The Pragmatic Approach

College of Political Knowledge

Subject:  2010 election series

Lecture #2

“Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice.”……Thomas Paine  (apologies to Quin of Quintessential Havoc…blogroll)

For some time now there has been a term in politics and it has been flying around and out of the mouths of the media pundits liberally……..Pragmatic……I recently read a piece that says ‘pragmatism’ was not a political ideology…but rather just a bit of pouting from some voters who feel that their personal interests were not addressed…so they just go off and turn to yet another bunch that will see their problems more clearly….of course…those others NEVER see your problems….why?  Governance is about the country,  not YOU!

And yet just about every election in a couple of decades has hinged on the ‘independent’ voter….those voters that cannot pick an ideology but rather pick and choose the stuff that they like… matter what the issues of the day are….these voters will find one issue that they personally have some connection to and that is where their loyalties lie…at least for the most recent election…..and when their concerns are ignored they swing back to the ones before….which by the way, did not address their concerns before….but somehow they will miraculously have a change of heart this time around….Bullsh*t!

And time and time again these voters NEVER look at the candidate…they prefer to to let one emotional issue after another get in the way of the country being governed in a positive way…..these voters after 6 months of Washington decide that they do NOT want these guys anymore and want them voted out……the problem is that NONE of the beggars we have in Washington have been doing the job of governing the country since about 1980…..rather it is all about the next election…NEVER the next generation….no matter what their lame campaign ads tell you….

The biggest problem is that these ‘pragmatic’ voters seldom search out the truth….they had rather listen to some babbling bag of hot air sling lies and misinformation at them until they find one that sticks and then that is the major issue of the campaign….ideals and principles mean NOTHING any more…they are a hindrance to one’s  election or re-election…..

What has the ‘moderate’ approach actually accomplished for the country?  As long as so-called independent voters pout and go about politics in a comatose state we will NEVER have an effective government…it sucks now….and it can only get WORSE….I am so proud of the American voter!