The Iowa Caucus (Yawn!)

The dumbest idea for picking a candidate (my opinion)……the big news, at least for the media, will be who emerges from Iowa the front runner…..a very smart dude, Nate Silver, has some thoughts for the GOP……

If you are a supporter of the GOP in this election then maybe you should watch the caucus….it is possible that it could be a telling tale…..

The Iowa caucuses are here and Nate Silver, who wasn’t expecting Donald Trump to still be leading the GOP field at this stage, still thinks he could be knocked off his perch. At, the predictions whiz outlines four possible results in Iowa—and four ways the media is likely to spin them.

  1. Marco Rubio as the GOP’s Savior. If Trump beats Ted Cruz and Rubio does well, expect the GOP elites to rally behind Rubio, Silver predicts, adding that in what was “possibly an idiotic strategy,” the GOP establishment may have had this outcome in mind when it launched recent attacks on Cruz.
  1. A Trump Blowout. If Trump beats Cruz and Rubio flops, Monday “will be one of the most famous days in American political history,” according to Silver, who predicts that a blowout Trump win would make him the odds-on favorite for the nomination—and leave the GOP without a clear alternative.
  2. Cruz in Control. If Cruz beats Trump and Rubio has a bad night, “Cruz will look Teflon” and it will be a nightmare for the GOP elites who opposed him, Silver writes. He predicts that a post-Iowa Cruz bounce could open up chances for Jeb Bush or John Kasich in New Hampshire.
  3. A Trump Bust. If Cruz beats Trump and Rubio has a strong night, the story will be all about a Trump bust, whether or not his New Hampshire chances still look good, Silver predicts. He notes that a Trump collapse would leave the GOP primary looking relatively normal, which “might be the biggest surprise of all.”

Click for Silver’s full column.

Or to save yourself some aggravation…..maybe take a look at the Dems……just a thought……

But if you are a glutton for punishment then check out this……..

The eyes of the world are once again on Iowa for caucus day—and this time, they’re waiting to see whether all the Donald Trump hype translates into actual votes, and what will happen in the tightening Democratic race. Some coverage highlights:

  • The Des Moines Register has a refresher on how the state’s caucus system actually works—and on the big difference between the Democratic and Republican procedures.
  • For Trump and Bernie Sanders alike, the most important factors will be turnout, turnout, and turnout, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • AccuWeather is keeping an eye on a winter storm that could affect voting Monday evening, potentially changing the results.
  • Several other Election 2016 questions to be answered Monday include how either Trump or Ted Cruz handles losing, reports the Christian Science Monitor.
  • CNN reports on how potential kingmaker Martin O’Malley “is the most important Democrat in Iowa.”
  • O’Malley will probably stay in the race at least until New Hampshire, but Iowa could be the end of the road for several GOP candidates who are “running on fumes,” the Hill reports.
  • The Des Moines Register has some tips on how to follow results live as they come in Monday night—and a look at how the candidates stand on 27 different issues.

And in the end….if you are not part of the lamestream media………who f*cking cares?

Professor’s Class: Week 4 Class 3

Friday’s Class………

Began class by telling the students that they were a good class and that I hoped they would continuing studying and trying to understand the complexities of the Middle East……

I reminded them that this class would be review and that we would review everything covered…..and told them that they would be given a teacher eval and that I had a meeting with the dean and that they could leave after they filled out the eval and put it on my desk…….

Review and discussion…….

Since this lecture series was condensed down there is only so much that can be crammed into 4 weeks….so if anyone would like to read about the events that have brought the country to this point in history…..I offer these source for further study……

A Peace To End All Peace……David Fromkin

Eden To Armageddon……Roger Ford (it is more of a history of the War in the Middle East)…..

