Syria: The Sound Of Silence

Did Syria survive the weekend?

That is the only question that I have for the world today….

And the answer is……..yes it did!  To my surprise……..

Both Syrian rebels and government allies reported multiple ceasefire violations over the weekend, each blaming the other side for all violations, but by and large the ceasefire held through the weekend, with fighting enormously down from pre-ceasefire levels.

Russia announced late on Saturday that it is grounding all its warplanes in Syrian territory, despite the ceasefire allowing them to continue attacks on ISIS and al-Qaeda targets, saying they didn’t want there to be any “mistakes” to threaten the truce.

The rebels also say that they are going to stick to the ceasefire for the time being, but that they also intend to complain to the United Nations about “Russian violations” and also complained about the US not keeping them more directly involved in the negotiations.


The world seems to think that the ceasefire will be a beginning for the the end of the conflict in Syria……

The US and Russia are hoping that the partial Syrian cease-fire agreement they reached will begin a new phase of the war.

Source: US-Russian Cease-Fire Pact: Closer to a Syria War Endgame?

John Kerry was right to present the ceasefire deal in Syria as a last chance to keep the country in whole. But this “last chance” is too slim to hope for it to succeed…….

Source: The “Day After” Syria’s Ceasefire Failure | Middle East Briefing

Let us say that the ceasefire was a bust….what could possibly the future for the conflict in Syria?

As Secretary of State John Kerry seriously pursues a Russian-American-United Nations administered cease-fire and humanitarian relief effort as the first concret……(read on)……

Source: Obama’s Zig-Zag Path to NATO Boots in Syria | Middle East Briefing

Could there possibly be another plan…a plan “B” if you will……..

Speaking to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today, Secretary of State John Kerry suggested the latest push for a ceasefire in Syria could amount to the last chance for one, and suggested that the US would see a partition of the country as “plan B.

Kerry didn’t offer any details on how this would work, of course, but that fact that the US is mentioning partition at all is a huge step, as the US has fiercely resisted similar considerations in neighboring Iraq, which itself is facing a near identical war with many of the same combatants.

Kerry said if the ceasefire didn’t get into place, it would soon be “too late” to allow Syria to remain whole, and that the partition of the country could form an “eventual solution” to the civil war, which has raged for the past five years.


A partition of Syria?  That was not a consideration for Iraq, then what makes it a plan for Syria?

The 1990’s: Can You Remember?

Of course you cannot……something about the selective memory of the American people….if you do then you probably look fondly back at all the Clinton policies that make life so much better than before……like NAFTA which would put money in the pockets of average Americans….or maybe his brilliant idea of repealing Glass-Steagall which would open up financial markets so that we all would benefit……how did all that work out for you?

We hear the candidate Hillary Clinton come out as a champion of the minority community…..she has said much that she will do to stop the discrimination, the brutality…..everything that the community wants to hear…..

My question is will she pursue the same policies as her prez hubby did?

I do not understand the support that the black community has for the Clinton’s….I remember when many people call Bill the US first black president…….why?

His programs did little to further the interests of the black community…..but yet they still support him and his wife……very confusing….

For instance his so-called welfare reform……it has done more damamge than good…….

Source: How Bill Clinton’s Welfare “Reform” Created a System Rife With Racial Biases |

Source: The Worst Thing Bill Clinton Has Done – The Atlantic

Clinton’s success in transforming the welfare system shows how a leader can sometimes lose by winning. Clinton’s original plan was one part tough love and one part expanded resources. Able long-term welfare recipients would be compelled to work, but additional resources for job training, wage subsidy, and child care, as well as waivers in hardship cases, would make welfare reform an improvement on the lives of the poor, not just a cruel reduction in benefits. But the Republican majority in Congress was more interested in cutting the rolls. Clinton vetoed the proposed legislation twice before finally signing it based on only token improvements.

