Nuke Material: Update

Several days ago I wrote about some nuke material that went missing in Iraq from some civilian contractor of oil field services……my concern was the possibility of the use of this material to make a dirty bomb……

Of course it did not get the coverage that it needed because we are in the middle of an election and whatever these toads have to rant about is far more important than some “silly” dirty bomb fear……

So let me once again write about something that has happened concerning this missing material……..Reported this weekend……..

In poor news for any would-be dirty-bombmakers in ISIS, Iraq says it has safely recovered the “highly dangerous” radioactive material that went missing days ago from the storage facility of a US oilfield services company, reports Reuters. The iridium-192, which was reportedly in a laptop-size case, was found dumped near a gas station about nine miles away from where it went missing in Basra. “A passer-by found the radioactive device dumped in Zubair and immediately informed security forces which went with a special prevention radiation team and retrieved the device,” a Basra security official says. “After initial checking I can confirm the device is intact 100% and there is absolutely no concern of radiation.”

So you can stop fretting this news and go back to listening to mental midgets tell you what you want……I have done my part…..

7 thoughts on “Nuke Material: Update

    1. Never mind, I found the answer — although I still question this whole thing. First, just how dangerous was the material — for instance, was it enough to actually make a dirty bomb. Second, how convenient that they have been looking for the item since November and just magically find it within days after its disappearance is reported.

      1. You can make a DB with the material in smoke alarms….I did not like the way this story was reported…..there is something missing in the MSM reports…..chuq

  1. I’m pretty certain there is a LOT of missing information regarding loose radioactive material in the world, and the MSM wants no part of any of it… too much chance of panic. Think Fukushima, and what is being discovered about A) the reaction is still going on, uncontrolled, and B) much more radiation got out than was thought, and continues to spread in a westerly pattern around the world… It’s showing up in California, and not just in the sea life…., but, how many stories have we seen? Zero…

    Missing information is what MSM is all about; they pick and choose every word for maximum manipulative effect, not for information content….

    Paying much attention to any of it is a serious mistake….

    gigoid, the dubious

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