Would You Want To Live Here?

The entire world is aware of the plight of the refugees fleeing from the conflict in Syria…….of course there are those that hate the idea that some refugee will be coming to a town near them……

I have heard many say that they should just stay where they are and fight for lives……that would be a valid argument if there was some place they could stay and live and fight……

No amount of explanation will get these afraid people to accept the idea of a refugee next door…..for whatever reason….they are afraid……

Me?  I have no problem with a refugee living next door……I have no problem helping these people any way that I can……



I mean come on…..would you want to live like the photos above?

I would be looking for a new home if it were me and my family…..no matter where it was located….as long as I knew my family were safe…….

You would to but right now you are just too afraid of the unknown to admit it…….

Seriously would you stay and watch your family suffer?

This will fall on deaf ears….but I had to put my 2 cents worth in on this whole refugee situation…….

43 thoughts on “Would You Want To Live Here?

    1. THey did not screw up their countries…do gooders and assholes fucked their country……yeah that what we need to do….blame them for the damage being done…the American way.

      1. Saying it constantly may not make it so but saying it consantly might wake somebody up to the fact that it will probably be the eventual result … like it is in Germany and Sweden. They may not be “After” the destruction of another country but it is evident that is what is happening whether they are “After” it or not. Termites are probably not “After” the collapse of a house either … they may only be hungry …. but if the infestation is not corrected the house collapses nonetheless.

      2. This country people that warned us about the Japanese, the Cubans, the Irish, Italians…you get the point…..there will always be someone that gets the attention….comparing refugees to termites is wrong and you know it…these are people in trouble and lost everything….I would hope that you would be more considerate of your neighbor if it happens to him/her…..

      3. So your answer is no….we can always find something to justify not helping…. in the post I asked a simple question and so far few have answered it….I am well aware of your fear of the refugees but the question was……would you live like that? Instead of an answer I have gotten the talking points of the day…..before someone asks…NO I would not live like that…I would be concerned for my family first and country later……

      4. I hve lived in squalor and an archtypical predator/prey neighborhood right here in America so I am a bit more sensitive to these issues than a lot of people — I know what life is like with the moralistic blinders off and reality staring you in the face.

      5. I worked in the areas you describe for 10 years 10 hours a day even at late night and I found not everyone was out to get me……the blinders are the oes people have that lump all into a category

  1. The powers do not want to address the issue…..arms for sale…arms for sale….oil for sale…oil for sale..religion for sale religion for sale and as always the people suffer….and we watch…
    The U.K government is sending money to the relevant countries hosting the refugees, in order to assuage their guilt.
    The Cameron government does not want them here.
    The residents of this country are fearful as others in Europe.
    The media is on overdrive….
    The American way is not the way…..neither is the British way.
    I concede I have always had pretty much contempt for the American Imperial way…
    We lost our empire….so now we are poodles of the USA.
    Keep up the good work chuq.

  2. We have many since Christmas that have moved to Quebec and we expect more. I am proud that we can help and only hope I would be treated with such welcome compassion if I were in this same situation. Bless you for writing this post!

  3. Okay, I expect to be verbally flogged. Chances are these people that are scrambling to GTFO are not making the decisions or they would be staying the F in. They are likely like you or I. There will be the miscreants who join the exodus because although they are shitheads, they have their own interests in mind. I dare you to disagree with me that we have our own brand of shitheadery. Just watch the news and listen about a 6 month old who gets shot or a 90 year old who lives their entire life only to be beaten for a social security pittance. People in other countries think we are a laughing stock but they have their own brand of us. It is human nature. I ztill think we lock the bigwigs in a room and let them deal with it. The last one standing gets eaten.

  4. With WWII, the English, Germans, French, etc, etc stayed and fought for their countries and then they stayed and rebuilt their cities – why do these refugees expect to have it handed to them? I do not fear a refugee living next to me, but leaving his country shows his character and I have no respect for him.

    1. True that…but they knew who the enemy was….they knew exactly who to trust or to blame….I cannot say the same for some of the refugees…,me? my family comes first then the fight…..

  5. Lobotero … I can’t believe some of the comments that your followers are leaving behind. Guess the “ugly American” is alive and well and rearing its head. Sad to see …. 😦
    Heard somewhere …. “you broke it, you bought”. Guess is applies only one way!!

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