Why This Year’s Presidential Election Is So Depressing?

14 days and counting….14 weary days of endless immature rantings by both candidates……

The answer is easy……

Some voters are thrilled with the choices they have…..Me?  I am just thoroughly disgusted that these two d/bags are the best we can do for the presidency…..in reality you have other choices but if you exercise your right and the “chosen” one losses then it will be YOUR fault for not holding to party line and voting that way…..

Why is this election such a bummer for some of us?

William J. Astore: Trump and Hillary: one a Nero, one an Imperator. Both American exceptionalists, both believers in the military, both willing to wield big sticks while never speaking softly. Yes, I find that depressing.

This year’s presidential election is depressing.  I suppose Trump and Hillary supporters are fired up.  They want to see “their” candidate win.  But for me, I wish a pox on both their houses, even as I hope the eventual winner is not as bad as he or she appears to be.

Source: Why This Year’s Presidential Election Is So Depressing – LA Progressive

I think that most voters are not thrilled with their candidates but most are too timid to admit it….and will either stay home or drag themselves off to the voting booth and pick the candidate that does not smell the worse.

I am beyond playing the game that society wants me to play…..that I must choose between the 2 major parties…..I will vote principles not popularity.

What about you?

Hillary’s ‘Puppet’ Screed

Most recent elections have been very nasty and insulting…..the truth be known most of our elections since the 1800’s have been on the nasty side……its like we Americans cannot function in politics without the nastiness and the insulting demeanor….

But this time one candidate has pushed the nasty to a new level….and about here you, my reader, is thinking that I am talking about something Trump has uttered…..which could be an accurate assumption since he just cannot keep his mouth shut long enough to make actual points…..but in this case you would be mistaken.

That is right!  I am talking about Hillary Clinton…..and NO I am not a supporter of her either….but she has pushed the envelope of nasty a bit far…….

The American Conservative has taken a look at her accusation about Trump and Russia……

For months she had only intimated it, or delegated the real dirty work to her surrogates and campaign staff, but at the final televised debate this week Hillary Clinton finally let loose: Donald Trump is “a puppet” of the Kremlin, she declared.

It’s worth pausing to consider just how extreme and incendiary that allegation is. For Trump to be a “puppet” of a hostile foreign power—especially Russia, arguably America’s oldest continuous adversary—would be an event of earth-shaking magnitude, unrivaled in all U.S. history. It would mean that by some nefarious combination of subterfuge and collusion, the sinister Russian leader Vladimir Putin had managed to infiltrate our political system at its very core, executing a Manchurian Candidate-style scheme that would’ve been dismissed as outlandish in even the most hyperbolic 1960s-era espionage movie script.

Source: Hillary’s ‘Puppet’ Screed | The American Conservative

Just an after note…..the original “Manchurian Candidate” is far superior to the re-make…..if you have not seen it then I suggest that you have a movie date and watch….some of the rhetoric by the character in the Senate sounds familiar these days….

Will Progressives Crap On Clinton?

Since Hil has won the nomination she has had a full court press to get progressives, real progressive not some sad shade of one, to support her in her bid for the presidency.

She had even convinced Bernie, her opponent in the primaries, and Warren to sign on to her damn deception.

Us true progressives are not buying her crap….and now more troubling news about her lies and deceptions……

A steadydrip of hacked emails being released by WikiLeaks isn’t getting anywhere near the attention Donald Trump would like, but they could still cause plenty of trouble for Hillary Clinton, reports Politico. If the polls are right and Clinton wins the White House, she can expect to confront hostility from the left wing of her own party—a wing she would need to counter GOP opposition. That’s because the emails stolen from aide John Podesta’s account reveal that the Clinton camp has used words like “puritanical,” “pompous,” “radical,” and “freaks” to refer to its more liberal counterparts. Podesta himself, for example, calls Bernie Sanders a “doofus.” (In an interview with CNN, via Real Clear Politics, Podesta downplays it with a heat-of-the-moment defense.)

“We were already kind of suspicious of where Hillary’s instincts were, but now we see that she is who we thought she was,” a liberal operative tells Politico. “The honeymoon is going to be tight and small and maybe nonexistent.” In addition to Podesta, key advisers Jake Sullivan and Neera Tanden have made enemies with the progressive wing of the party because of the emails, which are expected to continue emerging through Election Day. If Clinton wins, expect the animosity to surface as liberal opposition to both personnel appointments and policy proposals. Meanwhile, the libertarian Reason blog highlights 10 revelations of the emails so far, including Tanden’s jokey reference to the Democratic base as the “Red Army.”

