Kurds To The Rescue

The Kurds!  There has been much in the news for the last 15 years about the Kurds….they are a long time ally of the US…..they are enemies to the Turks…..and they fight against ISIS tooth and nail……and that is as short of a synopsis as I can give without boring you to a coma…..

But the Kurds made news for something different…..they rescued a Swedish girl held by ISIS……

A Swedish girl has been freed from the clutches of the Islamic State in Iraq. Kurdish special forces rescued the 16-year-old Wednesday during a raid near Mosul, report Reuters and the AP. The teen—whom BuzzFeed identifies as Marlin Stivani Nivarlain—was “misled” by an ISIS member in Sweden and first traveled to Syria from the Swedish town of Boras, the Kurdish government says, adding Swedish authorities and family asked for help in rescuing her. Officials say she’ll be “transferred to Swedish authorities to return home once necessary arrangements” are made.

Sorry not much info right now about the girl or the operation……

But I want to address the girl……she went under false pretenses to Iraq to be with ISIS and now she is going home after her rescue…..

May I suggest that she be held for observation……she very well could be a ticking time bomb……ever hear of the Stockholm Syndrome?

In case your memory is a bit fuzzy…….

Stockholm syndrome is considered a complex reaction to a frightening situation, and experts do not agree completely on all of its characteristic features or on the factors that make some people more susceptible than others to developing it. One reason for the disagreement is that it would be unethical to test theories about the syndrome by experimenting on human beings. The data for understanding the syndrome are derived from actual hostage situations since 1973 that differ considerably from one another in terms of location, number of people involved, and time frame. Another source of disagreement concerns the extent to which the syndrome can be used to explain other historical phenomena or more commonplace types of abusive relationships. Many researchers believe that Stockholm syndrome helps to explain certain behaviors of survivors of World War II concentration camps; members of religious cults; battered wives; incest survivors; and physically or emotionally abused children as well as persons taken hostage by criminals or terrorists.
Most experts, however, agree that Stockholm syndrome has three central characteristics:
  • The hostages have negative feelings about the police or other authorities.
  • The hostages have positive feelings toward their captor(s).
  • The captors develop positive feelings toward the hostages.

Just saying that she needs extensive observation in case she has been turned and at the appropriate time becomes a weapon…..a weapon for terrorism.

5 thoughts on “Kurds To The Rescue

  1. Considering she fell for somebody’s weird, unlikely story in the first place, I think she should be monitored for stupidity in the extreme… as should her parents, for allowing her to become that weak-minded… The odds are against any such rational response, though….


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