Bernie: The Issues

I have heard his opponent say that he is a one issue candidate….I disagree….his foreign policy leaves me a bit dry….but he is spot on when it comes to what this society needs……


I have also heard that Bernie has NO idea how to pay for the proposals that he has offered……in case you would like to know…….


Woot!  Dere It Is!

Why Can’t Hillary Clinton Be More Inspiring?

I admit it……I am a political junkie and spend some time trying to analyze the election process……I was not a Hillary supporter in 2008 and I am not one in 2016……please before I get some tool ranting about gender….I am not supporting her has nothing to do with her gender….I do NOT like many of her policies and stands….

I just do not find her inspiring enough for me to want to vote for her…….now the question is….why can’t she be more inspiring on the campaign trail?

I found an interesting answer to that question…..on the Political Animal…………

As a young girl, I aspired to be Della Street in the 1950’s TV series “Perry Mason.” What’s instructive about that is that it never occurred to me that I…

Source: Why Can’t Hillary Clinton Be More Inspiring? by Nancy LeTourneau | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly

She really needs to work on her inspirational speeches……as it is now she just states something waits for the applause then begins yelling over the crowd…..that is not inspirational just opportunistic……

The Liar: A Love Story

I cannot believe that I will be posting yet another piece about Donald Trump……I cannot say that I appreciate much that he has to say but I will give him his props when he tells the truth, something not many can do within the GOP……

In a recent debate Trump pointed out that the Iraq war was started on lies and for that piece of truth he, Trump, has been demonized by the Right and the result of that attack has given us a new national GOP front runner……

Has attacking George W. Bush backfired big time for Donald Trump? According to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, voters are turning away from Trump and he now trails Ted Cruz 28% to 26% among GOP primary voters, with Marco Rubio in third at 17% and John Kasich fourth with 11%. Ben Carson is fifth with 10% and Jeb Bush is last with just 4%. The poll—which found that both Cruz and Rubio would defeat Trump in head-to-heads—was conducted after Saturday’s ferocious GOP debate and contradicts other recent polls, including one that gives Trump a massive lead in South Carolina. In warning signs for Trump, his support has dropped sharply among women and “traditional values” conservatives, the Journal notes.

It has been months since the WSJ/NBC poll had anybody other than Trump in the lead, and pollsters say the surprise result could be a blip—or an early sign of changes to come. “When you see a number this different, it means you might be right on top of a shift in the campaign,” Republican pollster Bill McInturff says. “What you don’t know yet is if the change is going to take place or if it is a momentary pause before the numbers snap back into place.” He says the post-debate slump may be “a ‘pause’ as Republican voters take another look at Trump. This happened earlier this summer and he bounced back stronger.”

Does this point to the fact that the Right had rather be lied to or just a love for the bumbling Texan, GW?

Of course this is one poll of many and I am sure that it tells only a momentary story……but I do find it interesting that GOPers do not like the truth….apparently they prefer to be lied to by their candidates…..

Pretty lame excuse for picking your nominee…..on a lie!



Nuke Material Goes Missing

One of the fears I have is the detonation of a dirty bomb……I have written about the different situations where nuke material has been involved……check them out……

This one I wrote for my friends over at Legationes……

Source: Dirty business in Moldova – Legationes

I then followed that one up with a post about the possibility and the aftermath of a dirty bomb…..

This one I wrote for my friends over at Ace News Room……

Source: It’s A Dirty Business | Ace News Room

All this is just my intro to something I read in the news the other day…….

Iraq is searching for “highly dangerous” radioactive material stolen last year, according to an environment ministry document and seven security, environmental and provincial officials who fear it could be used as a weapon if acquired by Islamic State.

Source: Exclusive: Radioactive material stolen in Iraq raises security fears | Reuters

Once again nuke material is at danger…….a dirty bomb is not that difficult to make for would-be terrorists… I said before the damage area may not be that substantial but the “fear” factor makes it a worthwhile endeavor for these bloodthirsty pigs….

This is a situation that should send a shiver down the spine of anyone that hears this news……

An updated versions has come out…….

A laptop-sized case containing “highly dangerous” radioactive materials has gone missing from a storage facility in Iraq, Reuters reports. And Iraqi officials are worried it may have been swiped by ISIS, which could use the iridium-192 inside to make a dirty bomb. “Shaping headlines is essential to ISIS’ jihad,” a terrorism expert tells Fox News. “Beheadings, explosions, and most brutal acts have become stale. A dirty bomb attack would be major news, regardless of how many immediate casualties occur.” The iridium was part of a camera used to find flaws in materials used to build pipelines. It belonged to a Turkish company but was being stored in a facility in Basra belonging to a US oil company.

The case was discovered missing in November, and it’s unclear if it was stolen or just misplaced. It it was stolen, the perpetrator likely had access and knowledge of the facility, as there were no signs of a break-in. The US State Department says there’s no indication ISIS has the radioactive materials. While not as powerful as a nuclear bomb, a dirty bomb made using the iridium would have the capability of making a large area dangerously radioactive. The contents of the case wouldn’t even have to be turned into a bomb to be dangerous, with mishandling them or just leaving them out somewhere being enough to put many people in jeopardy. News of the missing iridium comes amid increasing reports of ISIS using chemical weapons.

We can only pray that it is found before some dick turns it into a bomb…..


Money Well Spent….(Sarcasm)

I enjoy writing about the money that is wasted on the defense contracts and the F-35 is one of the biggest wastes of all times……this plane was never wanted by any in the military but to satisfy the special interests it was foisted upon our troops……I have been railing against this lump of expensive metal since it started its trials…….

This worthless lump of metal is to replace the A-10 Warthog, a stupid idea that NO one in the military signs on to, but do not take my word of how useless this piece of crap is……check out the list of things that are wrong with this “brick”…….

The Pentagon’s top testing official has weighed and measured the F-35 and found it wanting.

Source: The F-35’s Terrifying Bug List – Defense One

A Guide to the Scalia Assassination Conspiracy Theories

I start my posting day with the newest fad flying around the internet…..conspiracies……..

I recently did a post on the unusual circumstances of the death of Scalia…..and the theories just kept on coming….especially from the airheads on the Right…….this post is just an FYI in case you may want to jump onto the bandwagon……

Mother Jones has done a list of the theories about this death….check them out and find the one you like best……

My fave is…Obama Did It!

Talk radio hosts, bloggers, and the leading Republican presidential candidate are all fanning the flames.

Source: A Guide to the Scalia Assassination Conspiracy Theories | Mother Jones

There is another side to this story……..

“Our family just has no doubt that he was taken from us by natural causes,” Eugene Scalia says.

Source: Scalia’s son rejects conspiracy theories about father’s death

This stuff just FUN!