Crazies Never Give Up

Ever since the election of 2008 there have been a wealth of crazies telling the country of the doom that Obama will bring…..there were the FEMA “indoctrination” camps, Christians would be persecuted, Obama would take over the country and give himself a third term as president….oh yeah do not forget the anti-Christ thing……..on and on…I am sure you could come up with a few that I have not thought of….and now since he has not accomplished anything  that these looney toons had predicted you would think that they would slack off and see who would win the next election so they could start all over again…..right?

Nope!  They are still at it….and the best of the crazies is still going strong…..the mouth of the Tea Party Caucus in Congress, Michele Bachmann……he newest prediction……

Michele Bachmann is fantasizing about the apocalypse again — but it’s hard to tell if she’s trying to stop it or enthusiastically cheering it on.

The former Republican congresswoman appeared Saturday on the “end times” radio program hosted by Jan Markell and Eric Barger, who she warned that the Syrian civil war was setting up the biblical battle of Armageddon, reported Right Wing Watch.

Bachmann predicted world leaders were poised to grant “legitimacy to the Islamic State,” and she said Russian and Iranian military intervention in Syria was establishing grounds for a future invasion of Israel to seize its energy resources — in accordance with the biblical prophecy.

Source: Michele Bachmann warns Obama will take over the United Nations — and then reveal he’s the Antichrist

First she is a certifiable loon…..second just what natural resources does Israel have that would make it an attractive site for an invasion…..sand?

Sadly, I hate to admit it but there are some of my fellow Americans that listen to and buy into her religious lunacy……

Think about it……this certifiable moron ran for the highest office in the land….and she had a wealth of supporters…..thank God few voted for her and she was sent packing from the campaign trail and later from Congress…..

Another sad thing…..she is not alone in these delusions……sadly Americans are that damn gullible….

Professor’s Class: The Final

Monday’s Class……..the FINAL …..( cue ominous music)…….

Took role and had a short discussion about the final and answered any questions asked……

The students were most interested in my meeting with the Dean…..they wanted to know what trouble I was in…..I told them that surprisingly enough I was not in any trouble…..the Dean had sent monitors in a couple of times to watch the class and he liked what he had been told about the class in general……he also said that he was impressed with the way I had the students participating in class……and then he said that if I would give him a couple ideas for others classes that he might be able to get me to teach in the future…..

Off the top of my head I said……

Politics of Oil

Terrorism:  an overview

Intro to Geopolitics

US Foreign Policy Since Cold War

I believe that he has duly impressed that I came up with so many on the spot….he told me he would be in touch and the meeting was over…..I asked the students which one would they enroll in……I got 7 for terrorism, 3 for Politics of oil and 1 for geopolitics…..if the dean goes for this we will see which they choose…..(to my readers….which one would you like?)

Gave students 30 minutes to study their notes and review…..

Handed out test and set the clock…..

I settled into my routine of watchful diligence and one eye on the news on my laptop…..all went well no attempts at checking out their neighbors for answers… I had a piece of baklava and some coffee from the thermos…..I settled in to wait the outcome……

All students finished before the allotted time……

Now my time will be spent grading the tests and deciding the final grades…..

I will add a dairy post to let my readers know how the class did and if I will be teaching again…….

Thanx for reading and keeping track of my little trip into academia……

A Contribution to the Debate on President Obama’s Mideast Policies

I admit it…I have been a dick when it comes to Obama’s foreign policy but to be truthful I have been a dick to every American president in the last 30 years over their foreign policy choices…..

The answer to every challenge has been a bigger bomb or a drone or as a last  resort….. troops……there seems to be no other options to consider these days……..

I have been especially critical of Obama’s policies…..none of them show the hope and change we were promised back in 2008……and his Middle East policies have been damn right abysmal……GW would be proud.

Did President Obama’s policy to refrain from plunging the US into the swamp of Syria’s civil war proved to be the right choice?

The problem with this question is that it focuses the attention on only one part of the issue. The issue here is the general strategy of the Obama administration in Syria. US military role, promoted or rejected, should only be one potential choice in the proposed components of any strategy. Discussing the prudence of policies related to one single part of an approach, torn out of its whole, is misleading and reveals a deep misconception about the role of military power.

Source: A Contribution to the Debate on President Obama’s Mideast Policies | Middle East Briefing

I would say that the next prez could do better….but with the crop we have now……change is highly unlikely……and will be more of the same…..

Any thoughts?

The Saudi Connection

If you read my posts then you are aware that I feel  Saudis are anything but good players in the region of the Middle East…..I recently read how the CIA is using Saudi cash to fight some of these wars that we need……(I will get back to the main point….but first what you all have been dreading….a historical perspective…..)(We can learn a lot if we keep an eye on history)……

Let’s step back into the past….Reagan is prez and he sends the Marines to Lebanon to act as a peacekeeping force during the civil war in that country…..if you know anything about it then you will know that bombers in Beirut blew up the embassy first and then the marine barracks……about 300 people died……

Reagan wanted revenge and turned to the Israelis for help with intel……they provided info that said the leader of the group was a man known as Fadlallah……

As one of the alleged leaders of Hezbollah, a status both he and the group denied  he was the target of several assassination attempts, including the allegedly CIA-sponsored and funded  8 March 1985 Beirut car bombing that killed 80 people.

On 8 March 1985, a car bomb equivalent to 440 lb (200 kg) of dynamite exploded 9–45 metre from his house in Beirut, Lebanon. The blast destroyed a 7-story apartment building and a cinema, killed 80 people and wounded 256. The attack was timed to go off as worshippers were leaving Friday Prayers. Most of the dead were girls and women who had been leaving the mosque, though the ferocity of the blast “burned babies in their beds,” “killed a bride buying her trousseau,” and “blew away three children as they walked home from the mosque.” It also “devastated the main street of the densely populated” West Beirut suburb. but Fadl-Allāh escaped injury. One of his bodyguards at the time was Imad Mughniyeh, who was later assassinated in a car-bombing in February 2008.

