The Libertarian Party has a cognitive dissonance problem

I have been writing a lot about the two parties and their candidates…..none of which I would hire to wipe my ass….and as I usually do around the election is also offer posts on the alternate candidates that the voter could have as a choice.  As it is today the two major choices are a lying bitch and babbling moron…..we are so F*CKED!

Recently I wrote a piece about the Libertarians and keeping with that line for now……I offer up some more insights into the Libertarian Party….

Who will lead the Party in 2016?

I am so glad you asked!

The Libertarian Party has nominated former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson as its presidential candidate, and if his name rings a bell, that’s because he was the party’s nominee in 2012, reports the AP. Delegates to the party’s convention in Orlando on Sunday picked Johnson on the second ballot over Austin Petersen, the founder of the Libertarian Republic magazine, and John McAfee, sometime fugitive and founder of the eponymous anti-virus company. Johnson hit 49.5% of votes in the first round, which CNN notes was just short of the majority needed; he sealed the deal in the second round with 55.8%.

Johnson got about 1% of the popular vote in 2012. But the party is hoping for a strong showing in November because of the deep unpopularity polls show for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. The 63-year-old Johnson was governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003 as a Republican.

There are so many thiongs to consider when looking at a third party……

How can you run to be the chief executive of an extremely statist entity from a perch that is diametrically opposed to the modern state?

The Libertarian Party selects its nominee in Orlando this weekend, and for the first time since the mid-1990s, their leading candidate is polling at or around 10 percent nationally. That man — former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson — is a regular on network and cable television, and his running mate, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, is settling into his own public role quite nicely.

The Libertarian Party certainly faces structural challenges in a nation dominated by two political parties. But their main problem is different — and it’s one they have control over.

Source: The Libertarian Party has a cognitive dissonance problem

Each election has its alternative candidates the problem is….while they have some interesting policies the voter will not give them much notice because they are too busy drooling over the worse possible candidates this country has to offer.

This election is NO different!

I will soon be posting of the Green Party and its candidate, Dr. Jill Stein.

The Neocon-Liberal Hawk Convergence

I truly hope that everyone had a good and restful holiday weekend…..and on to more important things that we need to consider….

The 2016 election looms large…..and if you are a person that fears our international interventionism then you have NO real choice in this contest….a protest vote could be wasted…..

As most readers will know I have been writing and posting about the combo, the marriage if you will,  of neocon and Dem warhawks……it is getting to the point that they are almost indistinguishable from each other…….

And to me it is a disturbing occurrence….there is No one left to be the voice of reason within our government….especially when war looms……

I read an article last week that sort of touches on this point…..

by Jim Lobe

Late last month, I published a post entitled “Hillary’s Foreign Policy: A Liberal-Neoconservative Convergence?” that featured the announcement of a new report by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) to be rolled out May 16. I was traveling that day, so I missed the formal launch and only got around to reading the report this past weekend.

It was even worse than what I had anticipated.

The report, entitled “Extending American Power: Strategies to Expand U.S. Engagement in a Competitive World Order,” is based on the deliberations of a bipartisan task force of 10 senior members of the foreign policy establishment augmented by six dinner discussions with invited issue and regional “experts.” The task force was co-chaired by former Assistant Secretary of State (under Madeleine Albright) Jamie Rubin and Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Bob Kagan, who also apparently doubled as the principal co-authors.

Source: The Neocon-Liberal Hawk Convergence is Worse Than I Thought « LobeLog

This convergence is disturbing on so many levels….but the most disturbing is that it could lead to even more international entanglements…..and no one cares…..

“Cowgirl” Diplomacy!

Back a couple years ago we had what some termed “Cowboy Diplomacy”……that was the so-called diplomacy of GW Bush…the shoot first and worry about the consequences later  style of  “diplomacy”…….and those days are about to return….and from an unlikely (in some peoples mid) source.

I have been trying to get my readers to see where Clinton will be if and when she is elected president…..especially in the area of foreign policy.  I have said that she is a devout hawk and our international entanglements will only get deeper and a lot worse….few listen…but I soldier on…….

