2016: The Foreign Policy Election

I know…..I know…..I harp on this subject a lot…..but look at the record…..the US will be engaging in war from now until the rapture (if you believe that sort of nonsense)……so foreign policy is as important as any of the other issues that few want to speak of…….

The media has coined this upcoming election of 2016 as the “foreign policy” election….simply because the world stage is where so many decisions will be made by the next president.

I will attempt to show my readers why some of the candidates are NOT presidential material………there will be more posts along this line as I find more information about the candidates and their international policies………

This one is about Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin.  Some say that he is a good bet in the primaries basically because of his handling of the state of Wisconsin…..but I want to look deeper into his ideas of international situations…….

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker cited a man in the crowd named Kevin Hermening as a formative influence on his foreign policy thinking. Hermening, a former U.S. Marine who was held hostage during the 1979 Iranian revolution, is a longtime friend of Walker, and has been described in press reports as “the face of Walker’s foreign policy.” The governor has repeatedly cited Hermening as a major influence on his worldview, including his opposition to the Obama administration’s recent nuclear deal with Iran.

Walker’s choice of Hermening as a foreign policy counselor raises serious questions about Walker’s understanding of the issues. Hermening has publicly advocated conducting nuclear strikes against the capital cities of Muslim-majority countries, as well as the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants, particularly those of “Middle Eastern descent” from the United States.

In 2001, Hermening wrote an op-ed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel calling for a response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks that would include “the destruction of the capitals of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan and Yemen,” unless the governments of those countries unequivocally agreed to help kill Osama bin Laden. “Every military response must be considered, including the use of nuclear weapons,” he wrote. In his commentary Hermening also called upon the United States to erect security fences “along the entire perimeter of the United States,” as well as deport “every illegal alien and immigrant, with a focus on removing those of Middle Eastern descent.”

That alone should disqualify this person……..the American president has to deal with a wide array of situations that will pop up around the globe and thisd type of thinking will do NOTHING to make the planet a safer place…..which by the way is the duty of a president….although few have done so in the last 100 years.

Then there is much said (especially by me) the candidate with the most to say…….Lindsey Graham……..of course rhetoric is just slogans of red meat for the idiots on the Right….he seems to think that the US would win the war……..but here is a thought, a historic thought,  for him

Hawkish pols have a tendency to harken back to the late 1930s exclusively, but one need only look to the eve of World War I (to the Czar in Russia and the German Kaiser, say) to see that two countries can and do fight wars that both end up losing.

A war between US and Iran will have NO winner and it will not prevent the development of a nuke by Iran…….

Then there is the idiot of the Right, Tom Cotton, he hails from Arkansas the state that gave us Huckabee…..need I say more?

One of the Republican Senators railing against the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, Sen. Tom Cotton spoke to Israeli reporters today endorsing the idea of a US military strike, saying he believes the US could easily “send Iran back to day one” on its civilian nuclear program by wiping everything out.

Sen. Cotton went on to downplay the seriousness of a war with Iran, saying he believes it would be quick and easy, likening it to the 1998 US attack on neighboring Iraq, a four-day bombing campaign based on faulty US claims of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

This babbling idiot is wrong, as usual…….the 1998 strikes were not the success that they seem to think it ways……why?

Cotton is one of several US Senators touting the 1998 strike as a model, despite that attack resting on faulty claims, and the US turning around just five years later and launching a much bigger, and much more disastrous war on Iraq on the exact same pretext.

I would be more afraid of this type of thinking than of Iran maybe getting a bomb 20 years down the road…….keep in mind all these people have never once thought about the US troops that will have carry out any lame ass plan…….the same troops that these conservs turn their back on when benefits are needed but have NO problem using them as a political prop for re-election…….Israel will spend whatever they have to to change the minds of the American people through ads that are misinformation and outright LIES!

We have enough situations where we must use force….time to start looking for ways to lessen our footprint in the Middle East.

2 thoughts on “2016: The Foreign Policy Election

  1. Military hawks like Hermening are under the delusion that you can bomb the hell out of everyone of your enemies and their threat will go away. The problem is unless you kill everyone, absolutely everyone that supports these jihadists, you will still have cells remaining that will plot further havoc here and abroad, not to mention that neutral Muslims will then start to side with and support the jihadists.

    People like Hermening are pure lunatics

    1. The sad part is that too many neocons think this way and you are right any bombing must be complete or the enemies will multiply…..

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