Assassin Of The 40 Foot Wood

A little diversion on the Sunday from all the news around the Covid-19…..

There is a patch of woods on my property, we have started calling it the 40 ft wood, and MoMo spends time back there doing what she does best….hunting.  After all she is a Hound….her official AKC title is Redbone Coonhound…..her breed has been bred for hunting and MoMo takes it very seriously.  An American original breed of dog, the Redbone Coonhound is a tenacious hunter used for hunting raccoon, deer, bear, boar, cougar, or any other large game. The breed originated in the Southern United States and is highlighted by their deep red coat.

The breed’s development was heavily influenced by George Birdsong, who began with a pack he obtained in the 1840s. As more people became interested in the breed, they set about to create a faster, hotter-nosed dog that was even quicker to locate scents. They mixed the existing dogs with later imports of hot, swift Red Irish Foxhounds. These early dogs were sometimes called Saddlebacks because they tended to be red with black saddles. However color was emphasized for several generations, resulting in the solid-colored red dogs. The breed became known as Redbone Coonhounds, either in recognition of its color or after Peter Redbone, a Tennessee promoter of the breed.

When we walk her nose is glued to the ground….she lives by the smells around her….plus her hearing is excellent…….watching her stare at the ground until she zeros in on the mole is just amazing to witness.

Now on to her successful scorecard……

She has caught and executed several different species….mostly varmints like mice, rats, squirrels and her favorite moles.

In her two years since she moved in with us her total keeps going up…..

4 field mice

5 wood rats

3 squirrels

9 moles…..5 of which she got just in one weekend…..apparently she found a new litter and wiped them out.

This is the first of 5 in one weekend….


That is her below the bag in the photo looking for her lost prize….

And this is how she got the litter out of the ground……it is just a bit of the digging she did to get her prey.


There were holes along a straight line for about 25 feet…..they started along the fence and under the Cypress tree and ended in the photo.

The good news is that flower bed I promised Sue will take less digging to complete.

Finally…..she nailed 1 dove….but Sue got there in time and told her to release and she let it go though she did pout for most of the afternoon at the loss of a hard win victory.

She now waits under the tangerine tree…..waiting to strike again………


By the way….in this photo a bug has her full attention…..not a mole….

A final thought…..I walk MoMo at 0430 hrs to avoid any other people….this morning it was 77 as a low temp….that is more in line with Summer not April…..we are in our Summer cycle…..high temps, little rain and high humidity……it does have its upside and I will write about that soon…….but according to some there is NOTHING to see with the climate…..

Have a good Sunday……be well… safe…..

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Views And News

It is Spring the weather is nice and it makes it easier to stay home when I can sit in the garden and enjoy the Spring….and some cheese and fruit….maybe a glass of wine as well.

Time for the Old Professor to venture around the world and give my readers locked in their homes some entertainment.

The first bit is from New Orleans……the city has become point zero now and a son of the city has stepped up….Drew Brees…..

Nice to see a player giving back to the city and state that has supported him for decades.

Next….you have seen those vacuum ads from Dyson, right?  Well the man behind the item has designed a ventilator to be used for virus treatments and it only took 10 days….

British company Dyson — best known for its sleek vacuum cleaners — has announced it has designed a new ventilator called the “CoVent” in just ten days, according to CNN, to help the UK treat coronavirus patients.

The company is planning to produce 15,000 ventilators to help fight the pandemic, 5,000 of which will be donated to other countries.

“A ventilator supports a patient who is no longer able to maintain their own airways, but sadly there is currently a significant shortage, both in the UK and other countries around the world,” company founder James Dyson wrote in an open letter, as quoted by CNN.

I have been told that Dyson will do anything he must to get a knighthood…..this could well be the ticket.

I am waiting for American manufacturers to step up voluntarily….so far they want free money before they go to work…..

The virus hysteria has caused a shortage of toilet paper and there is a new invention that could do away with the need for TP…….altogether…….

