Kurds To The Rescue

The Kurds!  There has been much in the news for the last 15 years about the Kurds….they are a long time ally of the US…..they are enemies to the Turks…..and they fight against ISIS tooth and nail……and that is as short of a synopsis as I can give without boring you to a coma…..

But the Kurds made news for something different…..they rescued a Swedish girl held by ISIS……

A Swedish girl has been freed from the clutches of the Islamic State in Iraq. Kurdish special forces rescued the 16-year-old Wednesday during a raid near Mosul, report Reuters and the AP. The teen—whom BuzzFeed identifies as Marlin Stivani Nivarlain—was “misled” by an ISIS member in Sweden and first traveled to Syria from the Swedish town of Boras, the Kurdish government says, adding Swedish authorities and family asked for help in rescuing her. Officials say she’ll be “transferred to Swedish authorities to return home once necessary arrangements” are made.

Sorry not much info right now about the girl or the operation……

But I want to address the girl……she went under false pretenses to Iraq to be with ISIS and now she is going home after her rescue…..

May I suggest that she be held for observation……she very well could be a ticking time bomb……ever hear of the Stockholm Syndrome?

In case your memory is a bit fuzzy…….

Stockholm syndrome is considered a complex reaction to a frightening situation, and experts do not agree completely on all of its characteristic features or on the factors that make some people more susceptible than others to developing it. One reason for the disagreement is that it would be unethical to test theories about the syndrome by experimenting on human beings. The data for understanding the syndrome are derived from actual hostage situations since 1973 that differ considerably from one another in terms of location, number of people involved, and time frame. Another source of disagreement concerns the extent to which the syndrome can be used to explain other historical phenomena or more commonplace types of abusive relationships. Many researchers believe that Stockholm syndrome helps to explain certain behaviors of survivors of World War II concentration camps; members of religious cults; battered wives; incest survivors; and physically or emotionally abused children as well as persons taken hostage by criminals or terrorists.
Most experts, however, agree that Stockholm syndrome has three central characteristics:
  • The hostages have negative feelings about the police or other authorities.
  • The hostages have positive feelings toward their captor(s).
  • The captors develop positive feelings toward the hostages.

Just saying that she needs extensive observation in case she has been turned and at the appropriate time becomes a weapon…..a weapon for terrorism.

Where’s The Fraud?

This is for my readers that may use certain sites for their news…..How many time have you picked up a copy of your fave rag like Breitbart or Infowars or Drudge and read one of their many stories on voter fraud?

Many I would bet and most times it is aimed at Dem activist or voters that they are trying to stack the deck for the candidate….you know the stories…..you know NO GOPer would ever do anything so despicable as that, right?

Well I would almost bet that this is a story that will be found Nowhere on the sites I have mentioned……

It sounds like early predictions of chaos for Tuesday’s Republican caucus in Nevada were right on the money. “Trying to catch all the fraud that’s going on here would be like trying to plug all the holes in the Titanic,” a Marco Rubio strategist tells CNN. “You fix one and another one bursts.” The AP’s Sally Ho tweets that at least one caucus location was running out of ballots and turning people away. At another location, volunteers were reportedly handing out ballots “willy-nilly” without checking IDs, allowing one person to vote for Donald Trump twice, Mashable’s Emily Cahn tweets. GOP officials claim those reports are overblown, saying they’re looking into double voting and that additional ballots were given out quickly, according to the Hill.

Some of the more eye-catching photos of the night show caucus volunteers decked out in Trump gear. The National Review’s Elaina Plott, quoting a source within Rubio’s campaign, tweets that one ballot counter in a Trump shirt is “bullying” people and hiding ballots. That source called the whole thing a “shit show.” Volunteers at caucuses are not allowed to show a preference for a particular candidate.

Granted it is happening in the silly operation of a caucus….but sorry dudes…Fraud Is Fraud!

I would challenge the morons at the sites I mentioned….but why?  They had rather make up news than report the actual thing……their readers prefer lies to news anyway.

Donald J. Trump On The Issues

It is election time and I would like to be fair to all the candidates….even the ones that I would not support under any circumstance…..

Yesterday was the Nevada game they call a caucus……Trump won and Cruz took a victory lap for finishing 3rd…..does he realize just how pathetic he looked at that speech?

Enough about yesterday…..

I have had a running exchange with one of my loyal readers (I will withhold his name in case he does not want it to be known) on the candidacy of Trump.  He, my reader, is a supporter and defends him with gusto……..I asked a question about his stand on issues and he sent me a link to his stands on website On The Issues…..


I went there and checked out the stands….I found them a bit vague and with not many answers to my questions….so I decided to go to Trump’s website and see what I could find……see below link if you would like to know his positions and stands…..


After checking out his positions I can say here and now that I could support his tax reform plan……however in essence it is a tax break for the wealthy more so then the working slobs…..he claims it will be a neutral program….hopefully realize that the country needs revenue if it is going to implement his “reforms”….the problem is the middle class will foot the bill for everyone.

His veterans plan is a great idea…..but that is all it is….it will take lots of cash to do what he proposes….where will he get this cash?  I support the idea of his veterans plan just cannot see where he will fund these ideas.

