Where’s The Fraud?

This is for my readers that may use certain sites for their news…..How many time have you picked up a copy of your fave rag like Breitbart or Infowars or Drudge and read one of their many stories on voter fraud?

Many I would bet and most times it is aimed at Dem activist or voters that they are trying to stack the deck for the candidate….you know the stories…..you know NO GOPer would ever do anything so despicable as that, right?

Well I would almost bet that this is a story that will be found Nowhere on the sites I have mentioned……

It sounds like early predictions of chaos for Tuesday’s Republican caucus in Nevada were right on the money. “Trying to catch all the fraud that’s going on here would be like trying to plug all the holes in the Titanic,” a Marco Rubio strategist tells CNN. “You fix one and another one bursts.” The AP’s Sally Ho tweets that at least one caucus location was running out of ballots and turning people away. At another location, volunteers were reportedly handing out ballots “willy-nilly” without checking IDs, allowing one person to vote for Donald Trump twice, Mashable’s Emily Cahn tweets. GOP officials claim those reports are overblown, saying they’re looking into double voting and that additional ballots were given out quickly, according to the Hill.

Some of the more eye-catching photos of the night show caucus volunteers decked out in Trump gear. The National Review’s Elaina Plott, quoting a source within Rubio’s campaign, tweets that one ballot counter in a Trump shirt is “bullying” people and hiding ballots. That source called the whole thing a “shit show.” Volunteers at caucuses are not allowed to show a preference for a particular candidate.

Granted it is happening in the silly operation of a caucus….but sorry dudes…Fraud Is Fraud!

I would challenge the morons at the sites I mentioned….but why?  They had rather make up news than report the actual thing……their readers prefer lies to news anyway.

6 thoughts on “Where’s The Fraud?

  1. I’m sorry, chuq, but. the entire election farce is getting too silly for me… I am forgoing a comment on this, as I’d be here half the day, for what? Nada damn thing. it’s all a wasted of time, money, and human resources, given the unfortunate FACT that nobody running is going to change a bloody thing, and, quite frankly, the entire charade is getting to be rather nauseating in its ubiquity….

    There, they’ll probably need to look that one up, to see if they’ve been insulted…

    I know you won’t, but, then, you’ve read more than two books…

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I agree…..but sadly I cannot look away….I sort of wrote about this happening 30 years ago…..(searching for the hand written piece so I can share it…I think I lost it with a lot of my stuff in Katrina)……

      1. “can’t look away..”

        Like the fascination a swaying snake has over a rabbit, dude… break free!….

        I hear you re: deja vu feelings in today’s world… It’s like I’ve been watching, and writing down an equation describing the evolutionary end of humanity, which has been developing for ten thousand years now, and is only waiting for the last figures to complete the equation, thus ending our time here… According to my calculations, it isn’t going to take much longer…


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