Closing Thought–20Apr17

Today is 4-20 and we know what that means, right?

Less than 100 days in office and poor Trump was having a Hell of a time….his polling numbers were stagnant at about 35% or so……what did he have to do to win the popularity contest with the nation?

See what a couple of well placed missiles and bombs can do.

President Trump retweeted a Drudge Report post Monday morning that announced the commander in chief’s approval rating is back up to 50%, with 50% disapproving of his job performance, per a Monday Rasmussen Reports poll. The daily presidential tracking gauge notes that Trump’s thumbs-up numbers peaked at 59% just after when he took office, stayed in the 50s for a while, and then fell below the halfway mark in early March, where they’ve remained since, with a low of 42%. But Chris Cillizza writes for CNN that one lone poll shouldn’t be considered gospel on how Trump’s doing, citing other recent polls such as Gallup’s April 15 poll (41% approve, 53% disapprove) and Marist’s April 14 poll (39% approve, 49% disapprove).

Cillizza adds there may be reasons not to put too much stock in Rasmussen’s results, although he’s careful not to say that Rasmussen is necessarily wrong. He simply notes that there are some uncertainties surrounding the group’s polling methodology, including how they define “likely voter,” how using automated interview software instead of real people may affect outcomes, and even whether the way the numbers are dialed serves up a truly representative sample. What Cillizza does say correlates: Trump’s numbers jump with his strike on Syria. Meanwhile, another Monday Gallup poll shows 45% of Americans think Trump has been keeping his promises—a sharp drop from 62% in February.

What does that say about us?  That we can be swayed by the dropping of a few bombs and such?

On another path……

Remember back in the day when the GOP and its morons could not shut up about the unpatriotic non-flag pin wearing of some Dems and even the prez….remember?

And yet I have heard NOTHING from these mental midgets about a screw up by Mr. Trump…..

White House Easter Egg Roll started with the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.

This being the Trump White House, there was a bit of a glitch. Trump apparently forgot to put his hand on his heart during the singing of the national anthem.

Personally I do not care….but I just like to point out the HYPOCRISY of the Trump-ites….these toads cannot smell their own shit!

Day done….keyboard put away…..time to call it a day….tomorrow will be another day….filled with stuff….chuq

Closing Thought #2–19Apr17

EXTRA!  EXTRA!  Read All About It!

My second closing thought for the day….but this was just good to wait.

It is official the Mouth Of FOX News is out on his ass!

Embattled Fox News host Bill O’Reilly will not return to the air.

In a statement released Wednesday, parent company 21st Century Fox announced that O’Reilly had lost his job at Fox News Channel. “After a thorough and careful review of the allegations, the Company and Bill O’Reilly have agreed that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to the Fox News Channel,” a statement said.

The decision comes after advertisers fled the O’Reilly Factor over revelations that Fox News paid out nearly $13 million in settlements to five women who claimed the host sexually harassed them. Last week, O’Reilly announced he would be taking a vacation that was planned “last fall,” prompting sources at Fox News to reveal the Murdoch family is considering whether to keep O’Reilly on the air. He was scheduled to return next Monday.

What will all those deep thinkers of the “Ignorati” do without their source of crappy news?

Not to fret you lovers of lies….there is always Breibart or Alex Jones or WND to turn to for your bullshit news.

You know all this could have been avoided he he had enough brains to pay a hooker instead of flexing his Johnson at co-workers….just saying.

Peace out…my friends….chuq

Closing Thought–14Apr17

Ten Paces Turn And Fire!

The history of this country has had a couple of really important duels…..

First it was the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton….Ham lost.  Then there was the duel fought by Andrew Jackson over the reputation of his wife….there have been many others but those made the history books.

The reason that I bring this topic up is because of something that has happened in Oregon…….

The Oregon Legislature may have an unusual request for voters in the next election that harkens back to that fateful day in 1804 when a bitter rivalry between Vice President Aaron Burr and the nation’s first treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton, was settled with a fatal gunshot. Should ongoing discussions in Salem materialize, voters would see a question on their general-election ballots asking if a 172-year-old ban on dueling by public officials—as in, the old-fashioned way of resolving fights—should be erased from the Oregon Constitution, reports the AP. The constitutional ban in question is Article II, Section 9, which says anyone who offers, accepts, participates in a “challenge to fight a duel … or who shall agree to go out of the State to fight a duel, shall be ineligible to any office of trust, or profit.”

