The Education Nation?

We are in the midst of a week long look at our educational standards and programs….every president and politician that I can recall from the earliest days of my political meanderings has said the same thing…over and over and over…….that children are our future….that education will preserve the middle class….on and on……and what has been done with all the rhetoric?  Not a damn thing!  We are 25th or so in the world as far as education goes…….

So when Obama and his minions get on the tube and spout their diatribes about the need for education…they are doing NOTHING that has not been done in the past……what do they want to do?  Well, as best as I can say…they want to reform the educational system in the US…..the key word there is REFORM….the word means NOTHING!  We have been reforming education for decades and what has it got us?  Bush did it….Clinton did it….Bush II did it….they all have done it……so far what have they accomplished?  Just making the bad situation worse… appears that NONE of these people truly want to change the education system……

Look at the Obama initiatives…the Race To The Top…reform and it will be crapped on as soon as another prez takes over…the same with Bush’s No Child Left Behind…..crap!  These programs stress retention in the children, not comprehension…and then there are the “Charter schools”  that everyone in the media is so damn proud of…they are a lottery…so your child’s education is in the hands of some idiot with a bingo machine…is this what you want for your children?  And each presidency has trotted out its Sec. of Education over and over and has told the American people that all would get better….guess what?  It was a piece of crap 25 years ago and it is a piece of crap NOW!

People, let us be honest….if you want to make the US educational system better and I mean much better….then forget reform and look for real change…it may take a generation but it will be worth it if the children are truly the focus of this issue.

I know I have bitched a lot….but what is the answer…..IMO, Finland…they have the number one education system in the world…..

First of all, “there is a near absence of poverty,” says Julie Walker, a board member of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Walker visited Finland, along with Sweden and Denmark, with a delegation from the Consortium of School Networking (CoSN) in late 2007. “They have socialized medicine and much more educational funding,” she adds. For residents, school lunches are free, preschool is free, college is free. “Children come to school ready to learn. They come to school healthy. That’s not a problem the United States has solved yet.”

The second reason is all students’ fluency with languages. Most students know three languages: Finnish, Swedish, and English.“They are way ahead of the game on the language side,” says the National School Boards Association’s Ann Flynn, who made the trip with CoSN. “Nearly every student can communicate in English as well as in their native tongue.

”Although Finnish children don’t start formal schooling until the age of 7, by the end of their first year, they all know how to read and write, says Bryan Luizzi, principal of Brookfield High School in Connecticut. Luizzi visited the country this year with a Connecticut contingent from Education Connection.

The third reason is the degree of respect and trust teachers are given in Finland. Walker compared it to the status that doctors enjoy in the United States.

One of the reasons for that reverence is how hard it is to become a teacher in Finland. Only one of eight applicants to teacher education programs is accepted; each teacher has a master’s degree.

Salaries are roughly comparable, and in total Finland spends about $1,200 less per student than the United States’ $8,700 per-pupil average.

The key to the success of Finland is a long term plan….not some lame ass reform that can be overturned by the next person to sit of the WH throne…..there are NO short-term fixes for education…either you are in in it all the way or you continue the pathetic pace that the US has today.  American politicians are NOT prepared to do what is necessary to make America strong… long as they (politicians) get their paycheck and their “donations” they are willing to screw the children out of their education…..and people ignore and continue their carelessness…and you are surprised that we are not number one……
“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”   Gilbert Chesterton

What are we leaving the next generation?