The Pragmatic Approach

College of Political Knowledge

Subject:  2010 election series

Lecture #2

“Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice.”……Thomas Paine  (apologies to Quin of Quintessential Havoc…blogroll)

For some time now there has been a term in politics and it has been flying around and out of the mouths of the media pundits liberally……..Pragmatic……I recently read a piece that says ‘pragmatism’ was not a political ideology…but rather just a bit of pouting from some voters who feel that their personal interests were not addressed…so they just go off and turn to yet another bunch that will see their problems more clearly….of course…those others NEVER see your problems….why?  Governance is about the country,  not YOU!

And yet just about every election in a couple of decades has hinged on the ‘independent’ voter….those voters that cannot pick an ideology but rather pick and choose the stuff that they like… matter what the issues of the day are….these voters will find one issue that they personally have some connection to and that is where their loyalties lie…at least for the most recent election…..and when their concerns are ignored they swing back to the ones before….which by the way, did not address their concerns before….but somehow they will miraculously have a change of heart this time around….Bullsh*t!

And time and time again these voters NEVER look at the candidate…they prefer to to let one emotional issue after another get in the way of the country being governed in a positive way…..these voters after 6 months of Washington decide that they do NOT want these guys anymore and want them voted out……the problem is that NONE of the beggars we have in Washington have been doing the job of governing the country since about 1980…..rather it is all about the next election…NEVER the next generation….no matter what their lame campaign ads tell you….

The biggest problem is that these ‘pragmatic’ voters seldom search out the truth….they had rather listen to some babbling bag of hot air sling lies and misinformation at them until they find one that sticks and then that is the major issue of the campaign….ideals and principles mean NOTHING any more…they are a hindrance to one’s  election or re-election…..

What has the ‘moderate’ approach actually accomplished for the country?  As long as so-called independent voters pout and go about politics in a comatose state we will NEVER have an effective government…it sucks now….and it can only get WORSE….I am so proud of the American voter!

14 thoughts on “The Pragmatic Approach

  1. I guess I understand your point of view and I sort of agree to a degree with some of it.Yet I guess you know what’s coming – I can’t say I entirely agree either…

    For instance, pragmatism – REAL, GENUINE, pragmatism can mean doing what needs to be done (usually right now) even if it isn’t what you would like to do in the longer term. For example, to me and using the English meaning of the word as I understand it, if you are a soldier in a small group and there is a HUGE force of the enemy approaching and there is nothing much to be gained for you or your side by hanging around to be shot, then the pragmatic approach is to get the hell outa there whilst you still can! The more noble approach is probably to stay, fight and die. So, however it is interpreted by assh*les in politics to suit themselves, I don’t really entirely agree with the definition you use.

    Secondly, whilst there is a time for people to be altruistic and vote for the good of the country rather than their own personal interest, but it’s up to the politicians with the best interests of the country at heart to convince people of that. When the politicians are only interested in self and the country’s going down the tubes anyway, or there is otherwise damn all you can do about the general welfare of your nation, what’s wrong with voting for yourself?

    Thirdly, you talk about truth, but are you referring to your truth, my truth, or some nutty woman who’s living in a time warp from the past’s truth, or any of the other two hundred million (or so) other American voters who will all see things differently from us and from each other? Truth like almost everything else is subjective! To a religious person, the existence of God and His reported word is truth, to me it’s myth and legend and it all goes downhill from there!

    1. All you say is spot on….as usual…..and my point is that if we ALL internalize the issue then NOTHING of value gets done….we cannot look past our own little lives to see a bigger and brighter future for everyone….the old saying, “If one will not stand for something, then they will fall for anything” (paraphrase)….and I think the present election is proving that outright…..there are few principles involved in this election…..lots of hearsay, innuendo and lies….but few principles…..

      I can see where “pragmatic” can be attractive….but I am an old fart….I believe in my principles….I know…I know a dying breed…..

      1. Oh, I do agree with all that – including the importance of principles. However, there are undoubtedly times when discretion is the better part of valour and even that (to re-state my military example) he who runs away lives to fight another day.

        Of course, the REAL poblem is that those who are supposed to lead, think of the greater good and even set some kind of an exaple quite simply do none of that and think only of themselves. Net result… what you describe!

      2. I have NO problem with compromise……I do not see that as a break with one’s principles…as long as there is a rigorous debate and an exchange of points…….but in today’s world there is NO principles being held by elected a/holes and there is NO debate…this system will eventually fail because of things like this….

      3. I imagine you’re right… face it, you guys tried and it lasted a couple of hundred years, but you basically failed due to lack of individual interest, or common sense.

        Never mind, if you ask really nicely and promise to behave properly this time, I dare say we might consider letting you back into the fold as a colony again… 😈 😆

      4. When I was in the UK, oh so many years ago, I was in the Kent area and a bunch of the old farts use to call me a colonial…..I found it rather refreshing….and they said that I was butchering the Queen’s English…..

        There is still a chance that this system can survive….but only if we return to a more all encompassing system….we need to find a way to eliminate the special interest money, learn to be civil on our political debates, find a way for total transparency in government and other such cool stuff…..without it and we are sliding down a dangerous path and the TP is leading the slide….

      5. You know, you sound more like me by the day. The system’s broken – throw it out and start again!

      6. Right on! But unfortunately most people do not see it that way…..they think that a band aid is sufficient for a gunshot wound…..

  2. I’d have to cut a deal with you on this. Which is not something I typically do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

    1. Thanx Edwin and that is what I try to do….make people thionk and in doing so they will join in the conversation….appreciate the visit and please drop by more often….

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