Humor Is Where You Find It!

Sunday in the park…..(Chicago song)…….and I was trying to think of something clever and witty to post about today…….I was racking my brain and then I read a piece about some guy in Texas…….(need I say more?)

The US government has a training exercise going on in Texas and when it was announced the governor of Texas issued an order for the National Guard to keep tabs on the US military during the exercise……and of course the echo chamber for mental midgets turned the exercise in the government moving to declare martial law and subjugate the people of Texas………

I wait for the shooting and the martial law to begin…….and I wait……and wait….and……..

So when I read this story I thought of that situation……..

Things not to do in the 2am hour on a Thursday night: attempt to shoot an armadillo. Deputies with the Cass County Sheriff’s Department say a Texas man told them he was trying to do that when the bullet apparently ricocheted and struck him in the head instead. The details remain thin, but KTRE reports he was treated for minor injuries at a hospital. Something quite similar occurred in April when a Georgia man fired at an armadillo, only to have the bullet ricochet and strike his mother-in-law’s back. In that case, Larry McElroy did manage to kill the armadillo. There’s no word on the Texas armadillo’s fate.

Why did I think of Operation Jade Helm from this story?

Texans are up in arms about the US holding such a training exercise that they are running for their guns…….the problem is if this is a typical gun totting Texan then maybe they should just submit…….I mean if one cannot shoot an Armadillo without hitting yourself in the head………I do not think they would be much good trying to fight the best military in the world…….right?

Then there is the other side of the coin……..since guns are so important in Texas….maybe the armadillo was armed and was only firing in self-defense… know kinda like “stand your ground”…….

Whatcha think?

10 thoughts on “Humor Is Where You Find It!

  1. ” a Texas man told them he was trying to do that when the bullet apparently ricocheted and struck him in the head instead. The details remain thin …”

    The details remain thin but we know whose head is thick as a stick of stove wood.

  2. I’m not sure I understand the need/impulse to kill an armadillo at all; supposedly, they taste like chicken. If that’s the case, it would be a lot easier to go out & shoot a chicken, I’d think….

    But, then, I’m not from Texas….


      1. And True…and True!!! He shot his sister-in-laws refrigerator and had to haul it off and buy her a new one. I soooo luv the weekends! I so love Texans, except for their attitude, two of my sisters where born in TX but me, I’m a CA girl. dru

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