The Violence Has Arrived

I have been reading several articles that predicts that Trump and his mouth and sycophants will make violence possible…..

Historians and other experts on Thursday warned that President Donald Trump’s attempt to remain in power despite his loss in the 2020 election is growing increasingly dangerous as Republican leaders willingly participate in the disenfranchisement of millions of voters and back the president’s refusal to accept the election results. 

In an op-ed at The Hill, journalist Albert Hunt wrote that Trump’s “deceitful charge” that the Democratic Party stole the election and allowed “illegal votes” to be cast—claims that have yet to be backed up by evidence—”undermines confidence in our Democratic system, but it could also threaten to unleash a dangerous wave of violence.”

…….and so it has over the weekend….

Pro and Anti-Trump protesters met at the SCOTUS building in DC….

Several thousand supporters of President Trump in Washington protested election results and hailed Trump’s passing motorcade before nighttime clashes with counterdemonstrators sparked fistfights, at least one stabbing and at least 20 arrests. Several other cities on Saturday also saw gatherings of Trump supporters unwilling to accept Joe Biden’s Electoral College and popular vote victory. Cries of “Stop the Steal” and “Count Every Vote” continued in spite of a lack of evidence of voter fraud or other problems that could reverse the result. After night fell, the relatively peaceful demonstrations in Washington turned violent, reports the AP. Videos on social media showed fistfights, projectiles, and clubs as Trump supporters clashed with those demanding they take their MAGA hats and banners and leave. The tensions extended to Sunday morning. A variety of charges, including assault and weapons possession, were filed against those arrested, officials said. Two police officers were injured and several firearms were recovered by police.

Trump himself gave an approving nod Saturday morning by dispatching his motorcade through streets lined with supporters before rolling on to his Virginia golf club. People chanted “USA, USA” and “four more years,” and many carried American flags and signs to show their displeasure with the vote tally and insistence that, as Trump has baselessly asserted, fraud was the reason. “I just want to keep up his spirits and let him know we support him,” said one loyalist, Anthony Whittaker of Winchester, Va. The marchers included the Proud Boys. Trump supporters who approached the area were harassed, doused with water and saw their MAGA hats and pro-Trump flags snatched and burned, amid cheers. As night fell, multiple police lines kept the two sides apart. Videos showed some demonstrators and counterdemonstrators trading shoves, punches, and slaps. The “Million MAGA March” was heavily promoted on social media, raising concerns that it could spark conflict with anti-Trump demonstrators, who have gathered near the White House for weeks.

This was not as violent as it could have been …..especially with those hairy gun toters……will this be the extent of the violence or will it escalate?

Trump’s mouth could be the catalyst for either calm or violence.

Things could get worse before it gets better….

Whites make up around over 65 percent of the electorate of the US. Surveys show that 57 percent of white voters (56 percent women, 58 percent men) went for Trump, despite everything—his awful mismanagement of the pandemic, his lies, his anti-science attitude, his divisiveness, and his blatant pandering to white nationalist groups like the Nazis, Klan, and Proud Boys.

That is where the danger lies now: the fascist mobilization of a white population that is in relative decline numbers-wise.

History has shown that when large social groups no longer feel they can win by democratic elections, the temptation towards extra-parliamentary solutions becomes very tempting. As the aggregate minority population in the U.S. moves toward parity in numbers with the white population over the next few decades, white nationalism is likely to become more rather than less popular among whites of all ages and across gender lines.

I believe I know what he will choose… you?

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It All Began In Minneapolis

This round of protesting over the death of a black person at the hands of the police….these protests turned violence laced with destruction and arson…..and once again the talk is about reform of the police departments and their attitudes toward the minority communities….

All the focus on the PDs and politicians to step up and do the right thing…..and Minnesota took a step backwards…..

Legislators in Minnesota—the state where George Floyd was killed—huddled all night over police reform and walked away empty-handed, the New York Times reports. Democrats called for major changes to police oversight and Republicans more “common-sense reforms,” leading the two chambers to adjourn at around 6am Saturday without a deal. “I am deeply disappointed Senate Republicans chose to leave before finishing our work,” said Susan Kent, Senate minority leader for the Democrats, per the Star-Tribune. Paul Gazelka, the state Senate’s Republican leader, said “if they’re not interested in” his latest offer, “I don’t think personally that they’ll ever be interested in something that we can agree to.”