While the United States is often at the forefront of many trends, it still lags behind the rest of the world in some respects. And one example is the country’s strange reluctance to embrace the bidet toilet seat. Perhaps due to curious culture reasons that probably date back to the Mayflower, Americans still depend on dry and often substandard toilet paper for bathroom needs. Not only is traditional toilet paper harder on our bodies, it’s also harder on the environment. But with toilet paper being a little bit more of a concern these days, it might be time for the country to get on board with the bidet – and there’s no better way for us to do it than with a Tushy bidet toilet seat.

Rightie journo Rush has weighed in on what he thinks of Trump’s health team……

Far-right talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, like President Donald Trump, has been a frequent source of nonsense during the coronavirus crisis: on his February 24 show, he equated COVID-19 with “the common cold.” And on Friday, the 69-year-old Limbaugh argued that health officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) cannot be trusted because they are part of “the Deep State” and have an anti-Trump agenda.

In audio that Media Matters has posted on its website, embedded above, Limbaugh can be heard on Friday telling listeners, “We’ve talked about the Deep State all these years since Trump was elected — the Trump-Russia collusion, the FBI — well, the Deep State extends very deeply. And the American people did not elect a bunch of health experts that we don’t know. We didn’t elect a president to defer to a bunch of health experts that we don’t know.”

Nice….we have not heard from the floating Fat Man for awhile…I guess he got tired of others making news and he had go come out with something as stupid as the president he tries to defend.

Just a few thoughts that could help lift one out of the cabin fever of this virus……

A parting cartoon…..or two……



Stay calm……avoid crowds……wash hands often…..stay prepared

Be well….Be Safe…..

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The Virus Data Is In

New York is said to be the epicenter of the US virus contagion…..their hospitals are getting overwhelmed…..

New York once again saw a spike in the number of deaths and hospitalizations related to the coronavirus, a bleak trend for the epicenter of the US’s outbreak, per the AP. The state’s death toll jumped by 100 in one day, pushing the number to 385, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday. He added that experts expect the number to increase as critically ill patients who have been on ventilators for several days succumb to the virus. “That is a situation where people just deteriorate over time,” Cuomo said. “And that is what we’re seeing.” There are now more than 37,000 confirmed cases in the state. More than 5,300 COVID-19 patients were hospitalized statewide as of Thursday, a 40% increase from the day before. Nearly 1,300 patients were in intensive care, a 45% increase.

The state is expanding its search for temporary hospital beds in the New York City region amid sharpening fears that area hospitals will be overwhelmed. Cuomo said the state wants a 1,000-plus patient overflow facility in each of the city’s five boroughs along with Westchester and Rockland counties north of the city and Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. State and city officials are scrambling to increase hospital capacity from about 53,000 beds to up to 140,000 beds with the peak of the outbreak expected within weeks. Cuomo said the state also is scouting dormitories and hotels for emergency beds. Read the full story for more details on the state’s strategies, including the expected arrival of two military field hospitals.

Speaking of epicenters…..we may soon have a new one and not New York……New Orleans may get the call…..

With the number of coronavirus cases in New Orleans multiplying rapidly, concern has been building that the city will become the next place to be overwhelmed by the pandemic. A Tulane Medical Center physician said Thursday that question has been answered, Fox News reports. “As far as fears it could be the next epicenter: I think that, unfortunately, I kind of think we are there,” Dr. Joshua Denton said. New Orleans now has 997 cases; only 13 states have more. Of those patients, 676 are in hospitals and 83 have died, per WDSU. Louisiana has a total of 2,305 cases. One study found that in the two weeks after the state’s first case was confirmed, per the New York Times, the disease’s growth rate in Louisiana was the fastest in the world.

The first confirmed cases in New Orleans were among people who hadn’t been out of town. The city’s health director said doctors realized quickly that the cases “were not directly linked to each other”—they were dealing with community spread. Medical experts think they know at least one reason. “I think it all boils down to Mardi Gras,” said Dr. F. Brobson Lutz Jr., a former city health director. “The greatest free party in the world was a perfect incubator at the perfect time.” Crowds were in New Orleans for weeks for the celebration, which ended Feb. 25. Having endured a long list of disasters, and fearing another inadequate federal response—as in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina—residents fear this could be worse, partly because New Orleans wouldn’t be the only place suffering. “This hurricane’s coming for everybody,” a community organizer said.

