Do They Have To Pass A Test?

If they do then you are a SICK SOB!

This came from my friend Dr. Rex over at “It Is What It Is”……thanx for turning me on to this…..



Think about it!

16 thoughts on “Do They Have To Pass A Test?

  1. I’m aware of only one so-called “Republican” who might say something this stupid. It was some guy a few years ago on the C-SPAN morning show. He called in and demanded that government stop funding the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program because “them people” grow up to be thugs and mopes and he shouldn’t be forced to “fund their gestation.”

    I’m a real Republican and I don’t want to be lumped in with a piece of shit like that. He’s a scumbag.

    1. Children have been used as a prop for decades just lke vets….time for them to be the real focus of our country if they are truly our future…..

      1. Not all can be afforded, so rules are made for all programs – not a chosen few, no matter how much they’re needed.

      2. I wish I could agree but there seems to be more going to those that need it not….banks come to mind in 2008….

  2. Indeed. Your banks reply says it all. Wonder what’s gonna happen in the coming days with the economy, and which industry that put leaks in its own ship will be bailed out.

      1. I agree…..will they use their many tools to stop trading until it settles down or will they let it play out… guess is ….use the tools…

  3. I certainly hope everyone reads the Declaration of Independence and understands our US constitution, and knows what oceans are on the east and west coast of our country, but you don’t want to teach to the test. Can Arizona students pass a citizenship test – and should they have to?

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