Megyn Kelly, Journalist

Could not resist this ‘toon…….with all the total fecal matter around the comment made by that man about town, Trump……this ‘toon just sez it all…..

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7 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly, Journalist

  1. The artists of every culture are the real place to get a feel for how the ‘people’ actually see the world… club musicians, sidewalk painters, self-published poets, street dancers, mimes, cartoonists, authors of indie books…. All the non-mainstream purveyors of artistic material show the real way we see what is happening around us….

    She’s not in ANY of those categories; the cartoonist is….


  2. What I find interesting is that if the questions she asked was asked by someone other than Fox News, they would have been labelled as “gotcha” questions.

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