that in 2021 you will be without your dictator in waiting…..

He may have to leave but he will not go down with dignity and style….nope he will be a four year old that has been told it was nap time….kicking and screaming.

But wait you may take heart… may not be over… may take 4 years but the mouth of Manhattan will return…..

Donald Trump: the next Grover Cleveland? Sources tell Axios that in “the clearest indication yet that Trump understands he has lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden,” the president has started talking about a 2024 run for president. The sources say Trump, who has publicly refused to concede the election and vowed to fight the results in court, has told advisers he is considering another run. The Constitution allows Trump to seek a second term, though it would be an unusual move: The only president in US history to have served non-consecutive terms was Cleveland, a Democrat who won the 1884 and 1892 elections. He won the popular vote in 1888, but lost the Electoral College to Benjamin Harrison.

While Republicans who have set their sights on 2024 are “dreading the prospect of a Trump run,” per Axios, some Trump allies say they would welcome the move. Sen. Lindsey Graham told Fox News Radio on Sunday that while he is encouraging Trump to keep fighting the 2020 result, he would also support a 2024 run. “I would encourage President Trump if, after all this, he does fall short … to not let this movement die, to consider running again, to create an organization, platforms over the next four years, to keep this movement alive.” Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s former White House chief of staff, said Thursday that he would “absolutely” put Trump on “the shortlist of people who are likely to run in 2024,” the Hill reports. “He doesn’t like losing,” Mulvaney added.

So you see all you have to do is wait for he will not be forgotten and he will return.  Now you have something to look forward to in the near future.


He, Trump, is like a hemorrhoid that will not go away…..there is no relief just a constant irritation.

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