America’s mainstream media, ever attracted to the splashy rather than the serious, has a new topic to occupy the time until Election Day: President Trump. What will he do first? How will he translate his hazy “America First” theme into policy? Who will be in his inner circle? (Specifically, will he appoint people who really know something about foreign affairs?) There’s just so much room for playful speculation about Donald Trump that something important has been lost sight of: He’s going to lose – big time, as Trump would say.

So let’s get real: We need to be thinking about another Clinton presidency. Granted, it’s early, but then again, we already know a good deal about Hillary Clinton’s perspectives on the world, the advisers she relies on, and the policies she advocated while secretary of state. We also know she is not going to simply carry on where Barack Obama left off. In fact, on some important foreign-policy matters, we may look back nostalgically on Obama’s record.

Source: Cowgirl Diplomacy? Foreign Policy Under Hillary Clinton – Original by —

But Hell do not take my word for it……meet the Hawks that are swooning all over Clinton…..

A running list of military interventionists who have declared preference for the long-hated Democrat

With the op-ed declaration in Wednesday’s New York Times by former Bush foreign policy hand Eliot A. Cohen that “On foreign policy, Hillary Clinton is far better” than Donald Trump, the list of Hawks for Hillary has officially become too large for handy memorization. So to keep a running tab, as well as highlight some common themes within the genre, here’s a handy guide to your conservative (or conservative-friendly) military interventionists who would rather vote for Hillary Clinton than the Republican nominee.

These are by no means the only righties in the #NeverTrump club, as this post of mine from last fall details, and their critiques of the presumptive GOP nominee mirror several of my own. But the rise of this cadre is at least a half-fulfillment of a prediction I made in 2013 and again in 2015: that neocons-for-Hillary would become a thing.

Without further ado, here are some members of Hillary’s unusual (if predictable) new fanclub. Please leave other nominees in the comments:

Source: Meet the Hawks for Hillary! – Hit & Run :

There is only so much I can do to help people realize that she will be a disaster in the realm of foreign relations and that our military will be asked to do more and more…..until there is little left for the rest of the world to claim.

Do you really want another Bush policy running our foreign policy?

If so then please vote for Hillary

Me?  I have bigger and better things to do.

Clinton and Trump: Nuclearized or Lobotomized?

There are many in the media that are trying to make sense of the 2016 election process… appears that the American people have decided that the two most unfavorable candidates are the best ones for the job….where is the logic there?

I admit that I am struggling to see the allure of either of these candidates….neither should be attractive to the voter….and yet this is where we are today…..

A Clinton/Trump election for the hearts and minds of the American people….and what we will get for the investment of our vote?

I so glad you asked!

Introduction Over half the US electorate views the two leading candidates for the 2016 Presidential elections with horror and disdain. In contrast, the entire corporate mass media, here and abroad, repeat outrageous virtuous claims on behalf of Hillary Clinton and visceral denunciations of Donald Trump. Media pundits, financial, academic and corporate elites describe the prospects […]

Source: Clinton and Trump: Nuclearized or Lobotomized? – The Unz Review

Some where there is some logic in these two choices for the voter….but as of yet it has alluded me.

If you see it then please share with me and my readers….

Trump’s Five Questions on US Foreign Policy

Are you sitting down?  This post could be a shock to your system…….

I have been a critic of Donald Trump as a candidate for the highest office in the land…..I also have defended him on some of his foreign policy statements much to the chagrin of some of my friends….

As a student of foreign policy and especially of conflict management Mr. Trump has made a few statements that need to be taken seriously…..his statements have made a lot of sense and need to be addressed by the other candidate….

Along with his self-congratulatory bombast, Donald Trump has offered a rare critique of Official Washington’s “group think” about foreign policy, including the wisdom of NATO expansion and the value of endless war, notes John V. Walsh.