The article was signed in 1845, almost 15 years before Oregon’s statehood, when squabbles were still often resolved by duel even decades after Hamilton’s death. “They decided that it would not be very civil if two members of the Legislature disagreed and then shot each other on the front steps of the provisional capitol,” GOP Sen. Brian Boquist said Wednesday during the bill’s first committee hearing. Democratic Sen. Ginny Burdick jokingly called it “the bill I’ve been waiting all session for.” The sole public testimony came from Dan Meek, a Oregon Progressive Party rep, who opposes Boquist’s proposal. “This resolution would allow the candidacies of persons who give or accept challenges to fight duels,” Meek wrote. “Also, there is a cost to removing obviously unenforced and unenforceable provisions in the Oregon Constitution, including the cost of processing and printing this resolution on millions of ballots and processing the results.”

Why not?

You know in this age of partisan bullsh*t maybe a duel is just what we need to settle these juvenile dispute among our spineless politicians.


I’m off to start my weekend…..hope every one has a beautiful day and some fun….be well, be safe……chuq

Syria: Thus Spake “MSM”

My regulars know that I do not like nor trust the Mainstream Media (MSM) with the news of the day.  And the incident with the missiles and the Syrian airfield are no different.

The MSM has been a cheerleader for the warmongers for decades…..and this most recent missile strike is no different……even the great Brian Williams sounded giddy when the attack occurred… was just sick…..

Amazing how fast Trump went from “dud” to “dude” and all it took was a couple of missiles.

Below is a list of the top news sources that have done nothing but cheer lead the attack……

Five major US newspapers—the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and New York Daily News—offered no opinion space to anyone opposed to Donald Trump’s Thursday night airstrikes. By contrast, the five papers ran a total of 18 op-eds, columns or “news analysis” articles (dressed-up opinion pieces) that either praised the strikes or criticized them for not being harsh enough:

Source: Five Top Papers Run 18 Opinion Pieces Praising Syria Strikes–Zero Are Critical | FAIR

NO negative PR from the leaders in news….go figure.

Plus the same media is leading the calls for escalation in Syria……

The mainstream U.S. media now reports as “flat-fact” the Syrian government’s guilt in the April 4 chemical weapons incident, but the real facts are less clear and some point in the opposite direction.

Historian and journalist Stephen Kinzer has said, “Coverage of the Syrian war will be remembered as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the American press.” This past week’s coverage of the April 4 chemical-weapons incident in the northern Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun will only add to that dubious legacy.

Across the mainstream U.S. news media, there was almost no skepticism shown and virtually no differences of opinion allowed. Within hours, the rush to judgment that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was guilty had solidified into a full-scale groupthink.

Source: How Media Bias Fuels Syrian Escalation – Consortiumnews

Please do not rely on the MSM for your opinions….especially when it may involve the use of American troops… for yourselves….research for yourselves…..educate yourselves.

War is too important to allow others to form your opinions for you…..

Syrian Update–13Apr17

Until this situation dies down I will be providing daily updates on the Syrian situation…hopefully it will help my readers stay abreast of the noise flowing from the MSM…….

THis is the press briefing giving by the admin on 11Apr17…….get their side of the story……

Source: Background Press Briefing on Syria, 4/11/2017 |
The White House accused the Russian government on Tuesday of engaging in a cover-up of the chemical weapons attack last week by Syrian forces that prompted American missile strikes, saying that United States intelligence and numerous contemporaneous reports confirmed that the Syrians used sarin gas on their own people. – New York Times

The suspected sarin gas attack in Syria last week revealed one of the worst-kept secrets in international diplomacy: A 2013 deal brokered by Russia and the U.S. failed to cripple the Assad regime’s ability to make or use chemical weapons. – Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

The Trump administration’s effort to underscore its certainty that Syria carried out a chemical weapons attack has demonstrated a potential new U.S. policy: The use of nerve agents like sarin will prompt a military response, even if it’s less certain that unleashing other chemical weapons, such as chlorine, will. – Washington Post’s Checkpoint

Defense Secretary James Mattis made clear Tuesday that the Trump administration has “no doubt” the Bashar al-Assad regime launched last week’s chemical attack in Syria that killed more than 80 civilians, including children. – Washington Free Beacon

