While You Were Chasing the NK Shiny Object

Last week was full of stories about North Korea and the blogs soon followed…but did you know that while you were chasing the shiny object news went on mand on…..

This week, many Americans are more terrified of North Korea than usual, with some scrambling to buy supplies in case of a nuclear apocalypse as at least one local government offers advice to residents on how to survive a blast. Though Americans are unsure about Trump’s approach to North Korea, a majority agree that the country is a serious threat as much of the media repeatedly hammers home just how dangerous the situation has become.

There was so much more…….

Source: 5 Stories You’re Missing While the Media Hypes a Nuclear War

Stop chasing those shiny objects and look behind the curtain….there is always more happening than they tell you.

State Run Media

Is it possible that we could be getting a state run news outlet?

Back during the campaign and shortly after he took office I wrote about the possibility of a Trump News Network…..there were several ways that he, Trump, could set up his own news network

Source: A Step Closer To Trump TV – In Saner Thought

We have a bit of a network dedicated to Trump and his views…it is a YouTube channel…..for now it is called “Trump Breaking News Network”……

Well news has come out that a company, a broadcast company, is in the move to push the Trump agenda disguised as news.

During the 2016 Presidential campaign, the Sinclair Broadcasting group cut a deal with Jared Kushner for “good” coverage of the Trump Administration, which seems to have paid off.

Politico reported last December:

Sinclair would broadcast their Trump interviews across the country without commentary, Kushner said. Kushner highlighted that Sinclair, in states like Ohio, reaches a much wider audience — around 250,000 viewers[sic]— than networks like CNN, which reach somewhere around 30,000.

With Fox News suffering several major setbacks in the past year, Sinclair Broadcasting is making moves to become the new giant of right-wing media. Many are now calling Sinclair ‘Trump TV.’

Source: ‘Classic Propaganda’: Sinclair Broadcasting Pushes Aside Fox News to Become ‘Trump TV’ | Common Dreams

Sinclair if successful will be able to push the Trump news to about 72% of the nation.  There will be mandatory stories on these local stations that carry the Trump view and of course will be pushing that the MSM is the enemy and a purveyor of fake news.

They have even hired the communications officer of the RNC as their chief political analyst…if this comes about then we are running close to having state controlled media….and I do not believe that is what the Founders had in mind…..do you?

Of course my more radical Right wing brethren will argue that the MSM is already pushing the “liberal” agenda….and I will say that I can see why they claim such….but I do not think that these main stream media outlets are always pushing fake news…I will admit that they do have a tendency to be used as a propaganda tool….but most are doing their jobs whether we like their reports or not…..

This still smells like some sort of authoritarian power grab to me.

Closing Thought–09Aug17

Another Soul Finds Its Way Home!

We will soon find ourselves on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in NYC and the Pentagon.

Many Americans were killed on the fateful day….some still have not been identified….but there is some good news to report (if anything can be said to be good after that attack)……

Almost 16 years after the 9/11 attacks, another family has been given the news that the remains of their loved one have been identified. New York City’s medical examiner said Monday that the man has been identified as the 1,641st person killed at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, PIX11 reports. The medical examiner’s office says the man’s name is being withheld by request of his family. This is the first time another victim has been identified since March 2015, when Matthew David Yarnell, a 26-year-old who worked on the 97th floor of the South Tower, was identified with the help of DNA, the New York Daily News reports.

The 1,641th victim was identified through DNA retesting of remains recovered from the site, reports NBC News. Out of the 2,753 people killed in the New York attacks, 1,112, or around 40%, are still unidentified, but the medical examiner’s office says it plans to keep using the most modern methods to identify as many as possible. The medical examiner’s office says it has been retesting remains found during the original recovery operation at Ground Zero.

May the spirit now rest in peace and the family can have the closure that they have needed for these long years.

Time for me to call it a day……I have a couple of buffalo steaks for the grill and a bottle of good Spanish red wine…..now that is how you end the day….with a perfect meal.

Tomorrow my friends……chuq

Poppa’s Got Brand New Bag

After watching the mash-up between the Trumpite Steven Miller and journalists I thought about a song from my past….this time it was James Brown…..

But in this case the “bag”…is a “douche bag”.

Even among the right-wing ideologues doing the actual presidenting in this administration, Stephen Miller stands out for the copious amounts of Kool-Aid he mainlines. Speaking to the New York Times, a Trump team colleague described Miller as “fiercely loyal” to the president, “a true believer in every sense of the word.” Though he joined the campaign in its early days, penning many of the apocalyptic speeches that won fear-drunk Republican hearts and minds, Miller recently got a lot more visibility after a string of television appearances in defense of the Muslim ban. At each stop, Miller showed a flair for the dramatic: he lied, he dodged, he put on his best tyrant’s voice and proclaimed the executive branch above the law. It seemed contrived and forced, like a politically precocious, weasley teenager’s idea of how to command a crowd. According to those who know Miller’s history, that’s not so far off the mark

Source: 21 Facts That Explain Exactly Who Stephen Miller Is | Alternet

There was a reason he chose CNN and NY Times….he did that because the Trump mindset is that they are the enemy….so he wanted to pick a fight for the Breibart mentality because it will play well with the “Ignorati”……and he succeeded.

Closing Thought–02Aug17

The Place Is A Dump!

I have lived in some “dumps” in my day….one place had roaches the size of small dogs….we all have had some sort of experience with housing that was not all that pleasing, right?