More bad news for the nation…..we are number one once again…..

It was just a matter of time, and the unwanted milestone came Thursday evening: The US now has more confirmed coronavirus cases than any other nation, according to Johns Hopkins University. The US count of 82,404 surpassed that of China (81,782) and Italy (80,589). After that comes a drop-off, with Spain at about 57,000 and Germany at 43,000. Italy still has the most deaths (more than 8,000), while the US total climbed above 1,000 on Wednesday. Other developments:

  • New guidelines: President Trump said Thursday that federal officials are developing guidelines to rate counties around the US as low, medium or high risk, reports NPR, which has the full text of Trump’s letter to governors about it. The idea is to help state and local officials with decisions on decisions about “maintaining, increasing or relaxing social distancing and other mitigation measures,” says the letter. Increased testing may play a key role in refining those guidelines.
  • Presidential visit: Trump announced Thursday that he will visit Norfolk, Virginia, on Saturday to watch the departure of a 1,000-bed Navy hospital ship being deployed to New York City to help relieve pressure on hospitals, reports the Hill. “I’m going to go out and kiss it goodbye,” said Trump.
  • China call: Trump also said he would speak with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Thursday night. It would be their first talk since February, when Trump praised China’s response to the outbreak, notes the New York Times. He has since begun referring to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus,” but he said Thursday that “I don’t have to say it if they feel so strongly about it.”
  • No alarm yet: At Thursday’s White House task force briefing, response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx sought to play down fears of a dire shortage of hospital beds and ventilators in the coming weeks. “To say that to the American people, to make the implication when they need a hospital bed, it won’t be there, or when they need that ventilator, it won’t be there, we don’t have evidence of that right now.” (New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo might disagree.)

Seems the news from the streets does not match the glowing reports from the president…….

More to come……

Watch This Blog!

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Closing Thought–26Mar20

We all have heard of those people (I use the term loosely) that are coughing on fruit or sneezing on toilet seats, licking stuff…..etc etc etc…….these people need to be stopped and held accountable for the endangering people’s lives.

Well someone has stepped up…..

A 26-year-old Missouri man was arrested this week after he allegedly made a video of himself licking items at a Walmart in an attempt to mock the coronavirus, which has killed thousands of people across the globe.

The Warren County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office on Tuesday charged Cody Lee Pfister with making a terrorist threat in the second degree, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The incident took place on March 11 at the Warrenton Walmart, according to court records.

Now the DOJ has stepped up as well……

People who intentionally spread the coronavirus could face criminal charges under federal terrorism laws, the Justice Department’s No. 2 official said Tuesday.

In a memo to top Justice Department leaders, law enforcement agency chiefs and U.S. Attorneys across the country, Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen said prosecutors and investigators could come across cases of “purposeful exposure and infection of others with COVID-19.”

Now my governor (the moron he is) has decided to follow Trump’s lead and not to order a stay at home order……my question for the DOJ is……since that could make the virus spread faster could the moron Tate Reeves be charged?

God I hope so!

1,000 Americans have died from this virus……how many more will have to do the same to protect stupidity?

Any thoughts?

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Pandemic And Economic Collapse

WE have a raging virus ripping through the country and world and our economy is a yo yo… day up two days down then one up, etc.

This thing could be a society killer…..

As of March 2020, the entire world is affected by an evil with which it is incapable of dealing effectively and regarding whose duration no one can make any serious predictions. The economic repercussions of the novel coronavirus pandemic must not be understood as an ordinary problem that macroeconomics can solve or alleviate. Rather, the world could be witnessing a fundamental shift in the very nature of the global economy.

The immediate crisis is one of both supply and demand. Supply is falling because companies are closing down or reducing their workloads to protect workers from contracting COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. Lower interest rates can’t make up the shortfall from workers who are not going to work—just as, if a factory were bombed in a war, a lower interest rate would not conjure up lost supply the following day, week, or month.