Fall of the Ottoman Empire……Eugene Rogan

History of Palestine……..Grundrun Kramer

Afghanistan (a history)…….Stephen Tanner

A World Of Trouble…..Patrick Tyler

US Foreign Policy in the Middle East……Kylie Baxter

Sowing Crisis……Rashid Khalidi

For a quick overview for those that may be in a rush…..

Idiot’s Guide to the Middle East Conflict……..Mitchell G. Bard, PhD

The Middle East For Dummies……Craig S. Davis, PhD

These books will give a good overview of the subject……

If anyone would like more info on other reliable sources on the Middle East please feel free to ask and I shall give you others for further study…..

Told students to study their tests and notes and they would do fine…..that there would be nothing hidden in the test……

I dismissed class 30 minutes early……told the student’s to study hard and make me proud…….made my way to the Dean’s office……

(That was the breakdown of the last class before the final and I look forward to seeing how they do on that test)

For You Bernie Skeptics

Today is the big day!  (At least for the media)…..Iowans go to their caucuses and decide just what to do with their vote…..In the big picture it means very little but if you listen to the news…..anyone who does not win is toast….(a-choo!  Sorry but I’m allergic to bullsh*t)…..

As I surf around the web I keep an eye on what people are saying about Bernie……I find that the Clinton people are the ones that are pushing the “socialism” thing hard especially now while they are behind in the first couple of primaries……..the media is using the term every time they report on Bernie….other stuff I have seen is he is too old or other nonsense….

I wanted to write a post explaining why most of the perceptions about Bernie are wrong….but before I could Robert Reich beat me to it…….so I will defer to him………

He *can* win in a national election, and he’s not too old. The former secretary of labor makes the case for Sanders

Source: Robert Reich: The Bernie skeptics are wrong — here are 6 reasons why –

And then there is the question……will a Clinton presidency look any different than the Obama one?

On foreign policy my guess would be……NO!

Hil has attacked Bernie for a vague foreign policy….she says she has the chops to do the job……I ask….what job is that?  More profits for the M-IC?

Source: Half the Foreign Policy Experts Signing Clinton’s Anti-Sanders Letter Have Ties to Military Contractors

The next prez will represent ALL Americans……and not just the ones that can afford to own a politician……you will have to decide who will be the person of the people…….

A Bernie Homie…….

US Hawks Ignore Top Israeli Official on Iran

The Hawks in the GOP for the 2016 election are still thumping their chest about how they will go about killing the Iran nuke deal…..regardless of what anyone says are the benefits…they are opposed….well it does make good political fodder for their campaigns….but is any of it really true….I mean all the visuals they give the voting public?

Neoconservatives and other right-wing pro-Israel hawks have ignored the fact that some (current) officials from Israel’s security establishment never viewed Iran—even armed with a nuclear bomb—as an existential threat. They have instead taken whatever Netanyahu says as articles of faith, faithfully repeating his talking points across any number of media and platforms. Of course, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

Source: US Hawks Ignore Top Israeli Official on Iran « LobeLog

These politicians are dangerous and will lead the US into a situation that will be our eventual downfall (my personal opinion)……..

Republicans’ Grasp of National Security Is at Child’s Level

After a relaxing weekend I return to my normal posting attitude…..refreshed and piss off……

If my calendar is correct then today is the Iowa caucus….if you do not want to be bored to tears then read IST and get a jump on your neighbor…..

I have said that the 2016 election is going to be the foreign policy election…..with all that is going on in the world…Iran, ISIS, Russia, Turkey, Syria and on and on…..the next president will need a good grasp on all things international and that includes diplomacy…..I know that is a dirty word in the GOP…..but unfortunately for them all out war is never the answer….

So far ALL GOP candidates are infantile, uninformed, callous and short sighted……but do not take my word for it….Sec. Gates our former secretary of Defense gives his assessment……

Former defense secretary condemns media over presidential candidates’ promises he believes are unaffordable, illegal or unconstitutional.

Source: Robert Gates: Republicans’ Grasp of National Security Is at Child’s Level | Alternet