But there is one place that I would never have thought of as a “dump”….but it seems the Pres. is not happy with his new “crib”……

Donald Trump has reportedly explained the reason for his numerous visits to his New Jersey golf club – the White House is “a dump”.

The president has made at least four visits to the Bedminster club, as well as a string of visits to Mar-a-Lago, his Florida retreat.

And with renovations due to take place in the West Wing this month, he is scheduled to stay at the resort a lot more.

“That White House is a real dump,” Mr Trump told golf club members before a recent round of golf, according to Golf.com.

I guess that could explain why he spends so much time at his golf clubs…… Mr Trump has spent 35 days at golf clubs during his first 164 days in office – that is about 21 per cent of his days as president so far. (and another president was a dick for playing golf)

The White House is so dismal that he cannot bring himself to stay there unless he has to…..

Personally, I do not think that any place that has 34 bathrooms is a dump….but that is just me.

Peace out my friends…….

Closing Thought–01Aug17

The Definition Of “Hero”!

Our society uses the word “hero” as some sort of throw away description used to feign patriotism….

Then there are true heroes…..

Saving a life may be a common bucket-list entry, but it’s one that’s rarely checked off. James McCloughan could’ve done so 10 times over two days in 1969. Ignoring his lieutenant’s orders to evacuate Nui Yon Hill in Vietnam after shrapnel cut into his head and back and a bullet pierced his arm, the 23-year-old Army medic ran through “hell on earth” and “gave it his all and then … just kept giving,” President Trump said Monday, bestowing McCloughan with the Medal of Honor almost 50 years after that intense battle. Five of the 10 men McCloughan pulled to safety while surrounded by 2,000 enemies looked on as the 71-year-old took his “place among legends,” Trump said in his first time awarding the medal, per the New York Times.

Trump told how McCloughan had run into an open field to retrieve a wounded soldier as bullets rained. Over the next 48 hours, he went without food, water, or sleep as he saved nine more men and helped load medevac helicopters. He finally collapsed from dehydration as one of 32 men left on the ground. After returning from Vietnam in 1970, the Michigan native received two Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars, per Heavy.com. A meeting with Rep. Fred Upton years later, however, led to the recommendation that he also receive the nation’s highest military honor, bestowed with special permission by Congress. “Jim’s dad taught him a simple but powerful lesson: Never do anything halfway,” Trump said. “Jim took that lesson very much to heart.”

And that is a true HERO!  Anything else is a poser!

Congrats…..no one deserves it more.

Time to be off like a dirty shirt…..I shall return with a fresh bag of stuff….chuq

It’s That Karmic Thing

The first 6 months of the Trump era has been anything but calm….it has been one chaotic situation after another…..

After last week many people I know were saying “how much crazier can it get”?

First thing to remember is not to ask that question when it pertains to DC

The man of the week was the WH new communication director….The Mooch.

After his mash up with Rancid Prius I thought that he might settle into his new gig and stop the craziness around him……for he was hired to rid the WH of Rancid.

Damn!  I was so very wrong!

First there was the story of his, The Mooch,  follow of a gay porn star on Twitter….not something that would go away…..then news came out that his wife who was 9 months pregnant had filed of a divorce….

Anthony Scaramucci’s wife was nine months’ pregnant when she hit the new White House communications director with the news that she wanted a divorce, Page Six reports. Deirdre Scaramucci, 38, who gave birth to a boy, James, in New York City on July 24, had filed divorce papers in Nassau County Supreme Court on July 6. The day his son was born, the Mooch was in West Virginia with President Trump at the Boy Scouts Jamboree. The expletive-loving Wall Street veteran reportedly sent his second wife a text saying, “‘Congratulations, I’ll pray for our child,'” a source says. A Mooch associate adds that “there was discussion between him, her and the divorce attorneys about Anthony going to the hospital and unfortunately … the delivery was sudden.” The 5-pound, 13-ounce baby was born two weeks early.

Deirdre Scaramucci “is mad,” the source says, “They really aren’t speaking right now.” Her lawyer, Jill Stone, tells the paper she “is not making this into a circus. She has children to protect and that’s what she’s concerned about.” The former Deirdre Ball reportedly wanted no part of the DC life, and is no fan of the president either. The associate says the Mooch followed a “different career objective that didn’t align with Deidre’s trajectory,” and the couple is trying for an amicable divorce. There is a lot at stake in the split: The Daily News reports that Mooch has assets worth around $85 million.

But hey…that was not the best story of the week…..

After 6 days on the job The Mooch has resigned as Communications Director for Donald J. Trump…..

Well, that was quick: The Mooch is out. President Trump on Monday decided to remove Anthony Scaramucci from his brand-new post as White House communications director, reports the New York Times. The move reportedly comes at the suggestion of new chief of staff John Kelly, who is in his first day on the job. He “is already changing the culture here,” one White House aide tells Politico in the wake of the Scaramucci shift.

Scaramucci already has submitted his resignation, reports ABC News. It wasn’t immediately clear whether he would shift into a different position at the White House or leave entirely. Nor was it clear who would replace him. Scaramucci didn’t even last two weeks in the position, though he made an immediate impression with, among other things, a profanity-laced rant against rivals such as former chief of staff Reince Priebus.

I am sure that we will get more than enough info from the MSM on this…..they will scratch this scab until it bleeds.

But come on!

You have to admit that this dude knows how to make an entrance as well as make an exit.

I do apologize but this whole situation is just damn funny….nay hilarious is a better description.

I swear this admin is full of great moments……