Poor, Poor Jeb!

Since Jeb! took a powder from campaign after his dismal showing in South Carolina pundits have been scrambling to find out just what went wrong…..

The common excuse was the rise and popularity of Donald Trump as the main reason for his demise……but is it?

The post-mortems on Jeb Bush’s failed campaign are rolling in. Some examples:

  • Don’t blame Donald Trump. “What killed Jeb Bush’s campaign was first the failure of his brother’s administration, and then the emergence of Marco Rubio to present a more attractive face for its continuation,” writes Jonathan Chait at New York.
  • Still, Peter Beinart at the Atlantic explains why Bush was Trump’s “perfect foil.”
  • The Week sums things up by collecting 19 “devastating quotes” that compare coverage of Bush in early 2015 with more recent stories.
  • One problem: His campaign underestimated “Bush fatigue,” observes the Washington Post.
  • Another: He didn’t have advisers who could recognize shortcomings and, more importantly, point them out to Bush himself, says this piece in Politico Magazine.
  • How on earth do you spend $130 million and have so little to show for it? The New York Times digs into “one of the least successful campaign spending binges in history.”
  • Those early stumbles on Iraq didn’t help, notes CNN.
  • Gary Legum at Salon bids “good riddance” to the “Bush Dynasty” with the question, “Can anyone think of another family dynasty that has had such a huge role in a particular stretch of American history, yet has almost zero hold on the country’s imagination?”

Stop blaming Trump!  A terrible candidate is just that….a terrible candidate….of which Jeb! was one.

All that is well and good but some of us say it, his campaign, for it was…..a YAWN!

Jeb! had all the appeal of a cold dry noodle…….he will never be a national candidate.  Even surrounded by Daddy Bush and Bubba Bush advisers….he still had No chance…..

Time for us to move on and let Jeb! slink away to lick his wounds and explain to major donors why he pissed away their cash…..besides….who f*cking cares?

6 thoughts on “Poor, Poor Jeb!

  1. I am pleased to see my take on the election is finally being shared to some degree…

    “besides….who f*cking cares?”


    gigoid, the dubious

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