His immigration plan I cannot get behind it at all….he would triple the number of ICE agents…again where will this cash come from?  I know he says he will reform the corruption and such in Washington….but does anyone feel he is capable of doing such a thing?

His trade policy…..I just do not see a way for us to enforce any thing that he says…..to me it is just another campaign promise….no more workable than other promises from the presidential past…..

Sorry, just my take…..but do NOT take my word for it….I have given my reader all the links I can that will help them understand the positions of Trump and his possible solutions to those problems…..

I have given my readers the issues on Bernie also….I want to be fair to all….I will also be giving other candidates positions and such….you know those alternative candidates that hover around the fringe…..in there are some good ideas……we just have to look beyond our self-interests and look for the best person to lead this country…..

If you vote then do it for the country and not some stylistic rhetoric…..

Poor, Poor Jeb!

Since Jeb! took a powder from campaign after his dismal showing in South Carolina pundits have been scrambling to find out just what went wrong…..

The common excuse was the rise and popularity of Donald Trump as the main reason for his demise……but is it?

The post-mortems on Jeb Bush’s failed campaign are rolling in. Some examples:

  • Don’t blame Donald Trump. “What killed Jeb Bush’s campaign was first the failure of his brother’s administration, and then the emergence of Marco Rubio to present a more attractive face for its continuation,” writes Jonathan Chait at New York.
  • Still, Peter Beinart at the Atlantic explains why Bush was Trump’s “perfect foil.”
  • The Week sums things up by collecting 19 “devastating quotes” that compare coverage of Bush in early 2015 with more recent stories.
  • One problem: His campaign underestimated “Bush fatigue,” observes the Washington Post.
  • Another: He didn’t have advisers who could recognize shortcomings and, more importantly, point them out to Bush himself, says this piece in Politico Magazine.
  • How on earth do you spend $130 million and have so little to show for it? The New York Times digs into “one of the least successful campaign spending binges in history.”
  • Those early stumbles on Iraq didn’t help, notes CNN.
  • Gary Legum at Salon bids “good riddance” to the “Bush Dynasty” with the question, “Can anyone think of another family dynasty that has had such a huge role in a particular stretch of American history, yet has almost zero hold on the country’s imagination?”

Stop blaming Trump!  A terrible candidate is just that….a terrible candidate….of which Jeb! was one.

All that is well and good but some of us say it, his campaign, for it was…..a YAWN!

Jeb! had all the appeal of a cold dry noodle…….he will never be a national candidate.  Even surrounded by Daddy Bush and Bubba Bush advisers….he still had No chance…..

Time for us to move on and let Jeb! slink away to lick his wounds and explain to major donors why he pissed away their cash…..besides….who f*cking cares?

The Hawkish Cult of ‘Leadership”

By now most of my regular readers are not surprised that I often quote or press the American Conservative…..they have gotten over the fact that I am an Uber-liberal that sometimes find wisdom in some conservative thought…..

I have found that some in the conservative movement do have a good grasp on foreign policy and international situations…..I may not always agree but that will not preclude me from offering up their thoughts where I see fit….

It is no secret that I think the neocons are just flipping crazy in their approach to international situations….not every problem can be fised by armed invasion or occupation…..

This is one such article that challenges the total BS of the neocons and their false dichotomy of leadership…..

Sens. Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) and Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) repeated some boilerplate hawkish nostrums on foreign policy in a recent op-ed. They concluded:We say this delicately, as we work hard to respect

Source: The Hawkish Cult of ‘Leadership’ | The American Conservative

Even the great tactician Sun Tzu knew that war was not always necessary…..but yet some refuse to see the value of thought before action…..

Ever seen the movie “Mad Max”?

As I listen to the GOP candidates, those that are still standing, I am reminded of that movie and the road warrior stuff…….

Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz are hurtling toward a chaotic crash as their three-lane road narrows to one.

Source: The GOP Has a Mad Max Problem | Mother Jones

Social Unrest Likely as Ukraine’s Ruling Coalition Breaks

I know that Ukraine and its problems have slipped from the news cycle……it is not nearly as important as the antics of our presidential candidates….but it might be a good idea to keep an eye on the situation…..this will bring the US and Russia into direct confrontation…..

I study war and its causes….not something that many people would care to study….but for me it is imperative to try and stop these types of situations from becoming an unstoppable rush to war…..

I read most of the reports and studies that the Institute for the Study of War issues……I do not agree with them often but they do employ some fine and well informed analysts……their recent intel report on the Ukraine bears reading….

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s party triggered the disintegration of the pro-Western four-party coalition by launching a failed vote of no confidence against Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on February 16. Poroshenko called for Yatsenyuk’s resignation on the day of the vote after junior coalition parties announced their unwillingness to work with the prime minister, threatening to deadlock already stagnant efforts at economic and anti-corruption reform. The “Fatherland” party of former Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko and the Western Ukraine-based “Self Help” party defected to the opposition in response to the failure of the no-confidence motion, which precludes another vote of no confidence until the next session of parliament begins in September. The withdrawal of the two junior parties deprives the “European Ukraine” coalition of its majority in parliament and takes it farther from the constitutional supermajority with which it began its mandate.

Source: ISW Blog: Ukraine Warning Intelligence Update: Social Unrest Likely as Ukraine’s Ruling Coalition Breaks