The Foreign Policy of the GOP

Once again I will be away from the keyboard today……still have doctors and their probing and squeezing……I apologize for the short day of posting……hopefully all this will be over today and I can get back to normal (whatever that is)…..thanx for your patience……

Yes, I am a foreign policy geek……so should our elected officials…..but that is a bit much to ask for these days…….

I admit it….I was a sucker and watched the first GOP debate…..since this election has been called the foreign policy election I wanted to see just what kind of softballs were lobbed at the candidates…..I was not disappointed….FOX News did not ask a hard question…

The world is going to Hell and these people would rather go on and on about e-mails or something else as droll…..the GOP needs to come up or at least debate solutions for the problems we are facing in the world….the next president will be up to his/her ass in international situations the day they take office…..

As it is today just what is the GOP’s foreign policy?  There is lots of criticism but NO original ideas……I ask again…..what is their foreign policy?

The Foreign Policy of the GOP by Justin Raimondo —

Here is an idea….the way one comes up with ideas is by discussing, arguing and debating…..something that the GOP has lost the capability of doing… appears.

Just once I would like to hear an idea coming from the minds of the GOP….instead we get  hyperbole, misinformation, criticism and outright LIES!

There are more debates to come…..maybe with a little work they could have a true foreign policy in place by the general election……and there is a place to start……….

The Republicans Need To Debate Foreign Policy by Ivan Eland —

But alas I will not hold my breath for it is easier to make crap up than to actually find solutions to problems……

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