Veterans: A Perfect Example Of The What Is Wrong

I have been a staunch critic of the VA system we have in this country for the care of our vets….the system sucks….and NO one in Washington seems to give a f*ck…..this country has a horrible track record on veterans needs…..we ask them for their help and then we give them the finger when they return home and need help……something that this country should be ashamed of in all its parts……

We have all heard the horror stories of long waiting lines for care and we are well aware of the high rate of suicides among our returning vets….and there are a wealth of people willing to do say whatever it takes to get support from these vets but after that they do NOT feel they owe them anything beyond that….

I saw a piece about the VA suicide hot-line….after I finished reading it I thought that it was the perfect example of the  non-caring attitude…..

The Oscar-winning film Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1 documents the counselors who man the phones for the 24-hour service, but never mentions the suicidal veterans who are put on hold or sent to voicemail, with calls never returned—a fact made public last week in a report from the Veterans Affairs inspector general, USA Today reports. The investigation also found that contracted counselors at the backup centers that took overflow calls from the Veterans Crisis Line may not have been trained to handle mental health crises, the Military Times notes. “We substantiated allegations that some calls routed to backup crisis centers were answered by voicemail, and callers did not always receive immediate assistance,” the report stated, adding that about one in every six calls gets sent to one of half a dozen backup centers when the main hotline staff based in Canandaigua, NY, is swamped.

The VA investigation began in 2015 when it started receiving complaints from those who called for help and were put in telephone limbo. In one case, a suicidal Florida vet told a local news station he was put on hold over and over, up to 10 minutes at a time, per the Military Times. Altogether, the report found the backup center had transferred nearly two dozen current service members, veterans, or family members to voicemail. And the reason calls weren’t returned? Backup center staff said they didn’t know they had voicemail. The VA has already started to remedy the issues—including more staff at peak times and upgrading its phone system—and says it will implement other suggested changes by Sept. 30. (Those who wish to use the service can call 800-273-8255 (press 1), text 838255, or go to (Female veterans have an “obscenely high” suicide rate.)

Our veterans deserve so much more than this country is willing to give……it is just sad and pathetic…..

Scalia: More Questions Than Answers

I was going to leave this report alone….I thought there would be enough crap flowing through the blogosphere that I would just be a fart in the wind…..the media is laser focused on who the replacement will be than to worry about anything else……..and then I read a piece that asks all kinds of questions about the death of a judge…..

Antonin Scalia’s death—how it was handled, who made what decisions, and why—is appearing murkier than recent articles suggest. A former top homicide official even says “there is something fishy going on” with the Supreme Court Justice’s demise. To sum up:

  • Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara, who pronounced Scalia’s death a likely heart attack, now says she only meant his heart stopped when he died, the Washington Post reports. “It wasn’t a heart attack,” Guevara says. “He died of natural causes.” She had declared Scalia’s death “natural” without seeing his body (apparently legal in Texas) or demanding an autopsy. She had talked to a US Marshal at the scene and Scalia’s doctor before deciding.
  • She tells the AP that Scalia’s doctor—Rear Adm. Brian P. Monahan, who is attending physician for the Supreme Court and Congress—said Scalia had a history of high blood pressure and heart trouble, and wasn’t strong enough to have shoulder surgery for a recent injury.
  • If that’s true, Scalia hid it well: John Poindexter, who owns the Cibolo Creek Ranch where Scalia was visiting when he died, says the Supreme Court Justice behaved normally Friday and joined a quail hunt as an observer, the New York Times reports. “He seemed in good spirits,” Poindexter tells the LA Times. Scalia was also traveling without a security detail of US Marshals.
  • West Texas authorities spent hours seeking a justice of the peace to pronounce on Scalia’s death. Juanita Bishop, a justice of the peace in Presidio, Tex., didn’t get there in time but suggests she would have wanted an autopsy. “If it had been me . . . I would want to know,” she says.
  • A former head of criminal investigations for DC police agrees, the Dallas Morning News reports. “As a former homicide commander, I am stunned that no autopsy was ordered for Justice Scalia,” writes William Ritchie in a Facebook post. “You have a non-homicide trained US Marshal tell the justice of peace that no foul play was observed. … How can the Marshal say, without a thorough post mortem, that he was not injected with an illegal substance that would simulate a heart attack…”
  • Poindexter found Scalia’s body in a peaceful position Saturday after checking on the apparent late sleeper: “It was just like he was taking a nap,” Poindexter days. “He just went to sleep and didn’t wake up.”
  • Reporters weren’t allowed into Scalia’s impressive suite, “El Presidente,” after he died, but looked in the window and saw a bed that appeared slept in. Poindexter says he found a water bottle and a map of the ranch property by the bed.

See how Scalia’s death could affect six big cases.

I admit it…I am a sucker for a good mystery…..and this one has conspiracy written all over it…..but then ask….for whom will this be a big deal?  Or who would benefit the most without Scalia on the Bench?

