Don’t Go Batcrap Crazy!

Which is excellent advice for people in rural Louisiana…….it seems that a sign appeared and the population was worried that ISIS would attack in the next couple of days…….or it was a message to passing ‘jihadists’…….

Ignorance begets Fear begets Panic…….and panic is something Southerners excel at…….

Here’s your sign!

Some Louisiana residents feared this sign was a terror message written in Arabic.

But there is more to the story…….

Gardner, Louisiana—population 1,964—was on high alert last week after residents spotted a number of signs around town that could have contained a “terror message written in Arabic,” according to KALB. In reality, those signs held a much more innocent message. KALB reports that several residents contacted the sheriff’s office out of concern over the handwritten signs. After some investigation, the sheriff determined the signs were “not in anyway affiliated with ISIS” and actually contained a “welcome home” message written in Hebrew. Specifically, the signs read, “Welcome Home, Yamit” in what the Times of Israel describes as a “boxy Hebrew scrawl” likely done by a child or a non-native Israeli.

Blog Lowering the Bar has a few pieces of advice for people to keep in mind to avoid similar sign-induced panic in the future. First, “You are not necessarily in danger just because you see something you don’t recognize.” Second, Gardner is “not known to be high on the list of ISIS targets.” Finally, terrorists aren’t likely to communicate with each other via conspicuous signage, and if the signs were meant to terrorize residents, they would probably be written in English.

First of all….why would ISIS give twp shakes in Hell about rural Louisiana?

Second, ignorance breeds fear and apparently in rural Louisiana there is a wealth of both….

My grandfather use to say….”if you think you are a victim….then you already are”……

Calm down and breathe deeply.  Nothing to fear but fear itself…..enough said?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Go Batcrap Crazy!

  1. Old adages often remain true…”There is nothing to Fear but Fear itself.” dru

    ps, Haven’t “heard” BatCrap Crazy in a long time, think I’ll start using it in place of ApeShit Crazy. THANX.

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