The Cowards Emerge

I have been saying for years that the US Congress is staffed by cowards…..and 3 of the biggest have merges from the House…..the biggest the mouth of Louie Gohmert……these twats are trying to do Trump’s bidding for him… this Mueller probe…..

In a sign of just how frustrated some in the GOP are with special counsel Robert Mueller after “indictment week,” three House Republicans introduced a measure Friday that would pressure Mueller to step down. The nonbinding measure, introduced by Reps. Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs, and Louie Gohmert, would put the House on record as believing Mueller should resign because he’s unfit to lead the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, Politico reports. Why? Due to “obvious conflicts of interest,” including his relationship with James Comey, who succeeded him at the FBI and was later ousted from his post by President Trump; among other things, Mueller is investigating whether anyone in the Trump administration obstructed justice during that ouster.

Per Fox News, the measure also makes note of Mueller’s supervision of a bribery probe when he was FBI director that involved a Russian nuclear-energy company that got approval from US government agencies to buy a Canadian energy company that had mining operations in the US. “Evidence has emerged that the FBI withheld information from Congress and from the American people about Russian corruption of American uranium companies,” Gaetz said in a statement wondering how the deal got US approval despite the bribery probe. The representatives say that’s another reason Mueller should recuse himself as special counsel, as his “impartiality is hopelessly compromised.” But, as multiple outlets including Business Insider note, most Republicans so far support keeping Mueller in place, including those in leadership positions.

Time for these d/bags to be primaried by real conservatives….replace these worthless toads with people that want the government to work the way it is suppose to work.

These guys are playing the usual worthless game they always play.

Once an idiot always an idiot.



Is The Tea Party Crapping Out?

Can you remember the good old days?

Think back to the election of 2008…..Obama was battling Clinton and McCain was picking of all people an idiot from Alaska to be his VP…..during this process in this year there was the rise of the Tea Party….all those 3 corner hats with tea bags hanging off them, all the yellow flags and dash for far right radicalism…..can you dig it?  And every election since 2008 the Tea Party has gained more and more followers and voters……they destroyed the conservative “Blue Dog” democrats for no other reason than they were democrats…..they even have their own caucus within Congress…..but they decided to change the name to the Freedom Caucus for whatever reason (are they ashamed of the Tea Party?)

Any way it seems that the yellow flags of yesterday are losing their luster with the rank and file……

Support for the conservative Tea Party movement has dropped to its lowest level, with 17 percent of Americans now backing it, a poll released Monday indicates.

About 42 percent of conservative Republicans support the movement, a Gallup poll revealed, a 21 percentpoint drop from the 63 percent who supported the party in 2010.

Does this mean that the Tea Party will soon be a thing of our political past?  Maybe in name….but the ideals are here to stay……the label Tea Party is no long needed for they have successfully taken control of the GOP.

Their far right politics is here to stay at least for awhile……only when conservatives realize they are NO long conservative will they stay on this path of obstruction…..and incompetency.

The next question to ask is….when did incompetency become an attractive characteristic for a candidate?

Washington has always been a silly institution but it has gotten sillier by the election…..we have had this partisan theater for a long time… became the rule of the day back in the days of the Clinton-Newt battles….it gave partisans something to rally around….and it gave the media the opening they were looking for to drive the discourse we have in politics…..

But naturally the question some people ask is when did all the bickering start?

May I see a show of hands…..who remembers the election of 2008?

It was McCain versus Obama….the battle of the old versus the new…..that is when this push for “new blood” in Washington hit its hey day…..but we cannot blame John McCain for it all… was his choices that started this slide into incompetency of our elected officials…..

William Daley served as President Obama’s chief of staff for a while, and it’s not surprising that he would describe the GOP primary as having a “carnival-like” atmosphere. But in the Washington Post, Daley also makes the case that the GOP’s current problems can be traced to one moment: when John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. That she had a “blatant lack of competence” was one thing, but that no prominent Republicans stood up to criticize the pick when that became clear was even worse, writes Daley. Afterward, she became an even bigger political figure, with her no-compromises “bombast” becoming the norm.

Today, “the ‘settle for flash’ aura of Palin’s candidacy looks like a warning that the party was prizing glib, red-meat rhetoric over reasoned solutions,” writes Daley. In her wake came candidates like Christine O’Donnell, Todd Akin, Michele Bachmann, and, now, Donald Trump. House Republicans, meanwhile, are engaged in “fratricide.” On the campaign trail, Trump has talked about putting Palin in his Cabinet. “That seems only fair,” writes Daley, “because he’s thriving in the same cynical value system that puts opportunistic soundbites above seriousness, preparedness and intellectual heft.” Click for Daley’s full column.