I have said before that the voter needs to know their candidate…..words are cheap….deception is their stock and trade……

Are you ready for this liar to take the White House?

But the next issue is…..will Bernie’s supporters come around and support Clinton?

If they do then they cannot call themselves “progressive”…….she is nothing more than an extension of the liberal policies that have put this nation in the shape it is now……

Me?  I am thinking Green!

Vote2016: Dr. Jill Stein On The Issues

I am always saying that I am thinking Green for this election…..I would rather marry a head of lettuce than vote for either GOP or Dem candidate…

I will show why I support Dr. Stein in her bid for the presidency……of course I do not agree with everything she has on the issues……but they are a damn sight better than either of the other two……


The United States should stop isolating and intimidating China, including in the East and South China Seas, where Beijing has territorial disputes with its neighbors, Stein said in July 2016. She says that if the United States made deep cuts to its military, China could follow suit and then both countries could redirect those savings toward converting their economies to green energy, which she says is needed to address the global warming crisis.

Read on…her international positions on the important issues in this election…..

Source: Jill Stein on The Issues – Campaign 2016 – Council on Foreign Relations

I am still thinking Green.

Wasted Time And Neglected Issues

As I say all the time…this election should be more about foreign policy and our constant wars than most other issues…..and I was also hoping that someone would make it a priority of the debates since the candidates do not like talking about it…..I was needlessly to say disappointed.

The last debate would have been a perfect time and place for this conversation and instead we got these lame ass slogans and one liners…..

Even the American Conservative see the lack of concern on this important issue…..

As I feared, the final presidential debate paid almost no attention to foreign policy except as it related to Iraq and Syria. I’ll comment on the candidates’ answers in a later post, but first I wanted to say a few things about the almost total neglect of foreign policy in the general election to date. Foreign policy is without a doubt one of the principal responsibilities of the president, and it is an area where the president has the greatest leeway with the least resistance from the other branches of government. Congress’ abdication of responsibility in this area is well-known. That suggests that the presidential candidates’ views on foreign policy should be among the most important things to know about them, and it means that voters need to be informed about the candidates’ understanding of the relevant issues and how to address them. For the most part, that isn’t happening, and it’s a serious problem that ought to concern us all.

Perhaps more than in any election cycle since 2000, foreign policy has received remarkably little attention in the general election (and it didn’t receive much more during the primaries), and many pressing issues have been ignored entirely throughout the campaign. The war in Afghanistan and the war on Yemen are among the most obvious and damning omissions in my view, but one could find quite a few other other important things that the candidates have never been asked about. We have almost no idea how either candidate would approach approximately nine-tenths of the rest of the world, and the election is in less than three weeks. That is pathetic even by our usual poor political standards.

Source: The Third Presidential Debate’s Neglect of Foreign Policy | The American Conservative

Neither candidate gives me much confidence….regardless that one has “diplomatic” experience….and yet she does not want to push her foreign policy bona fides…..why?

Only two weeks left to make your decision……..If you vote out of some misplaced loyalty or because of some rhetoric that means NOTHING….then you deserve the shittiest government possible.

Please do not vote foolishly.

Peace out…….

Do We Really Want Democracy?

Starting today I shall be posting on the election since the day is about 2 weeks away….even though I believe that foreign policy is the most important aspect I will be covering other situations all if the hope that some of it will assist the voter in some small way…..

During an election, matters not when, we are all told about our great democracy and how it will be subverted if we vote for the other guy…..matter not which party you identify with….they all say the same sort of mindless dribble.

This time around there seems to be more rhetoric along these lines……an since the term “democracy” has become subjective…no longer does it mean the same thing that was meant back in the days of our Founders……

Our founding fathers raised this same question! They didn’t want a Monarchy. But they also didn’t want a Mobocracy. John Adams, our second president, distrusted the masses and defended inequality among men and advocated a government by an Aristocracy based on birth, education, and wealth.

Even our two political parties want to moderate Democracy. They each appoint “super-delegates.” Super-delegates are (1) given more votes that the normal delegate and (2) they are under less obligation to follow the will of their voters. The hope is that super-delegates will counter the pressure of too much “populism” that might give the nomination to the wrong candidate for that party. The super-delegates in the Democratic Party will side with Hillary Clinton to counter the growing popularity of Bernie Sanders, a strong populist and progressive.