The Fed is trying desperately to curb a recession/depression and the government is also trying to prop up businesses in this time of need……but will it be enough?

As the Covid-19 pandemic worsens, it’s hard to decide which are scarier: the conversations I’m having with epidemiologists or the conversations I’m having with economists.

“This is an economic tsunami,” Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, told me. Social distancing is economic distancing. We are telling people to cease going to stores, to restaurants, to workplaces. We are insisting they stop supplying their labor, making their goods. To slow a pandemic, we are forcing a recession, perhaps a depression.

It was common, in 2008, to hear economists say that nothing had changed in the real economy. The US still had just as many workers, factories, and machines. We hadn’t lost any land or knowledge. There was no physical reason the economy was in crisis. The collapse in credit markets had changed economic behavior — businesses were afraid to invest and hire, and families were afraid or unable to spend.

Will collapse be in the cards as a result of this virus and the lack of adequate response by the government?

Trump and the Congress are trying hard to avoid the collapse….but will it be worth it?

I Read, I Write, You Know

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Congress–Do We Have A Deal?

After silly political games added into the different plans to deal with the virus….we have now finally come to agreement…..

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are done. We have a deal,” top White House aide Eric Ueland announced early Wednesday after the White House and Senate leaders reached agreement on the biggest economic relief package in American history. The $2 trillion measure to help workers, businesses, and the health care system deal with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic will include $1,200 checks for many Americans and a $367 billion loan program for small businesses, the Washington Post reports. “Help is on the way, big help and quick help,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat. “We’re going to take up and pass this package to care for those who are now caring for us, and help carry millions of Americans through these dark economic times.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, said he is “thrilled that we’re finally going to deliver for the country that has been waiting for us to step up.” The deal was reached after what the New York Times describes as a “furious final round of haggling” between McConnell, Schumer, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. One of the last issues to be resolved was a $500 billion plan for subsidized loans to large industries hit hard by the outbreak, including the airlines, the AP reports. The Senate is expected to pass the bill Wednesday but it could take longer to pass in the House, which is out of session, unless lawmakers agree to pass it with unanimous consent, reports the Post.

The deal could still fall apart……

I still do not think the airlines deserve a bail-out……look what was wasted on an auto bail-out and how silly the financial bail-out was did nothing to help the nation….only the bottom lines of the corporations.

And when this virus thing is abated there will be a massive attempt to pay for this stimulus and us mere mortals will have to pay for the corporations getting freebies.

Any thoughts?

I Read, I Write, You Know

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Curfews And Such

Closing Thought–24Mar20

This does NOT pertain to the nation as a whole….I offer up what is happening in my region as to what could be coming to the rest of the country.

It appears that our county supervisors will be taking up the possibility of a 2 week 24 curfew…..

Rumors are circulating about a possible “lockdown” in Harrison County in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson and police chiefs in Harrison County are recommending a two-week, 24-hour curfew beginning Monday night.

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich said he expects the issue to come up during a Harrison County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday morning.

Peterson and the police chiefs suggest the curfew run through April 6 at 6 p.m.

Possible two-week, 24-hour curfew for Harrison County likely to be discussed by leaders Monday

Read and weep for this could be a policy coming to you and your neighborhood soon.

This is just rumor for now…..we also had a rumor last week that we were going to see martial law in the cities soon…..that did not happen (not yet anyway) but it is still on the table from what I have heard.

This curfew thing would be a blast for MoMo she depends on her walks and if not she gets cranky.

AS I was preparing this post news came out that curfews were not something they want to do at this time….but it is still a consideration…..

On the advice of Coast mayors, the Harrison County Board of Supervisors rejected imposing a curfew Monday, but all warned that day could be coming as the new coronavirus continues to spread.

The supervisors did close the beach to groups of no more than 10, saying exercise and the ability to get outdoors is important for residents.

“There are so many things bouncing around,” Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes told supervisors at the meeting, which was streamed live on Facebook with only mayors and supervisors in the Gulfport courthouse meeting room.

Something that is still on the table for future considerations.
This is the stuff that is coming to an area near you as well.

Be calm……Avoid crowds……Be well….Be Safe

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