Less Government = Less Taxes

2010 Mid-Term Election Series

Lecture #4

Hear that?  That is what we call bullsh*t in the analytical business……and that other sound is laughter coming from the backrooms of Washington….

The political atmosphere in the country nowadays, thanx in small part to the millionaires running the Tea Party, are convincing the people and the voters that less government equates to less taxes….may I see a show hands of those that believe this premise?

Cool!  Let us go with that shall we?  Let us say that the Tea Party gets their deluded dream of less government and less taxes….a dream of all Americans….Now think about the states, your state……..states depend on cash from the government for many of their most basic programs….your stuff like education, police, fire, infrastructure like roads,  etc….with that money drying up…where will they find the cash to keep the levels of proficiency that they have now?

A little secret……just for you…..TAXES……

Local and state taxes will go up, property taxes will go up…if not then your services that you DEMAND will cease to be offered…..crime will rise, roads will go to crap and education will suffer, except for one week a year when people talk a good plan and have NO idea how to make it work….they have NO workable plan…….

Less government equals less taxes is only a campaign slogan……it has not worked in 40 years…..and in this day and age it will not work now…..

By all means…listen to the babbling of politicians, and I use the term loosely…..give us less government and less taxes….then distribute lots of toilet paper because the results will make you just sh*t…….

9 thoughts on “Less Government = Less Taxes

  1. Yeah – and here’s another load of total rubbish for you – “more government = better government.” Utter crap!

    Small, efficient almost ANYTHING is pretty much always best by miles!

    1. While I may agree ……I still say that people demand services and in doing so make less government nothing but a slogan…the Repubs proved that in 2000 and 2004….and they ran on less government….and now we will let them do it again…..Dems will say that Clinton gave us prosperity….but they fail to point to his policies that lead to the economic crap we have now……yes he balanced the budget and how has that worked out for the middle class?

      1. The economic crap we have right now is NOT the fault of Clinton! It is the fault of a totally wrong and misguided belief that it is POSSIBLE to regulate most things – it simply ISN’T.

        If some scammer promises you 50% interest per month and you believe him… well frankly if you’re that stupid it serves you right!

        We CANNOT and many of us WILL not live our lives dumbed-down to the lowest level of the most stupid in society – it is NOT right that normal people should be restricted by the need for the protection of huge bureaucracies of the idiots amongst us – and that’s what much of the EU, UK and US have tried to do. It’s just plain WRONG!

      2. Clinton and his gang of thugs…..repealed Glass-Steagall which in turn allow the derivatives trading…BTW, Larry Summers was therwe for Clinton and he was there for Obama…do you see a trend developing….

        I agree but the few of us that take the time to understand the stuff are few and far between….sad to say…..the American, as a whole, are completely devoid of economic understanding beyond eggs cost 69 cents last year and today they are $1.29…..

      3. Don’t take this personally, but politics and all the legislation that goes with it is a 90% waste of time and money – who care what Glass-Steagall said (I have no idea as a non-American)? Legislators, however clever they are, are NEVER clever enough to stop the really bright business people, investors, crooks, terrorists or any the other people they kid us they can control.

        Look, as a VERY simple example (and don’t take this too literally because I DO believe in law and order)… If someone murders you, that is illegal. IF that person is caught and sentenced to life, or the death penalty, then it will (hopefully) stop that murderer from doing it again – IF they’ve got the right guy (which is often doubtful). BUT, how in hell does any of that help you? You’re still DEAD, aren’t you?

        There just HAS, absolutely HAS, to be a better way… 😦

      4. Never take anything you say personally……..Glass-Steagall was passed back in the 30’s I believe and it basically said that a bank was for deposits and loans and the typical banking thingys……with its repeal Hedge Funds became the rule of the day,….created a media for making money without anything invested…in other words a gamble with NO down side….sorry..that was a bit simple…..

        There probably is a better way…we just have to find it……or better…invent it…..

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