Iran Deal: What Price Opposition?

Since the announcement of the deal come to by US (P5+1) and Iran…..there has been a concerted effort to kill the deal and move the country to a more war footing…….neocons and their handlers, Israel are working overtime……and the cash is being spread around like peanut butter……

The Senator next in line for the leadership of the Dems is earning the cash advance from Israel……..

In a move seen as a major blow to the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D – NY), one of the most influential “undecided” votes in the Senate, has announced that he has decided to oppose the deal, and will encourage other Democrats to do the same.

Sen. Schumer had been a major target of Israel Lobby pressure in recent days to vote against the deal, and his broad influence was seen as a potential inducement to other Democrats to go along. Schumer insisted his position was the result of “considerable soul-searching.”

“Soul searching”?  Is that code for checking to see if the money is in his account yet?

Sorry this should disqualify him from a leadership roll….if he can be manipulated by foreign powers this easily….do you really want him in control?

You know there is an election coming……..and that could be the deciding factor………

With powerful lobbying groups threatening to make hay of the issue in the next election, many in Congress are facing a tough decision on how to vote, knowing that there is big money that is likely to be turned against them if they don’t go along in trying to block the pact.

Once again it comes down to cash and re-election………the backbone of what was once an American democracy.

Here’s an idea…..why not get these types to register as paid agents for a foreign government…..since AIPAC gets cash from the “homeland” to fight these fight……

Flash!  Democracy in America is DEAD!  God has been replaced by money!  All this is becoming more and more disgusting with every election!



4 thoughts on “Iran Deal: What Price Opposition?

    1. To me they are no better than a prostitute….at least most of the hookers are honest….cannot say that about our politicians….

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