“It’s A Bad Deal!”

I have been observing the debate surrounding the deal made with Iran over their nuclear capability for about 2 months……there are many that do not like the deal that was agreed upon…..politicians, voters and especially bloggers.  In those months there has been an plethora of lip service in opposition to the deal.  In all that time I have heard not one word on why they oppose the deal……….most are opposed based on hyperbole and outright lies wrapped in cute slogans.

You know I might take these people, especially my fellow bloggers, if they would offer up an explanation on why they oppose the deal…..I mean there is a wealth of things I do not like but at least I offer up a reason for my opposition………but so far NO specifics and for that reason I do not reply on the blogs when they write about their hatred of the deal.

I understand all the distrust of Iran….I mean we are still living with the 1979 embassy attack and the hostages…….I understand that they, Iran, is blamed for the deaths caused by IEDs in Iraq……..or their ever expanding footprint in the Middle East…..but none of this is a good reason to oppose the control of nukes in the region.

I ask now…..if you are in opposition to the deal agreed upon with Iran to please let me know exactly what it is about the deal that has you in opposition…….I mean we have the total crap being passed around by people like that idiot broad, Bachmann……..

In an interview on the evangelical radio program “Understanding the Times” this weekend, former Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann opined that we should all feel very “privileged to live in” the End Times, which are currently upon us now that Obama’s negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran

Bachmann claimed that the Obama administration’s historic accord is evidence of the fulfillment of the prophecy from Zechariah 12:3 — “On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves” — and that only through the heroic efforts of Congressional Republicans and their lone Democratic ally, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, to undermine the deal will America be spared God’s wrath.

Just one example of the silly, absurd even perverted crap being passed around for people to use to fuel their opposition to the deal.

Have you read the wording of the deal?  NO?  For Christ sake, how can you be opposed to something you have no idea what it is about?

Maybe a quick read of what is in the deal would be in order……….

The Iran nuclear deal, translated into plain English – Vox.

Now with the reading of this plain English translation of diplo-speak you can point to the part or parts that you are opposed to…..or you could just continue on sounding like a buffoon in your opposition……your choice.

8 thoughts on ““It’s A Bad Deal!”

  1. It is simply impossible to bargain with someone whose only avowed purpose in life is to kill you and the very fact that some of our genius poiliticians even tried it demonstrates a serious need for America to do some serious thinking about who they let loose in Washington.

    1. Most of that “death to America” crap is playing to the base just like in this country……playing for the cameras, if you will……so should they not deal with the US because a handful of idiots are saying we need to bomb them now?

      I keep waiting for the reason for opposition from our leaders…..I still have no idea why they hate it other than Israel hates it or the M-IC is paying for opposition….

  2. Iran is an Islamist country and Islam is dedicated to subjugating every other religion and achieving a world caliphate and that means we are in their crosshairs. The leaders you mention won’t say anything because it seems to be an unwritten rule in this country that it is an unforgiveable sin to insult Islam or to irritate Islam or to displease Islam ….. and I think most of that can be credited to the efforts of C.A.I.R., the apologist propaganda arm of Islam in this country.

    1. It should be a rule that you should not insult anyone’s religion….but that want fly here because we are superior and we would do nothing wrong.

      John, I work in the Middle East and NO one ever tried to convert me or kill me for my religion and they knew I was not Muslim…..I think this is getting out of hand with all the hate.

      1. We will have to wait and see what their intentions on the International scene are and how the Islamic State of Iran fits into either the aggressive warlike mould or the peacemaker/peace keeper mould.

      2. The problem there is that thee is none of them that are truly peacemakers…..just like the US cannot claim such……if there was a way to completely destroy ISIS and then Saudi there would be a peaceful Middle East….well as peaceful as can be expected from a tribal people……butt sadly ISIS is needed if profits are to remain high…..so their destruction will be a long time coming……

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