My…My….How Things Change


Back in the day….when I was a protester….and yes I guess I was a radical….I was met with all kinds of insults from the political right and left….well it was the 70’s and I had just returned after 2 and half years in Southeast Asia and thought that my country was traveling down a dangerous path….and I as well as many others tried to change things…we were not that effective….but we did stir up a lot of emotions about the country….we protested for MORE democracy and BETTER democracy…..

I recall slogans like “My America:  Right or Wrong” and my all time fav, “America:  Love it or leave it!”  The political right was a lot more vocal than the left, but we got static there too….We were not patriotic because we wanted to change the way the country did business…..Is any of this sounding familiar to any one?

Okay, the meat of this post……where are the so-called patriots now?  I mean I and my friends were called everything from unpatriotic to goddamn commies because we did NOT like the way Washington was being handled.  My sexuality was questioned… education was questioned… associations were in question…..all in all, because I would not stand by speechless about the status quo….I was insulted…repeatedly.

We carried signs or placards with caricatures of Nixon as a pig and an emperor and  ….well you know what they were…and we were destroying the country from the inside…we were in essence a communist fifth column…

My point is…there is NOTHING new in the Tea Party…the signs, the rhetoric, just about everything has been done before…including that irritating Gadsden flag ……the difference is that NO one is calling the Teabaggers out as the Left was in the 70’s….they are seen as true patriots and concerned for their country and its direction….I just want to hear one lousy a/hole tell the Teabaggers…..America:  Love it or leave it!  This is the government that the people voted for….where is the problem you have?

If we were destroying America back in the day…then the Teabaggers are doing as much, if not more,  damage than we did to the integrity of America!  And YOU allow it!  And in my day, if a protester showed up with a weapon they were arrested, but not these days….then what made us more dangerous than the mental midget of today?   The old farts screaming in favor of the Tea Party are the same people that were calling protesters the destroyers of democracy back in the day……small world, huh?  Go figure!