Does anyone else smell a story here?

Pentagon: The Dash For Dollars

I have tried to point out the fallacies in some of the reports that we are given and that are given to Congress by the Pentagon…..I realize that the entire planet is freaking out over the prospect of terrorism…..that is a logical reaction to what is happening elsewhere in this world…..but the Pentagon is using that concern to get a bigger budget and that budget will be used for more war….more death…..more deployments and more destruction……

The Defense Department is going to Congress to sell their predictions in the dash for more dollars…….

No specific, credible intelligence is an ongoing theme with US officials when warning about ISIS possibly doing something, but the absence of evidence isn’t going to stop the top Intelligence officials, testifying to Congress, from hyping the threat.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, still in power despite lying to Congress in previous testimony on the NSA, talked up the idea that ISIS is sneaking into the US is refugees, even though this allegation has repeatedly been shot down as totally unfounded.  (This ought to make the neocons happy…..they have been saying this since the idea of refugees was offered)…..

But ISIS is not their only source to push for funds…..more funds…….

Russia’s aggression in Europe — its invasion of Ukraine, its military flights up the noses of NATO states, its nuclear saber rattling — has faded from the news. But it’s still very much a threat, which is why the US is planning to quadruple its military spending in Europe, something NATO’s European members have welcomed, to deter Russia.

Source: The risk of an unintended war with Russia in Europe, explained in one map – Vox

The early Pentagon budget talk emphasized the ISIS war in Iraq and Syria, though the money sought for this was ultimately dwarfed by money requested to prepare for potential wars against Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran in 2017….

Ultimately, the specifics don’t matter a lot for these speculative wars anyhow, as the Pentagon seeks to get them into the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) budget, which Pentagon brass is able to shuffle around with few restrictions, meaning whatever the excuse, the money is ultimately a big slush fund for the Pentagon to spend on whatever seems interesting to them at the time.

Be prepared my friends for more conflicts and more use of American military might…….and ultimately…..more troops…..

Where will this spiral end?

Is The US Going All In?

A conflict that does not get much attention these days in the media is Libya……occasionally there is a quick reference to the rise of ISIS in North Africa….but that is about it……

The problem is….this is a situation of our own creation……..

Nearly five years after the U.S., Britain and France launched a bombing campaign against the Libyan government to bring about regime change, these same countries are contemplating a resumption of the war they thought was won when rebel forces they supported grotesquely tortured to death the country’s leader, Col. Muammar Gaddafi.

No one is laughing in Washington now. President Obama came, saw and created the very opposite of what he sought, a hardly unusual outcome for the Obama and Bush Administrations in the Middle East. Instead of a pliable dependent government willing to do the bidding of Washington and its NATO foreign legion, there has been an explosion of civil war and Sunni jihadism.

Source: Obama Readies To Fight in Libya, Again – Original by —

One problem is that the person that the US chose to be the “new” leader is in fact a CIA creation….Col. Haftar……

Would this be the best idea….open another war front that we will have to engage in?

Source: The Pitfalls of Opening a Libyan Front against ISIL | Middle East Briefing

Personally, I think that we should finish one fight before we decide to start another…..our troops are stretched thin….how will we support a new war?

Damn good question, right?

Source: Obama and the Pentagon Plan Massive Military Escalation and the Media Barely Seem to Care | Alternet

Now we come to the payment of this ‘new’ plan…….where will this cash come from?

I am sorry but I want the people to decide who we send our troops to kill…..I want the American people to have a say in this…..but that will not happen….the government and the media are colluding to keep this from the public and to suppress any debate…..

Yes, I am anti-war and I have the best reason for my concern…I participated in a war and I know what the consequences will be…..we are seeing some of it today but it is not well reported and that is the plan…..keep the public in the dark and anything is possible.

Just ask Joseph Goebbels, if he were alive, he would attest to what I am saying…..

Time for Americans to stand up and demand a public debate on the wars we fight and when……time for Congress to stop spending our money without our permission……

It’s Kosovo Again…….(Again)

Anybody that can remember the Clinton years will also remember the war we fought in those days……the Balkans were a problem and of course the US and its proxy NATO had to intervene……but in case your memory is a bit sketchy on those years….maybe I can help…….

Source: It’s Kosovo Again…… – In Saner Thought

The problems that we intervened to stop have not gone away…….rather we just prolonged all of it in the name of “nation building”……but what has happened in the inter-years?

We “liberated” it into chaos

In Pristina, the capital of the make-believe country of Kosovo, there is a street named after Bill Clinton, and a statue of Bill – done in the Socialist Realist style – towers over the main square. They also named a boulevard after George W. Bush, perhaps to hedge their bets after the Republicans took the […]

Source: Remember Kosovo? – Original by —

The Balkans may not be the calm place that some would have us believe……this situation needs to be watched and watched closely……or we will be back into another fray in the Balkans……we really do not need more armed conflicts……I believe we have too many as it is…..