For Democrats as well as Republicans, the proof of success became the dramatic shrinkage of the welfare rolls, and not the more troubling question of how many of the poor were better or worse off. By embracing an essentially GOP version of welfare reform, Clinton reinforced conservative dogma that the welfare state was more of a problem than a solution.

What about Bill’s law and order stance?

Clinton signed into law an omnibus crime bill in 1994 that included the federal “three strikes” provision, mandating life sentences for criminals convicted of a violent felony after two or more prior convictions, including drug crimes.  Clinton acknowledged that policy’s role in over-incarceration in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

In essence he help create the overcrowding that we have now and the massive sentences for otherwise “minor” crimes……

And the list goes on…….Democrats have tried to forget or put behind them the problems that they themselves have caused…..and now someone who is proud of the “progress” of her husband’s administration is running for the very same office……I do not understand the appeal of Hillary from Afro-Americans.  Bill help give them the income inequality, the massive prison population and the welfare reform that did more damage than good…….why is she so goddamn appealing to Afro-American voters?

What do they see that I am missing?

What are the chances that this will be a third term for Bubba if she is elected in this election?

War, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing!

I always enjoyed the song from my days in the Army….ass deep in rice paddy mud…..and because of those wonderful years of my youth I chose to study international relations focusing on war……its causes and solutions…..

It is a good field of study….of course you will never get rich in this field and in most cases will be very unpopular in some circles…..

The problem is trying to explain the complexities of war to people whose only exposure to the obscenity is through video games and movies…….it is like trying to explain the joys of orgasm to a gerbil……

This is a really good piece that was Originally posted at TomDispatch.

It may be hard to believe now, but in 1970 the protest song “War,” sung by Edwin Starr, hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. That was at the height of the Vietnam antiwar movement and the song, written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong, became something of a […]

Source: War, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing – Original by —

Who’s Gonna Beat Trump?

I would like to apologize to my readers for my absence on Sunday….I was having a major internet problem that lasted most of the day……I normally only post one article on weekends so I can spend time with family….but I do check IST and respond to comments…..could not do so yesterday…..just wanted to let everyone know what was what…….now let’s get busy!

Who won the Oscars?  DON’T tell me I really could care less!

I see the media is gleeful that Clinton won big in South Carolina……today they will start their assault on Bernie…..they will be selling him short at every opportunity……

This is not something important……but a goddamn good cartoon….my readers know that I am supporter of Bernie…….I just felt that this was a humorous ‘toon and wanted to share it to start a new week……..


Tomorrow will be a big day for the media….Super Tuesday……prepare yourself for the puke-fest.

The United States versus America

There are times when a situation would be humorous if it were not so damn pathetic….Syria is a prime example of this sad story……

Basically….the US is in conflict, armed conflict, with itself…..cannot get any more pathetic than that……

Here’s the final proof that our foreign policy of global meddling has gone off the deep end: the two Syrian factions we are subsidizing are now battling one another. The latest iteration of the “moderate” Islamist jihadists we’ve been backing recently engaged in a pitched battle with the Kurdish “People’s Protection Units” (YPG). Both are […]

Source: The United States versus America – Original by —

It seems that the US and the Kurds are allies and now Turkey wants the US to turn on them hard…….

ver the weekend, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu demanded that the US pledge “unconditional” military support for Turkey in the fight against the Kurdish YPG, a Syrian faction which has been the primary US ally in fighting ISIS.

“The only thing we expect from our US ally is to support Turkey with no ifs or buts,” Davutoglu insisted, reiterating the claim that the YPG was behind last week’s Ankara bombing, despite a Turkish faction, the TAK, claiming it.

For a better explanation to the circus that is the US Syria policy read this…….

Confusion in the Obama administration’s Syria policy is playing out on the ground as U.S.-backed groups begin battling each other.

Source: America Is In A Proxy War With Itself In Syria – BuzzFeed News

My dog could come up with a better plan than our plan for Syria…..

BTW she is available for consultations…….