Are You Politically Correct?

Another Saturday and another weekend for relaxing and chillin’ with my daughter and granddaughter…..the doctor thinks I am pretty healthy for an old fart that drinks lots of coffee and smokes….that was a good thing to learn after some many hours with doctors on Thursday and Friday……

Enough about me….let’s get to work……

Once again the hot button issue on the campaign trail is…..political correctness……and about now I am up to my eyes in irritation for those people that use the term willy nilly…..

This is, in my opinion, a BS argument for anything….I have found that if someone does not have an adequate argument for whatever the topic is then you are just being “political correct”….it is just another off-handed insult in the vain of “apologist” ………to me it says that they do not want to understand the situation and found a way to avoid thinking about it…..the political correctness argument.

Political Correct is a phony argument….and it always has been…..but does not stop people from using it as some sort of argument… it were….a lame argument as it is……..

Source: The big microaggression lie: The real story behind the right’s phony war on political correctness –

BTW, has anyone else noticed that it is only the Right wing that uses it ad nauseum?

If that was the best I could do then I would use my blog to write about worthless awards or celeb antics…..thank God I have a mind and I am not afraid to use it!