Trump/Kelly Saga Or They’re So Lame

I guess today I need to bow to social convention and post on some of the mundane worthless stories that Americans find so damn interesting (no accounting for intelligence).

I am amazed that the cock up between “Mr. Hair” and Megyn Kelly, FOX News anchor….this whole thing is mind numbingly mundane and worthless……but conserv after conserv has come to the forefront and demand that Trump act like an adult (not gonna happen) these people have whacked the Donald’s pee-pee over his comment and some have even gone so far as to call it disgusting…..and some have just mumbled because they are afraid to get on his bad side…….

First, all this lip service is just so much BS……it is what everyone tuned in for….the ratings were phenomenal…….people wanted to see what the Donald would say……the viewers got what they tuned in for…..THEATRICS!  That whole thing was designed to be a win-win scenario…..all sides came out of it all the better….it delivered!

Second, Trump did not actually answer a single question but instead delivered his usual platitudes and brashness……nothing about actual policies or stands other than his usual find a scapegoat…..he was telling people what they wanted to hear and he got what he was there for….APPLAUSE!

Last, Trump’s lame ass comment about Kelly…..if he had made the statement about a liberal then every conserv on the planet would have jumped to his defense…….saying the he was just “telling it like it is”…..again all this was just for show and the mindless bought it hook line and sinker.

This country has more problems than can be repaired in a lifetime and yet we want some egotistical dickhead to go off and play his little game……..there is NOTHING to Trump…..but HAIR!

It is just silly that this is still a story in the media……..I guess the Clinton e-mails will be the next to be dragged on…..and on…..and………

2 thoughts on “Trump/Kelly Saga Or They’re So Lame

  1. If I was Kelly, I would be much more worried about candidates who oppose the right to have an abortion in case of rape/incest. Because you know it’s just a matter of time before Bill O’Reilly comes at her with a falafel…

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