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Tuesday that the U.S. Tomahawk cruise missile strikes on a Syrian airfield last week were a one-off mission to deter chemical attacks and should not lead to a broader confrontation with Russia. – DOD Buzz

Russian President Vladimir Putin will reportedly press the United Nations to officially investigate last week’s chemical attack in Syria, claiming, without evidence, that there are plans to fake the use of chemical weapons. – The Hill

Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta says there is no future for Syria under President Bashar Assad, arguing the Russians should work with the United States to depose the leader. – The Hill

GOP Sens. John McCain (Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (S.C.) are urging President Trump to step up U.S. military activity against Syrian President Bashar Assad in the wake of last week’s airstrike. – The Hill

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Tuesday cast doubt on Russia’s ability police the actions of the Syrian government, saying he believes Russia is “complicit” in the Assad regime’s atrocities. – The Hill

The top Democrat in the Senate said Tuesday that his caucus is worried President Trump’s actions in Syria could lead to another open-ended major military fight for U.S. troops in the region and that “any further action should come to Congress” for approval. – Military Times

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) on Tuesday defended his decision to back a U.S. missile strike on a Syrian air base after opposing military action in Syria under former President Obama. – The Hill

Donald Trump said the US would not enter the Syrian civil war, in a bid to clarify his policy in the wake of confusion that followed his missile strike on the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. – Financial Times

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s forces are intensifying attacks on rebel areas, days after the US fired a salvo of missiles at one of the regime’s main airbases, according to opposition activists. – Financial Times

Preparations began on Tuesday to evacuate the Shi’ite populations of two Syrian towns in exchange for moving Sunni rebels and civilians out of two others in a deal between the warring sides, a monitor and a pro-government commander said. – Reuters

The U.N. Security Council could vote as early as Wednesday on a push by the United States, Britain and France to bolster support for international inquiries into a deadly toxic gas attack in Syria, diplomats said, a move Russia had deemed unacceptable and unwarranted. – Reuters
Editorial: A more modest goal for U.S. diplomacy would be to agree with Russia on a de facto partition of Syria into zones controlled by the regime, Western-backed rebels and Kurds, with a long-term cease-fire imposed on all sides. Russia could meanwhile round up and dispose of the chemical stocks that the Assad regime still retains. That would, at least, spare Syrian civilians from further atrocities and allow for a concentration of military efforts against the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. But as Mr. Kerry could tell Mr. Tillerson, even that won’t fly with Mr. Putin unless the United States is willing to show greater resolve. – Washington Post

Frederic Hof writes: Until a strategy for accomplishing those objectives is blessed by the president and implemented, one salient fact should guide American policy vis-à-vis Bashar al-Assad: with civilians on the regime bullseye, nothing good politically can happen in terms of resolving Syria’s armed conflict. If Assad is permitted to return to business as usual – mass homicide but (for a while, at least) without chemicals – children will die, extremists will prosper, and Syria will hemorrhage people. Russia, Iran, and Assad will not like it, but the free ride for mass murder must end. – Atlantic Council

Philip Gordon writes: The problem is that Russia knows exactly what it is doing, and it is highly determined to keep on doing it. As the Trump administration looks to change Moscow’s calculus, it had better understand that it will take a lot more than a single set of missile strikes to do so. – Washington Post

Vali Nasr writes: In Moscow this week, Tillerson has the opportunity to explain that the United States could strike again, and insist that Putin tightly control Assad’s actions, while also agreeing to a new U.S.-led diplomatic effort whose success alone could avert further U.S. action in Syria. Leading this process would bolster American standing in the region and across the world, and also curtail Russian ambition. Tillerson now has an opportunity to lay out a diplomatic plan for ending one of the most devastating conflicts of our time. – The Atlantic
Bassma Kodmani writes: It is only with a political transition that we can achieve a secure, democratic Syria. We do not want imposed regime change. We do not want a vacuum. We want the conditions for Syrians to be able to decide their future. To get there, we want the United States — in concert with others — to lay the foundations that will compel the regime to abandon its military strategy. This will enable us to secure a peace deal. We are ready to do our part — now we need the United States and allies to do theirs. – Washington Post

If anything breaks before the next update then I shall bring you the news as I get it…..educate yourselves!

The Spicer Side Of Life

Okay in the last day the whole country has gone batcrap crazy over something that Sean Spicer said in his presser….it seems that he tried to compare Hitler and Assad but as usual he inserted a foot in mouth and his performance became the story of the day.