Source: Do We Really Want Democracy? | Huffington Post

My question is…..do the voters really want a democracy?  Or maybe it is just another term to use as a prop like patriotism, hero and other such political dog whistles……

What do you want?  Or are you fine with the system as we have it today?

Keep in mind that one party appears to hate democracy in all its glory…..

But those purportedly noble and principled Republicans don’t need Trump to undermine our democratic institutions.  They are already doing so themselves by thwarting a sitting president’s efforts to appoint a well-qualified candidate to the United States Supreme Court—a nominee that they had previously praised—for no other reason than it would likely alter the ideological balance on the Court.  And John McCain has now made explicit what has been a poorly kept secret—that the Republicans will continue to oppose whatever nominee the next Democratic president selects:  “I promise you that we will be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton, if she were president, would put up.  I promise you.”

Source: The Republican Party—Not Just Its Candidate—Hates Democracy – LA Progressive

To answer the question….I’m not so sure anymore.

Debates: Third Time’s A Charm

The last in a long line of totally worthless exercises in stupid…..ends tonight.

The Third and final debate of the 2016 election season (and none too soon)…..as usual I refuse to watch the crap storm…..I have a book I need to finish….but since there may be some readers out there that still think the election is worth the time invested……

Good news for Hillary Clinton: Many pundits say you won the final debate. Good news for Donald Trump: A lot of them say it was close. Good news for America: You’ll never have to watch these two debate again. The showdown in Vegas turned out to be more policy-focused affair than the first two debates, though there was no shortage of angry exchanges—and coverage is being dominated by Trump’s refusal to commit to accepting the election results. A round-up of debate reactions:

  • Both candidates turned in their best performance of the three debates, according to Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post, who declares Clinton the winner. “She finally figured out the right calibration of ignoring and engaging Trump,” he writes, while Trump’s answer on accepting election results “was a total disaster and will be the only thing people are talking about coming out of the debate.”
  • For a few minutes early on, “we had something like a normal debate,” with candidates setting out familiar policy positions, writes Arthur C. Brooks at the New York Times. But as the evening went on, “concrete solutions mostly disappeared and the tone became far more biting and sarcastic. The candidates were openly contemptuous and disrespectful of each other,” he writes, declaring the only winner to be the “grim status quo” of this election.
  • “This was no game changer, and no knockout punches,” writes Jim Geraghty at the National Review—except for Trump’s refusal to commit to accepting the election results, which could count as a “self-inflicted knockout punch.”
  • Caleb Howe at Redstate.com declares Clinton and Trump joint winners in their attempts to win over undecided voters: Both know that they are hated by many voters, he notes, and while Trump “appealed the haters who lean right, she appealed to the haters who lean left.”
  • Trump desperately needed a win and for a while it looked like he would get one, writes David Gergen at CNN, where 52% of those polled called Clinton the winner, compared to 39% for Trump. After 40 minutes, Gergen writes, Trump “began to lose steam and, importantly, lose control of his ego. Wild charges, interruptions, defensiveness all resurfaced—some would say his persecution complex kicked in.”
  • If it wasn’t for refusing to commit to respecting the election results and his crack about Clinton being a “nasty woman,” “maybe you could call it a draw,” writes Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight. “The thing is, even a draw would be a bad outcome for Trump, who is 7 points behind Clinton and has few remaining opportunities to catch up,” he writes. But Trump may not fall further in the polls, “because he’s fallen pretty far already and he gave his 35% base some things to be energized about tonight.”
  • Ric Anderson at the Las Vegas Sun thinks Clinton came out ahead: Trump was able to, “for the most part, focus on issues and keep his emotions in check,” he writes, but his “gloom-and-doom assessment of the economy” will not resonate with voters in Nevada, where the economy has been doing very well for years, while Clinton “stayed the course with her message of creating jobs” in areas including infrastructure improvement.

I had to watch it in repeat…..not that I wanted to but rather to see if what I read and heard about the thing were accurate…..

I have two other points that were not made…..

First, the battle for Mosul has begun and the candidates talked about it and not once did they mention that US troops are leading the charge….no wishes for a speedy return of our guys…..NOT one word for them….these are the political props that all fake patriots use but in reality could care less.

Second, it was billed as a debate….it was NO such thing!  What it was was a school yard argument of insults and innuendoes….

Third, that was the most immature outing for supposedly rational adults that I have ever witnessed…all that was missing was the sticking out of tongues after a point was made.

Finally, anyone that votes for either of these d/bags needs their fucking head examined.