“Only Donald Trump (among the Presidential candidates) has said anything meaningful and critical of U.S. foreign policy.” No, that is not Reince Priebus, chair of the RNC, speaking up in favor of the presumptive Republican nominee. It is Stephen F. Cohen, Emeritus Professor of Russian History at Princeton and NYU, a contributing editor for The Nation, that most liberal of political journals.

Cohen tells us here that: “Trump’s questions are fundamental and urgent, but instead of engaging them, his opponents (including President Obama) and the media dismiss the issues he raises about foreign policy as ignorant and dangerous. Some even charge that his statements are like ‘Christmas in the Kremlin’ and that he is ‘the Kremlin’s Candidate’ — thereby, further shutting off the debate we so urgently need.” (Cohen’s comment about the lack of a meaningful critique of U.S. foreign policy also covers the statements of Sen. Bernie Sanders.)

Source: Trump’s Five Questions on US Foreign Policy – Consortiumnews

It is time for the “presumptive” candidate for the Left to start addressing the foreign policy of this country… it is she looks like a neocon in progressive clothing…..maybe now she will be forced to take a “real” stand.

Please this is NOT an endorsement of Donald Trump’s candidacy….it is just a statement of fact that he has said some things that make a lot of sense….they may not necessarily become policy if he is elected…..but it does give one something to think about….that is if anyone does that sort of thing anymore.

A New National Progressive Movement

This election has shown something that I have been saying for the last decade or so……this country needs a true progressive party as part of the process……

I wrote about it in 2008 after the election of Obama and again in 2010 after the disastrous mid-term elections…..but read them for yourself…..

How About A New “Bull Moose Party”? #2

And then later this one……

Is It Time From A Change?

Bernie’s candidacy is showing that there is a growing need for a true progressive party….the Dems are just neocon lite……progressives have nothing to vote for……. but anyone but a Repub…..

As Sanders fights for a California primary season finale, activists look ahead.

The sun was hot. The shade was sparse. Yet they kept coming. For three-plus hours on Wednesday morning, several thousand Bernie Sanders believers of every stripe—college students cutting class, older retirees and labor activists, parents with teenage kids—wearing every imaginable Bernie pin, tee-shirt and baseball cap packed the dusty field at the Santa Clara fairground near San Jose, California. They more than eagerly awaited his arrival.

“He’s the best candidate ever,” one man blurted out. “Feel the Bern! Feel the Bern!” people spontaneously chanted. The sound system played Bob Marley, Neil Young, John Lennon and Steve Earle, who growled “The revolution starts now…” As they waited 1960s folk superstar Joan Baez took the stage and sang, “The opposition candidate is stirring up a fuss. She’s got the billionaires, he’s got us…”

Source: A New National Progressive Movement Is Emerging in the Shadows of the Sanders Campaign | Alternet

Teddy got it Right in the early 20th century…..the trouble is we let his plans slide to the back burner….it was more important to elect one of the 2 parties….be damn for the people and the country……

Time to revive the Bull Moose Party……Bernie has started the movement now let’s not give it away……

Check it out and let me know what you think….should we be happy with the 2 party system or should we start a new party that will put the country and the people first?

Time for the people to step up and do the RIGHT thing!

American Democracy Is in Crisis Mode

The two “presumptive” nominees are all the rage now in the media…..and there are some of us trying to explain what has happened to our electoral process… is a bit difficult…..

The crisis that has made Trump’s victory a possibility isn’t about Trump. It’s about what’s happening to the American people.

The election news is all about Trump, 24/7, but the crisis that has made his victory a possibility and that would bring tyrannical folly in its wake it isn’t about Trump. It’s about what is happening to the American people.

What is happening to us is something that Trump embodies perfectly, in all his populist vulgarity. But no populist rhetoric of democracy can hide the truth that what’s happening to us is what’s being done to us.

Source: American Democracy Is in Crisis Mode and We’re All Complicit: Here’s What Needs to Happen | Alternet

Regardless who wins in November this country is in serious danger…..and the only ones that will pay the price for this ego trip are the American people.