Why Is Sex A “Dirty” Word?

A lazy Sunday and one day left before back to work doing what I like best….research and writing……

Today I would like to talk about just about everyone’s favorite pass time….SEX!

And there are those that opposed to the very idea of having sex…..(what’s up with that?)

Some say the word SEX is a dirty word….and then there are those that think the act of sex for pleasure is a sin……so with all that said where did all these convoluted ideas about sex originate?

Since today is Sunday…I am glad you asked……

The Catholic Church is obsessed with sex. Even if you’re secular you’re not immune from its noxious ideas

Source: Sex for “mere pleasure”? Shame on you! — 15 sexual hang-ups we can blame on the Catholic Church – Salon.com

Surely there are a wealth of opinions on this……let them fly….we are waiting to see what is what……

Art Of Blogging: Trolls

I begin my relaxing weekend with a few more words of wisdom about blogging…..in this installment it is TROLLS!

Trolls….those individuals that cruise the blogosphere looking for certain words that they can use to attack and rant their misguiding delusions….if you write a blog then you have experienced one or maybe more……they hit an d run……..

Personally, I think they just like being irritating more than informative…..I seem to get more of them when I post on a couple of subjects…..Muslims and guns….then they come out of the woodwork….like termites on a mating cycle…..

Is there any explanation to why these people lurk?

Well, yes there is and I am glad you asked……

We already know Internet trolls are jerks. Now, thanks to a video on YouTube channel AsapScience, we know a little bit more about why, CNET reports. In short, Internet trolls exhibit “dark traits,” such as Machiavellianism, narcissism, and, “very high levels of sadism,” which means they “have fun distressing others by being argumentative and disruptive.” The video is based on a research paper from 2014 that found 5.6% of 1,215 survey respondents self-identified as Internet trolls, or at least fessed up to enjoying trolling activities. CNET notes that it’s safe to assume that some trolls would not self-identify, so the true percentage is likely higher.

Dark traits notwithstanding, AsapScience reassures us that trolls “aren’t necessarily serial killers or bad people.” However, “they get an emotional reward when causing or observing the suffering of others.” According to the research paper, the troll persona reflects both a person’s actual personality and their ideal self, concluding that, “for those with sadistic personalities, that ideal self may be a villain of chaos and mayhem—the online trickster we fear, envy, and love to hate: the cyber-troll.” So how do you vanquish a troll? “Ignore them,” AsapScience says, “and you’re likely to diminish their effort.”

I wish I could ignore them….but if they are pushing lies and misinformation then I must respond….I know….I know…..but it is a sickness with me….LOL


US War News….You Seldom Hear

I am always finding news that seems to be left out of our nightly news for whatever reason…..apparently Vietnam taught the government a lesson…..for it was the first TV war……and the last.

The news a couple months ago was that the US would be leaving Afghanistan later this year with only a residual force to remain…..that may be a little short-sighted…..

Top U.S. military commanders, who only a few months ago were planning to pull the last American troops out of Afghanistan by year’s end, are now quietly talking about an American commitment that could keep thousands of troops in the country for decades, The Washington Post reports.

The news agency citing senior military officials say that the shift in mind-set, made possible by President Obama’s decision last fall to cancel withdrawal plans, reflects the Afghan government’s vulnerability to continued militant assault and concern that terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda continue to build training camps whose effect could be felt far beyond the region.  (Read on)

Source: US May Stay in Afghanistan For Decades | World Affairs Journal

Then there is Libya…..not much has been said about this North African country lately….there has been a movie where Hollywood tried to cash in on the attack on our people a few years ago….it was a bomb.  And the hearings are not in the news any more…..but that does not mean that the US has forgotten about the nation…….

The Pentagon is considering fresh military action in Libya more than four years after conducting an air campaign that helped topple dictator Muammar Gaddafi, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

Officials are currently “looking at military options” to stop the Islamic State militant group from gaining ground in another oil-rich Mideast nation, said Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook.

At present, US efforts in Libya are focussed on identifying local allies to work with, for what a senior military officer has envisioned as a “decisive” confrontation with Isis.  (Read on)

Source: US considering fresh military action in Libya over Isis threat | World news | The Guardian

These should make our Military-Industrial Complex very happy…..use more weapons and they need to replace them…..more wars = more profits….what could possibly be more American than that?