According to Bob Woodward, CIA director William Casey was involved in the attack, which he suggests was carried out with funding from Saudi Arabia. Former Lebanese warlord and statesman late Elie Hobeika was accused as one of those likely responsible for the actual operation.


BTW, the Israelis blew it!  Fadlallah was not connected in any way to a terrorist organization……he was a preacher plain and simple……basically the bomb killed and maimed people for NO reason………other than revenge.

I bring up this ancient history because it appears that was not the only time the Saudis have used all their cash to help the CIA screw up…….

American Herald Tribune is a genuinely independent online media outlet. AHTribune is dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent journalism, and to improving the public’s access to independent information sources.

Source: CIA covert ops needs Saudi money: decades story recurring – American Herald Tribune

That is nice that we can depend on an “ally” to cover our butts when needed…..but now I ask…..what about that “black budget”…..that secret budget what the Hell is that money used for?

If this is true then I believe I have hit on one of the reasons that we hold Saudi Arabia like baby to our bosom……cash!

And speaking of cash…..the Pentagon needs more money for the fights we have started…….

The Pentagon’s defense budget request for 2017, expected to be released related this week, is said to include a major increase in funding sought to pay for the ever-escalating ISIS war, with officials saying it will be about 35% higher than last year’s ISIS war budget.

It is probably unsurprising, as the Pentagon’s escalations have already put 3,700 ground troops in Iraq, with officials openly pushing for another 800 troops in the near term, and likely more than that before the year is out.

With the promise of more tax cuts….where will the US get the cash to pay for all this intervention?

Care to venture a guess?

It’s A Dirty Business

An op-ed that I wrote for my friends at Ace News Room…..

I am always amused when some neocon uses a nuclear holocaust when trying to make a period especially when the subject is world affairs… know the claim……that allusion of a “mushroom cloud” rising over whatever event these people are referring to in their speech…..whether it is DC or Israel or Europe…..matters not they use the same allusion to attempt to make a point………..Hell it has been used by this politician or that for 50 years or more……..personally I am sick of this imagery…..maybe they could find something else to scare the gullible……

Source: It’s A Dirty Business

Just listen to the rhetoric coming from our pro-war candidates…..that cloud is ever present…….

2016 Iowa Caucus

And the winners are……..

GOP….Ted Cruz

Dems….at this hour ….who knows?

While the GOP ponders the implications of Ted Cruz’s victory in Iowa, all the Democrats can say for certain is that Martin O’Malley isn’t their winner. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are locked in a dead heat with more than 99% of precincts counted, and Iowa Democratic Party officials say they are trying to track down results from the few precincts still outstanding, the AP reports. The result was so close in some precincts that the awarding of delegates was decided by a coin toss, reports the Des Moines Register, which notes that the Clinton campaign won all five coin tosses.

When he spoke to supporters Monday night, Sanders described the “virtual tie” as a major achievement, the Register reports. “I think the people of Iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment and, by the way, to the media establishment,” he said. Clinton also tried to portray the result as a victory the New York Times reports. “As I stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief—thank you, Iowa,” she told supporters. “I am excited about really getting into the debate with Senator Sanders about the best way forward to fight for us and America.”

Who ever finally wins…….on to New Hampshire……

Oh by the way……now there are only TWO……for the Dems and the GOP loses another wannabe…….

Martin O’Malley, running a distant third in a tight Democratic race and having collected zero delegates and less than 1% of the vote in Iowa, is the first casualty as the nation casts its first votes in the 2016 presidential election, report the AP and Talking Points Memo. O’Malley’s exit was followed quickly on the Republican side by Mike Huckabee, who announced via Twitter that he was leaving the race, eight years after he won the Iowa caucuses, reports Politico. “I am officially suspending my campaign,” he tweeted. “Thank you for all your loyal support.” Huckabee was showing less than 2% of the vote Monday evening.

O’Malley’s candidacy likewise never took hold; it emerged earlier Thursday that the former Maryland governor took out a $500,000 loan in December to keep his campaign afloat, reports the Washington Post. And while speculation often centered around O’Malley’s chances as a vice presidential candidate or Cabinet member, FiveThirtyEight notes that with his mediocre polling in even his home state of Maryland, his chances of being tapped for a loftier position are unlikely.

Is it over yet?

Maybe at 0240 hes NBC claiming Clinton winner…..

Middle East: Who lost the region?

I tire of the whole primary thing……it is starting to irritate me to no end… I will return to the Middle East where something can make sense….unlike the political crap in the US…….

For years now there have been a wealth of op-eds on just what has happened in the Middle East……I mean there was such hope when the Arab Spring was in high gear… many thought they saw democracy breaking out all over the place…..

They were really wrong…basically it was just settling old scores and then it went downhill from there……

So who did lose the Middle East?

Source: Middle East: Who lost the region? (Opinion) –

Common belief says that all this violence and destruction began with the end of World War One and the implementation of the Sykes-Picot Agreement….that was when the European powers divided up the Middle East among themselves……colonialism, if you will…..

I read a really good white paper that covers this situation really well…..

Source: Recalibrating U.S. Policy in Post-Sykes-Picot Era | Middle East Institute

The sad thing is there is NO actual solutions or even answers to just what the Hell is happening in the Middle East…..until this situation is properly analyzed there will be no proper solutions……and only an honest look without the filter of self-interests will that solution be found……