“Space Archaeology”

Today I will give props where props are due…..

The title might lead one to think that I am about to go off on some weird rant about Ancient Astronauts or aliens….or possible something about a face on mars or maybe even a robot part found on the moon….or other such nonsense…..if so then……you would be mistaken…..

It is no secret that I appreciate history and archaeology and try to pass on as much info as I can when I feel it is appropriate……today is one of those times…….

I want to talk about an archaeologist that uses satellites to find ancient historical sites….the History Channel even did a program on her discoveries, it was entitled “Egypt:  What Lies Beneath”….she has found many more possible pyramid sites and even some other types of structures……about 1250 sites I believe,  that were unknown before her……she is brilliant.

And she is asking for help…….

The winner of this year’s $1 million TED Prize has the unique title of “space archaeologist,” and she plans to use the money to recruit a network of digital helpers to identify and protect sites around the world, reports the BBC. As National Geographic explains, Dr. Sarah Parcak of the University of Alabama at Birmingham is a pioneer in the field of using satellite technology to pinpoint previously undiscovered archaeological sites. With the prize money, Parcak plans to develop a website that will use volunteer crowdsourcing to amplify that effort and to spot looting. She says the latter is more vital than ever now that groups such as the Islamic State are bent on destroying antiquities.

“We can’t keep up,” she says. “We are losing the battle. It is heartbreaking.” Parcak’s plan is to turn the process into something like a game for users, explains NPR. They’ll get cards with images representing about 50 square meters of land. “As the crowd populates these images with their tags, after 10, 20, or 50 users tell us that something is there, we’ll know to be able to check, to confirm, one way or another,” she says. On-the-ground archaeologists would then investigate, sharing their progress on social media. “The coolest part—they’ll be taking you with them,” Parcak tells the New York Times. The program is expected to launch this summer.

I like this….we are losing historic sites at an alarming rate and we all need to do all we can to help save them from the insanity of the world today…..

Source: Space Archaeologist Wants Your Help To Find Ancient Sites : All Tech Considered : NPR

I am old and retired…..so I shall apply to see if there is anything I can do to help…..if you would like to feel that you could make a difference then by all means join me and help this young lady in her quest……

Now with all that said……go out and enjoy what is left of your weekend…..