Then a dire prediction from a general………

World War III may be on the horizon, one Swedish general has warned. The country hasn’t been to war in some 200 years, but a top general said that a third World War could come “within a few years,” reported Australia’s News.com.au Thursday.

“The global situation we are experiencing and which is also made clear by the strategic decision leads to the conclusion that we could be at war within a few years,” Major General Anders Brännström wrote in a statement handed out to attendees at an armed forces conference, according to News.com.au. “For us in the army we have to, with all force we can muster, implement the political decisions.”

Source: Swedish general warns: World War III break out ‘within a few years’

Sorry to be such a bummer……but better hear it from me than experience it first hand……


The Escalating Media Assault on Bernie Sanders

Not a single vote has been cast and yet if you listen to the media there is only one logical choice…….Trump is still the man to beat in every GOP primary /caucus……and then there is Bernie whose flame is burning brighter these days but for some reason the media does not appreciate his rise…..it seems as the media will do whatever it takes to beat Bernie and hand the nomination to Clinton….there has been article after article, op-ed after op-ed making Bernie out as some sort of usurper…..they gave him no chance in the beginning and now that he has crapped on their parade they have set about trying to destroy his candidacy as best they can…….

For a long time, as he campaigned for president, a wide spectrum of establishment media insisted that Bernie Sanders couldn’t win. Now they’re sounding the alarm that he might. And, just in case you haven’t gotten the media message yet — Sanders is “angry,” kind of like Donald Trump…….. Continue reading……..

Source: The Escalating Media Assault on Bernie Sanders – BillMoyers.com

Appears that Bernie has the “establishment” (there’s that word again) wide-eyed and running for the hills……..

In the last 24 hours, the editorial board of The Washington Post launched a major broadside against Sanders. The Post is a paper owned by a billionaire and, in the early 2000s (under different ownership), its editorial page ardently supported the Iraq War that Sanders (and I) opposed. While the Post’s columnists include a heavy dose of neoconservatives alongside some traditional moderate liberals, the Post recently let go Harold Myerson, its one authentically liberal populist columnist who had the spirit of Occupy Wall Street and the Sanders campaign.

As the Iowa caucus comes close, there is panic in the air of the establishment and that includes the Washington Democratic establishment, the Wall Street financial establishment and the corporate media establishment, which today is only concerned about the Donald Trump reality show and the GOP debate.

Source: Sanders surge panics Washington establishment | TheHill

Dammit!  The Bern is getting stronger!  Clinton and her surrogates which includes the major media outlets are in a panic…..does not get much better than that…..

(I must depart and help my young wards prep for their final exam……shall return a bit later)…….

Can China Get A Buy In?

The world is worried about ISIS and then there is Russia….these make great political rhetoric ads but there is something that is happening that is under the radar of the media…….

China is building its islands in the Pacific….the US is protesting…..the rest of the world could care less right now……but there is a situation that needs to be watched……

China has been engaged in the African mainland for many years….making in-roads into geopolitics…..and recently they will be opening a naval base in the UAE……they are preparing for something…but what?

The Middle East is a region that China has shied away from in the past…..

China decided to maintain its historic posture of non-interference, choosing instead to sign economic deals in all three countries, while arguing in general terms that “rapid economic development is the key to defeating jihadists.” While this formulation, which dominated Xi Jinping’s speech before the Arab League in Cairo, is obviously true, President Xi Jinping made no direct pitch, either in his public statements or in his closed door meetings with Saudi, Egyptian or Iranian leaders, suggesting that China was offering to mediate any of the multiple conflicts threatening the region. 

Source: President Xi Jinping Balked at Mediating Middle East Crises | Middle East Briefing

After shying away from any involvement in the Middle East for many years……..they could be preparing for a full engagement…….

When President Xi Jinping met with President Barack Obama last September, during the Chinese leader’s state visit to Washington, one of the issues that occupied a significant amount of time in their private talks was the future of the Middle East. Both leaders agreed on the goal of achieving stability in the region, despite all of the emerging rifts. The term they used was “coexistence,” a term formerly associated with the US-Soviet Cold War era, when serious and fundamental disputes did not lead to war.