But in case you have been under your rock for 24 hours then let me help out……

Sean Spicer is being hit with a wave of criticism—the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is even calling for his firing—after he said Hitler wasn’t that bad compared to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, at least in one specific area. “Hitler didn’t even sink to the level of using chemical weapons,” Vox quotes the press secretary as saying during a press conference Tuesday. CNN reports there was an “audible gasp” from reporters following the comment. Understandable, because Hitler, in fact, used gas to kill millions of Jews in the Holocaust. He also used gas to kill disabled people and other groups.

Spicer only dug himself deeper when he attempted to clarify what he meant. “He was not using the gas on his own people in the same way that Assad is doing,” Spicer said. “He brought them into Holocaust centers, I understand that.” That clarification managed to invent a new term for concentration camps and possibly imply that German Jews were not real Germans. Spicer finally specified that he meant Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons on the battlefield, USA Today reports. Despite insisting he wasn’t “trying to lessen the horrendous nature of the Holocaust,” the Anne Frank Center is accusing Spicer of Holocaust denial. Spicer’s original point, now firmly buried by his invocation of Hitler, was that Russia shouldn’t continue to support Assad.

As a rational individual I believe I know what he was trying to say….no Hitler did not use gas on the battlefield but yes he did use gas on his people in the death camps…oh sorry we are calling them “Holocaust Centers” now…..

Now Spicer f*cked up…..he has walked back his screw up….now time to let it go.

The needed a new story for the facts on the missile strike was getting thin….so they needed something to fixate on and BAM!  Spicer made it happen.

But for my part Trump needs to find a new press sec because this is not the first time he has inserted his foot….Trump needs someone who can think on the fly without having to walk back everything he says daily.

He be sorry….now LET IT GO!

3 Russian Theories About Syria

Everyone that is watching this play out is wondering just what was the real reason for the US strike at the Syrian airfield…..

I do a lot of research and I found a site that Russia has and there 3 theories on why the US hit the Syrian airfield…..(keep in mind I SAID Russian theories…not mine)….

1. “There’s a new sheriff in town.” The attacks reflect the promise US President Donald Trump campaigned on: the return of a “strong leader.” The impetus for the attack may have been domestic, international or both. If it was the former, then it’s mostly about impressing the domestic constituency, fixing failing ratings, winning points with Congress and distancing himself from the image of the “Kremlin candidate.” If the impetus was about his international posturing, he had to send a clear message to America’s foes and allies: Please the Israelis, satisfy the Gulf, alert Iranians, warn North Koreans and strip Russians of the perception that they run the show.

2. “The tail wags the dog.” In this hypothetical, the Syria strikes weren’t Trump’s decision. He might have been simply cornered by public pressure, as well as by Democrats and Republicans, to take action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. He might have been tricked into believing that Assad alone was to blame for the gas attack, just after Trump had said he wasn’t opposed to the Syrian president remaining in power. In this narrative, the forced departure of Steven Bannon from the National Security Council signals a shift in the administration’s policy, and the Syria strikes were one result.

Another approach to this second narrative says the gas attacks were perpetrated by a “losing party” in Syria — whether this party is the United States or regional players. The behavior of Israel and Turkey in this respect is remarkable. Israel has long sought the destruction of the Syrian chemical arsenal. Turkey’s influence in Syria is fading, so it has quickly shifted from supporting the peace process with Russia and Iran to supporting the US military operation.

3. “The art of the deal.” The military strikes might not have been coordinated with Moscow, but there was some kind of an agreement via military or intelligence channels that the action would be taken for political reasons that would sit well with the White House and the Kremlin. Those supporting this third narrative point to the rather courteous nature of the bilateral communication before the attack. The Department of Defense says the United States warned Russia ahead of the strike “to minimize risk to Russian or Syrian personnel.” Syria’s armed forces were also warned and “took precautions in more than one military point, including in the Shayrat air base.”

Only 23 of the 59 cruise missiles launched actually hit their targets, which Moscow says indicates that the United States never really intended to inflict serious damage. As a result, the strikes destroyed only one equipment depot, a training building, six MiG-23 aircraft in repair hangars and a radar station, while the runway, taxiways and Syrian air force aircraft in parking areas remained intact.

Does anyone see the validity to these theories?
My question is……23 out of 59?  Where the Hell did those other missile wind up?  A smart bomb my ass!