Why The Fear Of A Socialist?

College of Political Knowledge

Subject:  Government/Socialism

Lecture #5

Since the election of Obama in 2008, the American people have been told of the approach of socialism and that they need to be afraid of the change coming.  Politico after politico, spokesman after spokesman has strutted up in front of the cameras and with a straight, dead pan face said that the Dems under Pelosi, Obama and Reid are moving the country toward socialism……

This is the question that has plagued me for a couple of years….I have tried to show the public that there is NOTHING socialistic about the Dems …..So, I have been trying to find someone, anyone that can accurately tell me why we should be afraid of Obama or that matter a socialist and to answer it rationally…..so far…I got NOTHING…I have gotten close but NO cigar (Oh wait……..cigar would mean Cuban and that would mean a “revolutionary” and that would equate to Fidel….ergo…socialistic) (silly…right?….you would be surprised at the people that think like that)……Since “revolutionaries have beards then maybe it is the beard that we should fear……

Maybe it is the system that we should fear…..you know the size of the government……but with a little knowledge socialism is the mid point of a society moving toward a stateless state….the withering away of the need for a central government…..is that not similar to the demands of the “Righteous Right”?  They want the size of government to become so small that it is only needed for such things as national security……sounds similar to me.

I reiterate again and again….Obama is NO socialist…..to be afraid of socialism is just emotional BS….for one,  if socialism was to come to America, it would mean the end of some type of Federalism….that is NOT going to happen….why?  Politicians!  The political establishment would not give up their stranglehold on the country for any reason…Please do NOT equate socialism with state capitalism…they are NOT the same thing!

It is beyond time for the American people to stop getting the information from some idiot trying to sell you on BS while simultaneously trying to sell you gold coins….look for reality, people!  Stop being so damn stupid!

Recently, Rep. Broun of Georgia said that the CDC was calling people to find out what fruits and veggies they were eating and then he said that this was “socialism on the highest order”…..fruits and veggies make on a socialist?  See how totally absurd this whole line of rhetoric is?

If you have to have something to fear then may I suggest that you fear the people that fill your head with visions of non-existent  boogey men that are coming for your job or your property or to control what foods you eat……they do not NOT exist!  Only in the rhetoric of those pulling your strings….it is called “propaganda”….you remember that crap from the Cold War days, right?

Believe me!  It does NOT hurt to do your own thinking!  Try it, you may like it!

“Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.”   Voltaire  (bet coffee helped with that thought)