Up until now, Washington has viewed China as a “fifth wheel” when it comes to the Middle East. China has, up until now, stuck with a policy of “non-interference” in the internal affairs of sovereign countries in the region. In reality, China has sided with Russia and with Bashar Assad, in opposing the outside support for rebel forces attempting to remove Assad from power.

Source: Can China Go from`Fifth Wheel’ to Major Player in Middle East? | Middle East Briefing

What game is China playing?

You guys know I am always asking questions…..questions that need asking……this will put another player in the mix in the Middle East…..another player looking for concessions….there are many fingers in this pie and they are all looking for their piece of said pie…..

Time to step back and look at the big picture……that way we will not be caught with our pants down (again)…….but then…..that is just my opinion.


I recently undertook a project of writing a series of op-eds for another website, Legationes, on the countries of Central Asia….I began with the nation of Tajikistan……

Source: Inside Tajikistan | Legationes

Tajikistan still has an authoritarian leader and he is having a hard time trying to prevent the rise of fundamentalists which could threaten his power base…..in a report by the Crisis Group an analysis of the country’s problems…..

Given its problems, Tajikistan should be a conflict-prevention priority for the international community. While pragmatic engagement should focus on preventing further repression and encouraging an orderly transition when Rahmon’s term ends in 2020, the risks in sustaining a frightened autocrat with no interest in a credible political process must be factored in. Under the weight of economic crisis and political stagnation, the state may continue weakening, perhaps with little impact beyond its borders, but its internal and external fragility might also lead to instability that would resonate in the broader region. The border weaknesses increase Tajikistan’s potential as a staging post for Islamic militants with ambitions elsewhere in Central Asia. The Uzbek border is relatively strong but that with Kyrgyzstan is much weaker.

Plagued by violence, corruption and economic hardship, and exposed to a long, insecure border with Afghanistan, Tajikistan is under dangerous stress. President Rahmon’s autocratic undermining of the 1997 peace agreement is fostering Islamic radicalisation. As Tajikistan’s growing fragility impacts a brittle region, the country must become a conflict-prevention priority.

Source: Tajikistan Early Warning: Internal Pressures, External Threats – International Crisis Group

A nearly two-decade-old peace agreement that ended Tajikistan’s civil war is quickly unravelling and threatening to plunge Central Asia’s poorest country back into violence, a new report warns.

A ban by the government of hard-line President Emomali Rahmon on the opposition Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT) – widely considered moderate – has caused growing concern both within and outside the country.

In an attempt stem off the rise of fundamentalism the Tajik leader, Rahmon,  is taking to some extreme measures……

Police in Tajikistan have shaved nearly 13,000 people’s beards and closed more than 160 shops selling traditional Muslim clothing last year as part of the country’s fight against what it calls “foreign” influences.

Bahrom Sharifzoda, the head of the south-west Khathlon region’s police, said at a press conference on Wednesday that the law enforcement services convinced more than 1,700 women and girls to stop wearing headscarves in the Muslim-majority Central Asian country.

The move is seen as part of efforts to battle what authorities deem “radicalism”

(Al Jazeera)

Tajikistan’s secular leadership has long sought to prevent an overspill of what it sees as unwelcome traditions from neighboring Afghanistan.  The country’s parliament voted to ban Arabic-sounding “foreign” names.

The legislation is expected to be approved by President Emomali Rahmon, who has taken steps to promote secularism and discourage beliefs and practices that he sees as foreign or a threat to the stability of Tajikistan, Radio Liberty said.

If “radicalism” is to be controlled and/or stamped out then authoritarianism could be the only answer…….this is probably unacceptable to the world…..but it may be the only answer short of a massively destructive prolonged conflict……

Wounded Warrior Project:  Say It Isn’t So

I regularly write about the raw deal that the US veterans are getting from their country……they are like tools…..once they wear out they are discarded and replaced……

They deserve better than what they are getting….they were asked…they gave and now we let them suffer in silence….why?

I hate it that our vets have to beg for donations to help make them right again……this country needs to step up and do the right thing…..

