The Obama Conspiracies

I close my posting day with a little humor….well humor for me…..but I am sure that there will be someone, somewhere that agrees with most of the stuff below……

Since the election of Obama in 2008 there have been a wealth of conspiracies pertaining to his presidency……hey, I love a good conspiracy like anyone else….but most of these from the Right are just plain moronic and pathetic……

But please go to the infograph below and pick your fave pathetic conspiracy…..or make up one of your own……there is always room for more of these types of waste of time…….after all….If there is something you do not like, then Obama did it!

If you had a hard time keeping up with all the accusations then I can help…..


Venn diagram of Obama conspiracy theories

Candidates Spin For Dollars

Today is the Nevada caucus and all I can say is….who cares?  It has been a debacle since it began with a little luck this will be the last attempt for them to be relevant…..

The next biggie for the candidates is that ever popular “Super Tuesday”……after the last set of votes each of the major candidates has to spin their butts off to try and keep what support they have now…….so what are they saying?

  • Ted Cruz says that his third place finish in South Carolina “effectively tied for second” place with Marco Rubio, who placed second by two-tenths of 1 percentage point over Cruz. He added that “there is now only one strong conservative remaining in this race who can win.”
  • Bernie Sanders says his loss to Hillary Clinton in Nevada probably was caused by lower voter turnout. “We will do well when young people, when working-class people come out” to vote. He adds: “We did not do as good a job as I had wanted to bring out a large turnout.”
  • RNC Chair Reince Priebus says the party is ready “for anything” at the nominating convention in July, including a brokered convention. “We will be prepared if that happens, but again I don’t think that’s going to be the case.”
  • Hillary Clinton says that voters have an “underlying question…is she in it for us or is she in it for herself? That’s a question that people are trying to sort through…I know that I have to make my case.”

That is the candidate’s take on the upcoming set of votes…..who will be the big “winner” in the next vote?

Vital wins for Donald Trump in South Carolina and Hillary Clinton in Nevada have solidified the front-runner status of both candidates—but this election year is far from ordinary and the path to nomination will not be an easy one. Here’s what analysts are looking out for in the days and weeks ahead:

  1. The Trump ceiling. After cruising to victory despite having taken on both George W. Bush and Pope Francis, Trump “is seemingly untouchable,” according to USA Today—but as the race heats up, we’ll soon find out whether the long-predicted ceiling to his support actually exists. Politico predicts that he may find it harder to portray himself as the outsider candidate now that Jeb Bush, his favorite establishment “chew toy,” has dropped out.
  2. Clinton momentum. Her victory over Bernie Sanders in Nevada was a narrow one, but it was enough to restore the Democratic establishment’s expectation of “a stately march to the nomination for the former first lady,” according to the Globe and Mail. If she wins as expected in South Carolina next week and dominates Super Tuesday, it may be too much for Sanders to bounce back from.
  1. Sanders woos minorities. The senator from Vermont “has never in his four-decade political career had to court minority voters,” the Washington Post notes, but he’s going to have to learn fast to have a chance in upcoming contests—including those in Texas, Virginia, and Tennessee—despite promising inroads among Latino voters in Nevada. Sanders aides say they believe his message on economic inequality will appeal to younger voters regardless of race.
  • Trouble ahead for Ted Cruz. Cruz, after being labeled a liar by both the Trump and Rubio campaigns, had a worse-than-expected result in South Carolina, which does not bode well for other states with large numbers of conservative Christian voters. The result exposed what “may be a big crack in Cruz’s Southern firewall” and shattered his strategy of riding momentum into Super Tuesday, the National Review notes.
  • Sink or swim time for Marco Rubio. Rubio has had some better-than-expected primary results but no wins, which “needs to change soon or else it will become a two-person race,” USA Today notes. With Bush’s exit narrowing the field of establishment candidates, Rubio’s people are about to start “gently cajoling—or elbowing—John Kasich to the exits,” Politico predicts.

Vote for your candidate….but vote for the person that will do the MOST for this country and its people.

If you are voting for your own self-interests then stay home you are doing NOTHING to make this a better country………or stronger….or safer…..

US inaction in the 1929 Middle East issue

US inaction in the 1929 Middle East issue

There have been a wealth of opinions on just what went wrong in the Middle East and why…..I wrote an op-ed trying to explain what I thought went wrong for my friends over at Legationes…

Step back in time and see what actually went so very wrong that eventually lead us to the problems of today……

You may thank me later for the history lesson……

What About That Presidential Appearance?

Since Mr. trump began this unprecedented run for the GOP nomination I have been asking anyone to tell me just what are his positions on issues….we know about some wall….or that he may want to keep “certain” people from immigrating to the US…..then there is fits of rage during this primary season…..he and his opponents have been acting like jr. high kids around the playground….slinging insults and innuendos at each other….I have asked …..when will trump start acting like a serious presidential contender?

I may have my answer……..

In the wake of Saturday night’s victory in South Carolina, Donald Trump acknowledges he probably needs to act more presidential and says he’ll do so “pretty soon.” The often brash Trump tells Fox News Sunday, ”I think I’ll be very presidential at the appropriate time. Right now, I’m fighting for my life.” Trump’s victory comes after a week in which he threatened to sue one rival, accused former President George W. Bush of lying about the Iraq war, and even tussled with Pope Francis on immigration. Trump says he “can act as presidential as anybody that’s ever been president other than the great Abraham Lincoln,” who he says was hard to beat. As for speculation about his inevitability, “I don’t want to say (the nomination is) mine.”

I wish I could say that that was good news……but I cannot… I would ask….why would there be a schedule for presenting one self as presidential?

Is this the type of person you truly want to be your next president?

(That is a rhetorical question)…….it is obvious what type of person we Americans want…….

Prioritize Foreign Policy Over Domestic Policy

Americans will soon be asked to make a choice of who they think will make the best president…….most of us will vote for the least objectionable candidate……we seldom find a candidate that fulfills all our expectations for a president….

Maybe, just maybe, we should look beyond personality and bravado to find our presidents……I know…..but it is just a thought…

Deciding who to support in a US Presidential election often comes down to a matter of priorities. The two party system rarely offers a candidate that can be supported wholeheartedly by anyone. Instead, we decide what issue we care about most, determine who is the least bad on that issue, and then vote for them. […]

Source: Prioritize Foreign Policy Over Domestic Policy – Original by —

Kosovo Chaos Undercuts Clinton ‘Success’

I just cannotr get away from the chaos that has re-surfaced in the former Yugoslavia region…..Kosovo to be exact…

I have written a couple of times about the problems rearing its ugly head in the Balkans……(in case you missed it)……

Source: It’s Kosovo Again…….(Again) – In Saner Thought

I always like to give some historical background when ever I can to my posts and presses…….

President Bill Clinton’s Kosovo war of 1999 was loved by neocons and liberal hawks – the forerunner for Iraq, Libya, Syria and other conflicts this century – but Kosovo’s political violence and lawlessness today underscore the grim consequences of those strategies even when they “succeed,” writes Jonathan Marshall.

Source: Kosovo Chaos Undercuts Clinton ‘Success’ | Consortiumnews

The one thing that most Americans fail to grasp is that armed intervention has its consequences… may take years even decades but if it is going to come back to bite us in the ass it will not be a pretty one…..