The Hawkish Cult of ‘Leadership”

By now most of my regular readers are not surprised that I often quote or press the American Conservative…..they have gotten over the fact that I am an Uber-liberal that sometimes find wisdom in some conservative thought…..

I have found that some in the conservative movement do have a good grasp on foreign policy and international situations…..I may not always agree but that will not preclude me from offering up their thoughts where I see fit….

It is no secret that I think the neocons are just flipping crazy in their approach to international situations….not every problem can be fised by armed invasion or occupation…..

This is one such article that challenges the total BS of the neocons and their false dichotomy of leadership…..

Sens. Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) and Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) repeated some boilerplate hawkish nostrums on foreign policy in a recent op-ed. They concluded:We say this delicately, as we work hard to respect

Source: The Hawkish Cult of ‘Leadership’ | The American Conservative

Even the great tactician Sun Tzu knew that war was not always necessary…..but yet some refuse to see the value of thought before action…..

Ever seen the movie “Mad Max”?

As I listen to the GOP candidates, those that are still standing, I am reminded of that movie and the road warrior stuff…….

Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz are hurtling toward a chaotic crash as their three-lane road narrows to one.

Source: The GOP Has a Mad Max Problem | Mother Jones

5 thoughts on “The Hawkish Cult of ‘Leadership”

  1. The whole neocon movement was born into darkness, worked in darkness, served darkness and needs to recede into the eternal darkness because of the great damage they have done to a great People and a great country.

  2. ‘But yet some refuse to see the value of thought before action’…..
    Now that is an interesting one…..
    It is because ’emotions’ are the fastest thing to react in the human condition…..
    Observing ‘said’ emotions takes a life time plus the ‘intent’ to change….
    Not taught at schools……some do teach emotional intelligence,most of them do not….
    Too radical,and besides the elites are not in favour of the public being too educated!
    So,then what?
    As my father used to say. ‘it is like kicking shit up a hill’
    I leave you with this….
    The left wing case for leaving the EU
    Perhaps,I have sent it to you already….tweet tweet ?
    My eyes are turning red and square…:(
    Loved the film Mad Max!

  3. I enjoyed your mention of Sun Tzu, since even those who have read The Art of War tend to miss the one line that summarizes what you noted, to wit: The most efficient, effective way to win a battle is to turn your enemy into a friend/ally. In short, to win without fighting….

    Instead, they assume the rest of what is in there is gospel, not realizing it is equivalent to a bull thrashing about in a china shop….

    But, then, the history of this country is filled with examples of a failure of intelligence; in over two hundred years of history, I see very little to recommend this form of government to anyone… Plato and Aristotle were correct in their assessment of democracies… It is a form of government designed for failure, as it makes mediocrity, and maintenance of the status quo, the goal of society…and, that is a sure death. Only the dead never change…

    In spite of what 90% of humanity believes, war is not the answer. It never has been….

    gigoid, the dubious

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