Would You Want To Live Here?

The entire world is aware of the plight of the refugees fleeing from the conflict in Syria…….of course there are those that hate the idea that some refugee will be coming to a town near them……

I have heard many say that they should just stay where they are and fight for lives……that would be a valid argument if there was some place they could stay and live and fight……

No amount of explanation will get these afraid people to accept the idea of a refugee next door…..for whatever reason….they are afraid……

Me?  I have no problem with a refugee living next door……I have no problem helping these people any way that I can……



I mean come on…..would you want to live like the photos above?

I would be looking for a new home if it were me and my family…..no matter where it was located….as long as I knew my family were safe…….

You would to but right now you are just too afraid of the unknown to admit it…….

Seriously would you stay and watch your family suffer?

This will fall on deaf ears….but I had to put my 2 cents worth in on this whole refugee situation…….

Democracy: What A Way To Run A Country

I grow weary of the mental midgets that are always going on about our American Democracy….. we do NOT have a democracy and constantly repeating a lie does not make it so…..

Every election has me thinking about the political process in this country……we seem to be moving further and further away from the ideals that made this country great….or so it would seem.

With each election we are bombarded with slogans out the wa-zoo…..most of them have nothing to do with reality and that is no more obvious than when some candidate starts a diatribe on our “democracy”…..

Since I have taken upon myself a post on our democracy…..then you know what is to follow right?  That’s right a little historical context……(pause here for the high sighs……. the groans and moans)……..

Back in the days when I was lecturing when I was there talking about political theory….there was always someone that wanted to throw the democracy thing out there trying to catch the old Prof. off guard……

The truth is that the Founding Fathers had a pack of differing opinions on how to run this country…..and most did not want a democracy…….James Madison summed it up fairly well…..

“Hence it is that democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and in general have been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths … A republic, by which I mean a government in which a scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect and promises the cure for which we are seeking.” — James Madison, Federalist Papers No. 10.

We, the people, were never intended to run the country….rather we were to pick an elite to be our representative…..hence the term “representative democracy”…..even the great philosopher Socrates had a extreme dislike for democracy….he compared it to a ship of mutinous fools….to quote Socrates….”The ship’s captain is locked away, the navigator ignored and the crew  has ears only for the foolish words of their rebellious demagogue leader who just promises them what they want”………..democracy, in other words,  is leadership by the stupid, who make unrealizable promises to the ignorant……..( damn!  sounds a lot like our present day campaigns……why change what is so successful?).

Keep one thing in mind……you were NEVER intended to be eligible to be president…this country was formed by rich people for rich people…you are an inconvenience that they tolerate……

And the beat goes on………to New Hampshire.

Foreign Policy Winners and Losers in Iowa

I have been extremely redundant when I write that 2016 election will come down to foreign policy……

I know Bernie is hot with his attacks on the wealthy, on Wall Street and Banks…..but when it comes to the general I believe that foreign policy will play a big role in the outcome……

Iowa was the first in the country political tests and the candidates had lots to say about a wide array issues…….they even had a bit to say on foreign policy……most of their comments were knee-jerk to get applause…..

Juan Cole has a good synopsis on what the candidates had to say and what they represent……

The Iowa Caucus voters likely voted mainly on domestic policy issues, though security and terrorism have been a big part of the campaigns as well. Now that the smoke is clearing, it is worth considering the foreign policy implications of the winners of the primary.

Source: Foreign Policy Winners and Losers in Iowa | Informed Comment

Keep in mind that the next president will inherit a Hell of a mess in the world…..better make the right choice or it could be very disastrous…..

It is your choice…….

It’s All About The Label

These days it is all about the labels……terms like apologist, bleeding heart, RINO or TeaBagger…..it is to the point of lunacy…..and this election of 2016 is no better……

We have GOPers attacking each other with insults like liars, crazy, etc…..but it has hit a new low with the Clinton/Sanders campaigns……and this time it is one of the lamest of terms……progressive.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders opened up a new line of attack in the Democratic presidential primary on Wednesday, putting Hillary Clinton on the defensive over her liberal credentials just days after she eked a slim victory in the Iowa caucuses.

“Some of my best friends are moderates, but you can’t be a progressive and a moderate at the same time,” Sanders said at a town hall in New Hampshire, which included questions from voters.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke immediately after Sanders at the town hall hosted by CNN and the New Hampshire Democratic Party at the Derry Opera House in Derry, New Hampshire.

Sanders rattled off a list of issues where Clinton isn’t in sync with the liberal wing of the party, including trade, Wall Street regulation, climate change, campaign finance and the 2002 authorization of the war in Iraq.

“I do not know any progressive who has a super PAC and takes $15 million from Wall Street,” Sanders said. “That’s just not progressive.”

Clinton moved quickly to defend her record, saying that under Sanders’ criteria President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and even the deceased Minnesota Sen. Paul Wellstone, a champion of liberal causes, would not be considered progressive.

“I know where I stand,” said Clinton. “But I don’t think it helps for the senator to be making those kinds of comparisons because clearly we all share the same hopes and aspirations for our country.”


Maybe I suggest that these candidates stop wasting time and get to the issues……to begin with….NO one cares about the title.

Americans are hungry…..Americans are struggling…..Americans are homeless….and the best you people can do is debate which of you is a “better” progressive…..please we are better than this.

Let the Repubs insult each other for political gain…..speak to the problems and offer solutions….Move On!

Iowa Massacre Continues

I wrote about the suspension of campaign by Rand Paul yesterday…..and that he joined Huckabee as a casualty of the Iowa Caucus Massacre……well there is yet another victim of that political bloodbath…..Rick Santorum…..

And then there were nine: Rick Santorum this evening became the latest Republican presidential candidate to drop out of the race. Santorum, who won the 2012 Iowa caucuses but didn’t make much of a dent this year, made the announcement on Fox News and paired it with an endorsement of Marco Rubio, reports Politico. “I don’t endorse lightly,” said Santorum, but he called Rubio a “tremendously gifted young man” who represents “the new generation” of American leadership.

In particular, he praised Rubio’s embrace of family combined with his tough approach to threats such as the Islamic State. He is “someone that can bring this country together—not just moderates and conservatives but young and old.” Santorum visited all 99 Iowa counties for this campaign, but he outperformed only former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore on Monday night, notes the Washington Post. The news comes after Mike Huckabee left the race Monday night and Rand Paul dropped out Wednesday morning.

What’s Jeb! waiting on?

Make Rape Legal!

Before I get attacked on all sides please read the post and do not condemn me for the title……it is not what you may think…….

The crime of rape is running rampant across the world….in India and Europe and Asia……it is as disgusting as crime as any…..

I saw an article awhile back and the title made me want to see what the Hell it was all about……..

Source: US ‘make rape legal’ group plans worldwide anti-woman event in 43 countries

In 43 counties?  Are f*cking kidding me?

What sane person would get on this bandwagon?

Can you believe it?

I am just amazed that there are morons like these toads…..nuke ’em and be done with their lunacy.  Period!

We are not immune here in the US……..

Source: Pro-Rape ‘Men’s Rights’ Group Plans Saturday Rally in Chicago – Rogers Park – DNAinfo.com Chicago

I do not understand anybody that thinks like this…..

How about you?