Tell Me Again Who Is The “Smarter” Brother

I recall back in the 2000 election and the rise of GW Bush, a candidate I did not like, when the media was telling the country that Jeb was the smarter brother and could not understand why he was not on the ticket… be honest I bought into the crap as well……I thought that GW was an easily manipulated idiot and his brother would have been a better choice for the GOP……

Fast forward to the 2016 election and Jeb is running……and after about 6 months of his pre-campaign and after has done very little to show that he is tuly the smarter of the brothers…..

Believe it or not….I may have been….mistaken!

Ever since he has become a serious candidate he has put one foot after another into his mouth and has spent more time trying to “clarify” is words than campaign….not the act of a smart brother.

It has been one faux pas after another……it mostly began with him screwing up e-mails that he released from his time as governor of Florida….it seems his campaign released those e-mails with personal and private information on them…..a bit embarrassing……

And the faux pas kept coming……his latest is his words on “anchor babies”…..

Jeb Bush really, really wants to catch up to Donald Trump, and he seems to believe the best way to accomplish that is to become Donald Trump. Bush’s desperation begat a spat between the two candidates over who loves the racist phrase “anchor baby” more.

How do you use an offensive phrase like “anchor babies” without offending Latinos? Bush has one idea: Say you were talking about Asians.

So…….Jeb was not talking about Hispanics but rather Asians……this oughta get his butt in even more hot water……and he started tap dancing as fast as he could…..

“What I’m talking about is the specific case of fraud being committed where there’s organized efforts — frankly it’s more related to Asian people — coming into our country, having children in that organized effort, taking advantage of that noble concept, which is birthright citizenship,” Bush said.

A campaign spokesperson later clarified Bush was referring to widely reported federal probes into “birth tourism.”

Nothing more humorous than watching a politician dance frantically trying to find a way out of an embarrassing moment…..

The more Jeb talks the more I believe we may have already elected the smarter brother………

Tell me again who was the “smarter” brother…….

13 thoughts on “Tell Me Again Who Is The “Smarter” Brother

  1. When you’re talking about the difference between an IQ of 98 vs. an IQ of 94, I don’t think it matters much. Both of them, and their father, too, were all just smart enough to read the scripts they’re handed, and to stand in the right place to take advantage of the light for photo ops…. No need for a lot of intelligence, which they would be tempted to use…. and, in the case of ALL the Shrubs, there’s no danger of that….


      1. Yep… Shrub Sr.& Jr., and now the Shrubjub…. I decided on that one because none of them can be considered an actual bush; they’re more of a shrub.


        gigoid, the dubious


      2. Quayle? Who’s he?….

        Just part of my campaign to alter history to suit myself; I’d rather just write that whole two decades over…



      3. Aye… He was a mistake on the part of the oligarchy. I don’t think they knew just how dumb he actually was when they picked him… They want them dumb, but, not so dumb they require so much clean-up after the messes they leave on the floor, like all puppies…


        “Ignorance is bliss.”

  2. This conversation is just divine. Puns and shrubs cannot be beat unless it is with beer and pretzels. Thanx again all for making my dreary day a little brighter. dru “Feel the Bern!”

  3. This is one of the fascinating impacts of Trump’s early success on the rest of the Reep candidates — he is absolutely shellacking them with his stupidity and the rest of the candidates seem to believe, as a result, that they have to out-stupid him to close the gap. It is truly a fascinating thing to watch. Most of the others are absolutely floundering trying to figure out how to deal with Trump.

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