Clinton Wins, Marco Smiles And Jeb!

Yesterday was a big day for politicos….the Nevada Caucus and South Carolina primary…..

Hillary Clinton has been declared the winner of Saturday’s Democratic caucus in Nevada, holding a 4-point lead over Bernie Sanders with 66% of precincts reporting, the New Republic reports. “To everyone who turned out in every corner of Nevada with determination and heart: This is your win. Thank you,” Clinton tweeted. According to CNN, Clinton avoided a “dramatic setback” with the win. And the Hill states it will “calm some nerves” after Sanders nearly beat both expectations and Clinton in the state. Sanders managed to turn a double-digit deficit in earlier polls into a narrow loss. The results of the caucus were called about two hours after it started.

The win gives Clinton some momentum with the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday coming up. She also now has evidence that 2016 will play out differently than her 2008 contest against Obama and that she is more electable than Sanders. But it wasn’t all good news for Clinton. She underperformed among Latino voters and isn’t getting “fervent support” from young people. New Republic notes this “enthusiasm gap” could hurt her in the general election. As for Sanders, FiveThirtyEight reports he could still win the rest of the states that have caucuses, mostly because those states—with the exception of Hawaii—are “really white.”

Hil has her revenge and now maybe she will start acting more presidential…..

South Carolina was the next to report in…….

Donald Trump has won the South Carolina primary, according to projections from the AP, CBS News, NBC News, and Fox News. It’s the second victory in a row for the billionaire, who looks to have about 34% of the vote. This in spite of exit polls that showed that some four in 10 voters made up their minds at the last minute and many broke for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who are still locked in a battle for second and third place at around 21% of the vote. Jeb Bush is running a distant fourth place—though John Kasich is showing a late surge, and has the potential to knock Bush to a fifth-place finish—and faces some hard decisions as his fundraising dries up. Ben Carson is solidly in sixth place, and has now spoken to his supporters to assure them that he’s not dropping out.

The media has turned Rubio into a winner by spin his losing effort into a positive…..

Jeb! has been on life support the whole process……and now he can go home and play with himself in the corner of the basement…..

Less than two hours after the polls closed in South Carolina sending Donald Trump to victory, a teary-eyed Jeb Bush ended his bid for the Republican nomination for president, reports the AP. The move ended a campaign that drew a staggering level of financial support from donors but failed to win over voters angry with Washington and leery of sending another member of the Bush family to the White House. Following disappointing performances in both Iowa and New Hampshire, Bush pinned his hopes on South Carolina, a state where the Bush name has maintained some clout. But Bush was unable to break into the top three in South Carolina. He would likely have faced pressure from GOP leaders and donors to drop out had he stayed in the race.

There will be NO Bush 45……

Now that you know….go enjoy the rest of your weekend….there is more where all this came from…..DAMMIT!