Since the election of 2008 the GOP has been swirling around looking for the most incompetent candidates as they can find…..after all….it is what the people want…..

I guess McCain and his machine cannot shoulder all the blame…..that distinction goes to the American conservative voter…..

Another Tea Party Assault on Democracy

The Tea Party is always around to throw cold water on anything that reeks of progress…..and the members in Congress have renamed their little Caucus….they are now the “Freedom Caucus”….clever little name for a group that wants everything but more democracy…….their cutesy slogans say one thing and their actions tell the real story…….anti-woman, anti-black, anti-progress and anti-freedom…….

Americans have fallen victim to the paranoia of the Radical Right……their fake situations are leading this country down the drain wrapped in that stupid yellow flag with the snake……

Source: Another Tea Party Assault on Democracy

Drop A Bomb On Me

I am battling a internet connection that will not cooperate……please bear with me……..

Great reference to an old funk song from the 70’s…..

There have been times when I have been caught with my brain in neutral and today has been one of those days……

I got the news from my friend over at “The John Liming Report”……the weeping angle (Dr. Who reference) of thew Congress will step down from his leadership roll in October…..

John Boehner dropped a political bombshell this morning, announcing that he’s not only resigning as House speaker but as a congressman as well. Boehner will leave at the end of October, reports the New York Times. Boehner himself told House Republicans in a closed-door session today, reports Politico. The surprise move comes as Boehner faces another revolt from conservative House members about a potential government shutdown, this time over Planned Parenthood funding.

“The Speaker believes putting members through prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable damage to the institution,” an aide tells the Hill. “Speaker Boehner believes that the first job of any Speaker is to protect this institution and, as we saw yesterday with the Holy Father, it is the one thing that unites and inspires us all.” (Boehner was seen crying during the pope’s address, though he tends to cry a lot.) The same aide says Boehner, 65, actually intended to quit last year and stuck around only because of Eric Cantor’s stunning election defeat.

Now in October who will emerge as the top dog for the GOP in the House?

It seems that many GOPers are dancing on Boehner’s grave… more…..

Source: Conservatives Rush To Dance On John Boehner’s Grave

Where will the process of choosing the next Speaker take the country?  Will we be subjected to a lengthy partisan battle between the GOP and the Tea Party upstarts?  Where does that leave the shutdown?

Lots of questions and few good answers……


Tea Party Explained?

They Came From Beyond Reason…….would have been a great title for a 50’s movie from RKO, starring Dan Durea…..if only……..

The election of ’08 brought to the forefront of politics the Tea Party…..and ever since people have tried to explain just what exactly the TP is all about……I think I have found a plain, simple and very to the point explanation of what the TP is……..whatcha think?


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GOP: Always Good For A Laugh

I have been a very vocal opponent of the GOP…..not because of ideology but rather that they are a biggest pack of idiots imaginable.

And over the years I have made fun of this group merciless.  They make it so easy by using mental midgets as spokespeople….Trump, Perry, Huckabee, Jindal and the list goes on and on……

The 2016 election is heating up and as predicted the douches are coming out of the woodwork for their minutes of fame in front of the camera…….the first one in this cycle is Ben Carson…..although he is not a candidate yet….he will not stop talking….and most every time they, the GOP, has to spend days if not weeks trying to tamp down his mindless worthless comments……

His newest mindless ramble has me chuckling heavily and glad that I am looking forward to the lunacy that is the GOP candidate field…..but what did he say?

Likely GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson appeared on the American Family Association’s radio network today to promote his book, “You Have a Brain: A Teen’s Guide to Think Big.”

“We live in a culture of heavy indoctrination, it starts in preschool and people try to influence the way people think about things,” Carson told host Ed Vitagliano. “I think it was Stalin who said, ‘Give me the children for a few years and I will have them for life.’ And the point being that it is relatively easy at that inflexion point to indoctrinate people and to change their way of thinking for the rest of their lives.”

GOD I love these people!  Since 2008 the Right has been so concerned with indoctrination….they see it everywhere…..that is every where but where it actually resides…..where would that be?

Preschool?  Seriously?  What the Hell do you Think Sunday School is all about?  Here is a hint……… indoctrination!.

Sadly they cannot see past the fecal matter in their mouths.