Is It Really Pro-Life?

College of Political Knowledge

Subject:  Government/Politics/

Lecture #6

Preface:  Before I get into the meat of this post I need to clarify something……I am pro-life….but that is where it ends….I would not presume to inflict my beliefs on anyone over a purely private and personal matter….I had to say that before the eye rolls and the emotional ravings started……

Many people see the fetus as a living entity at the moment of conception and in that it has rights and is an unforgivable sin to abort said pregnancy….but as soon as that chilkd leaves the womb he/she becomes one of those sponges that is leeching off the state…in other words they are important until they are born and then they become part of another narrative…that being a drain on our valuable resources….

And these same people are pro war and pro capital punishment….both of which take lives….we can argue about the justification of either war or execution, which I will not venture to do….. but when we get down to the basic premise…it is the taking of a life….plain and simple……so where are the pro-lifers and their concern for the sanctity of human life?

I recently saw an article that put forth the premise that a fetus after 12 weeks (I believe) would feel pain during the abortion process….which pro-lifers use to justify their position on the issue….but yet most of these same people are pro torture…..they will justify the difference by saying that the fetus is a helpless entity that has no choice…well, people try torture!  You are helpless and have no choice, either.

My problem is that if one is going to use the pro-life handle then it should apply to all life, not just the one that is convenient…that if human life is sacred, then ALL human life is sacred…..