I have given props where props are due…..and one that I like for their work with American wounded vets is the Wounded Warrior Project……that is until recently…..

Too many charities spend money like drunken sailors….they piss money away on all sorts of unnecessary expenditures….like bonuses…..marketing schemes, etc……now appears that WWP is NO different than all the others……

I read this piece……

Donated to the Wounded Warrior Project? You might’ve helped fund lavish parties for employees rather than veterans in need. A two-part CBS News investigation, based on interviews with more than 40 former employees, finds millions in Wounded Warrior donations have been wasted. “Their mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors, but what the public doesn’t see is how they spend their money,” says Erick Millette, a former employee who suffered a traumatic brain injury in Iraq. He accuses the organization of “using our injuries, our darkest days, our hardships, to make money,” which is then spent on catered employee parties, fancy restaurants, and so-called team-building retreats at beachside hotels, where bar tabs can reach $2,500. The cost of the charity’s four-day annual meeting at a five-star Colorado hotel in 2014: $3 million.

Employees describe CEO Steven Nardizzi arriving to events on a horse or Segway. One time, they say, he rappelled down the side of a building. A former staffer believes the charity wants “to show warriors a good time,” but there’s no follow up, per CBS. “It just makes me sick,” adds Millette. He says Wounded Warriors waits for veterans to call, rather than reaching out to them, though the charity denies that claim. A rep also describes the spending as “the best use of donor dollars to ensure we are providing programs and services to our warriors and families at the highest quality.” Tax forms note spending on conferences and meetings spiked from $1.7 million in 2010 to $26 million in 2014, the same amount spent on combat stress recovery that year. Public records also show the charity spends 60% of its budget on vets, compared to up to 96% for other veterans’ charities.

I will be checking on this story for confirmation….I do hope that there is a logical explanation for this article……

Please tell me that isn’t so!

On another note…….Veterans charities are a hot topic in this election cycle….and that is another bitch I have……veterans are only thought about when it serves some political purpose…….

Source: Hottest Trend In GOP Presidential Politics: Using Veterans Charities For ‘Political Stunts’ | ThinkProgress

It is sickening when these brave people become political props……the only concern is how much cash can they help supply the candidate…..a pathetic situation on both counts……

Have you an opinion?

Professor’s Class: Week 4 Class 2

Wednesday’s Class………

(Note:  I found a memo from the Dean on my desk saying that we had a meeting at 1100 hrs….on Friday…..cannot be good…I am guessing that my plain spoken style may have offended some…..so this will be an ass chewing…..should I bring Vaseline?)……..

I began class by taking roll…all present and accounted for……..

Informed student that since the class was cut to 4 weeks from 6…that we would only slightly touched on the GW Bush and the Clinton years…..most everything during these two admins was common knowledge and not enough time had passed to make an accurate analysis……

We began with the Clinton Years……

Clinton Administration, 1993-2001.

Besides mediating the 1994 peace treaty between Israel and Jordan, Bill Clinton’s involvement in the Middle East was bracketed by the short-lived success of the Oslo Accords in August 1993 and the collapse of the Camp David summit in December 2000.

The accords ended the first intifada and established Palestinians’ right to self-determination in Gaza and the West Bank and established the Palestinian Authority. The accords also called on Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories.

But Oslo left unsettled such fundamental questions as the right of Palestinian refugees to return to Israel, the fate of East Jerusalem, which is claimed by Palestinians, and continuing expansion of Israeli settlements in the territories.

Those issues, still unresolved by 2000, led Clinton to convene a summit with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli leader Ehud Barak at Camp David in December 2000, the waning days of his presidency. The summit failed. The second intifada exploded.

Throughout the Clinton administration, terrorist attacks orchestrated by the increasingly public bin Laden punctured the 1990s’ post-cold war air of quietude, from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing to the bombing of the USS Cole, a Navy destroyer, in Yemen in 2000.

That is about the extent of his involvement in the Middle East……he had a war in the Balkans to run and a domestic agenda that needed his full attention…….


