I Like Ike!

I recall the election of 1950’s….that was the slogan du jour for the GOP nominee……I do like Ike he was a soldier that was honest about what war is and what war does…..

He also warned the country about a growing Military-Industrial Complex…..the drawbacks of such an industry….but I appreciate his thoughts on war…..most of all.

Shame that money has replaced common sense in the GOP………only a moron would prefer war to a peaceful solution…….Listen to IKE….he was a smart man!


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An interesting thought by one of Ike’s contemporaries……we may not appreciate the speaker but the words are powerful……


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9 thoughts on “I Like Ike!

  1. The words say every thing…
    Now let me think…what was the last country that Cuba under Castro invaded as opposed to the good ole USA…I will not let you get away with that one! Chuq.

    1. Well if you believe the crap spread by neocons…Cuba invaded Nicaragua, El Salvador, Angola and lastly Grenada….but those are lies spread to keep the embargo in place….

      1. I have come to the opinion that it will not be in my life time that war’s will cease…
        I do wish though that the next generations are more evolved than us. Looking at it from where I stand we won’t be leaving a planet worth keeping. On that up beat note I’m away. Keep up the good work.

    1. I a not a conserv but I could deal with Ike….he seems to have had a level head…..you are correct war is an obscenity that the world needs to learn to live without….

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