George W. Bush Administration, 2001-2009

After deriding operations involving the U.S. military in what he called “nation-building,” President Bush turned, after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, into the most ambitious nation-builder since the days of Secretary of State George Marshall and the Marshall Plan that helped rebuild Europe after World War II. Bush’s efforts, focused on the Middle East, have not been as successful.

Bush had the world’s backing when he led an attack on Afghanistan in October 2001 to topple the Taliban regime there, which had given sanctuary to al-Qaeda. Bush’s expansion of the “war on terror” to Iraq in March 2003, however, had less backing. Bush saw the toppling of Saddam Hussein as the first step in a domino-like birth of democracy in the Middle East.

But while Bush talked democracy regarding Iraq and Afghanistan, he continued to support repressive, undemocratic regimes in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and North Africa. The credibility of his democracy campaign was short-lived. By 2006, with Iraq plunging into civil war, Hamas winning elections in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah winning immense popularity following its summer war with Israel, Bush’s democracy campaign was dead.

We discussed the Iraq War and that of the Afghan War…….

Before class was over I told them that Friday’s class would be review only of the material in prep for the final next Monday……Plus that I had been called on the carpet by the dean and the class would be over at 1100 hrs on Friday……

Iran: The Riverine Mysteries

I recently wrote a couple of posts about the sailors that were captured by the Iranians…..and as I suspected I got a few comments but most of them were anti-Iranian and not an answer to the questions I asked within my posts….

I do hope that people read the entire post and not just the title of the subject matter…..some seem to think that I was defending the Iranians or maybe speaking bad of the US Navy……none of that would be true…..I did however, have questions that I need answering, at least for me……

As a past analyst I am trained to look for small details that could be more revealing than the big picture…..the one thing that struck me was the female sailor in the pic of the crews in the small room…..she seem to be segregated from the rest of the crew…..is she having a problem with the situation?  Maybe she has a problem with her crew mates……she does not appear to be part of the crew, at lest to me….

I have been reading as much as possible on the situation….trying to get a handle on what is going on…..we will probably never know the whole story….but that should not preclude any questions from being asked…..

I read a piece that I found intriguing and decided to share it with my readers…..

The events surrounding the interception of ten American sailors in two US riverine boats who somehow wandered into Iranian waters continues to baffle the curious. Not that the American media is to be included among those asking questions: aside from the outraged shrieks of the neoconservative outlets over the alleged “appeasement” of Iran and the […]

Source: The Riverine Mysteries – Antiwar.com Original by — Antiwar.com

The media and the lame excuses given by the government has done nothing to ease my mind at what I think was a covert mission……after all Farsi Island is an Iranian Naval Base……

And then there is yet another incident involving the US and Iran on the high seas of the Persian Gulf…….

The US warship, reportedly the guided-missile cruiser the USS Monterey, was loitering around in the Sea of Oman today when it got a warning from the Iranian Navy to withdraw, cautioning that the ship had entered the area of an ongoing military exercise.

Iranian Admiral Habibollah Sayyari accused the US ship of trying to spy on the live-fire exercise, but did confirm that the US ship left quickly after receiving the warning that it had strayed into the missile range of the exercise. They also reported warning a US jet away from the area.

US Navy officials confirmed that Iran had announced a “closure” in the area because of a live-fire exercise, which is common practice, but offered no explanation for why the US warship strayed into the area, beyond saying they don’t consider announcements like that to be “orders.”

Once again…..questions.

Was this an accident or an intel mission or maybe a provocation?

What is going on in the Persian Gulf?  The first thought is that it is a game…..a geopolitical game……personally, I do not like the idea of putting troops in danger for a game……am I alone?

ISIS: We Have A New Plan (Again)

The early days of the Vietnam War was an air campaign….the thought was to punish the enemy and make them do what we want…..does that sound at all familiar to anyone other than me?  (Just a little history for my fans)…….

I have been watching and criticizing the plans that the US is employing in their fight against ISIS…..recently I saw a another plan for taking the fight to the barbaric group…..the problem is…..it still lacks the one element that it needs……a way to success….

This is an op-ed I wrote for my friends at Ace News Room about the plan and the problems with it……published in Ace News Room………

Source: ISIS: We Have A New Plan (Again)

Please let me know your thoughts.