Democrats wanted Minnesota to beef up deadly-force laws, allow convicted felons to vote, and let the state’s attorney general (a Democrat) oversee the prosecution of police killings. Republicans called for milder measures, like prohibiting chokeholds in most police encounters and requiring police to stop officers from using excessive force. Democrats called those half-measures that haven’t helped elsewhere, then made a counter-offer at midnight that didn’t include voting felons and AG investigations. But the Democrat-led House and Republican Senate still couldn’t reconcile. “Minnesotans expect us, like they do in their jobs, to finish when the work is done,” said Gov. Tim Walz, who added that this “is at the center of what we should be doing.”

My question is…if reforms cannot get a foothold in the place this round began is there any hope for real reform….anywhere?

With all the chaos and protests and NYPD Commission finds they acted properly…

The New York Police Department (NYPD) commissioner on Monday defended the officers who drove into protesters against police brutality late last month, saying they did not violate the department’s use-of-force policy.

Commissioner Dermot Shea testified in an online public hearing on the police response to the George Floyd protests, saying the officers shown in videos to be lurching into a crowd were complying with department standards.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is investigating the police response, asked the commissioner about May 30 videos that showed two police cruisers driving into a crowd in Brooklyn.

So it is perfectly alright to run down peaceful protesters with a vehicle in NYC, right?

Do you see the problem now?

Politicians are doing what they always do….Lots of talking loud and proud and saying nothing…..and inaction prevails.

Black Lives Matter, corporations

What started in Minneapolis should never be allowed to cease…..if government will not listen then take it to the streets…..and stay there until these “fat cats” grow ears.

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Just A Few “Bad Apples”

I know you have heard the term “bad apples” referring to those cops that are caught beating and abusing the public and why should all cops be punished for the acts of a few “bad apples”?

There seems to have been 85,000 investigations of police wrong doing…in the past decade…..

At least 85,000 law enforcement officers across the USA have been investigated or disciplined for misconduct over the past decade, an investigation by USA TODAY Network found.

Officers have beaten members of the public, planted evidence and used their badges to harass women. They have lied, stolen, dealt drugs, driven drunk and abused their spouses.

Despite their role as public servants, the men and women who swear an oath to keep communities safe can generally avoid public scrutiny for their misdeeds.

The records of their misconduct are filed away, rarely seen by anyone outside their departments. Police unions and their political allies have worked to put special protections in place ensuring some records are shielded from public view, or even destroyed.

Reporters from USA TODAY, its affiliated newsrooms across the country and the nonprofit Invisible Institute in Chicago spent more than a year creating the biggest collection of police misconduct records.

Obtained from thousands of state agencies, prosecutors, police departments and sheriffs, the records detail at least 200,000 incidents of alleged misconduct, much of it previously unreported. The records obtained include more than 110,000 internal affairs investigations by hundreds of individual departments and more than 30,000 officers who were decertified by 44 state oversight agencies.

Sorry but those numbers stated in the article are a bit more than a “few bad apples”…..

But not to worry…all politicians are jumping on the bandwagon of reform…..not of which will actually change anything.

Learn Stuff!

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What About White People?

How many have heard the tale that the media is ignoring the violence committed by police towards white people?

I have heard….and of course the old reliable “All Lives Matter”….I would have been disappointed if that had not shown up…..sorry but to me that is the same as saying “I have black friends”…..a racist response.

But let’s look at the accusation that the media is ignoring voilence against white people……

The ongoing national protests against police brutality have focused for the most part on black victims, for the obvious reason that black Americans are disproportionately abused by police. The horrifying video of George Floyd being slowly strangled to death hit a raw nerve in the black community, which has endured decades of these kinds of atrocities, as well as an exponentially greater amount of less-lethal abuses.

This has led some conservatives to claim that the protesters are deliberately ignoring white victims. Commentator Matt Walsh pointed to videos of two white men, Tony Timpa and Daniel Shaver, being brutally killed by police as evidence that only black killings get attention and that police brutality is not a reflection of systemic racism. At Townhall, Mike Adams wrote an article entitled “White Man Can’t Breathe,” noting that there had not been “George Soros-funded protests” or “Antifa riots” in response to the Timpa killing, and implied a lack of them would show “political opportunism.”

These are disingenuous arguments.

There is NO substance to the claims.

But that will not let disinformation go to waste….social media is full of bullshit waiting to be spread.

Let’s now look at those racists we all know……the ones I know think they are not hardly racist at all…they just think they are spouting truth……

New research indicates that the Dunning-Kruger effect — meaning the tendency for less competent individuals to overestimate their competence — can be applied to prejudicial attitudes. The study, which appears in Personality and Individual Differences, found that the least egalitarian individuals tended to be those who overestimated their levels of egalitarianism the most.

“I’m generally interested in how prejudice works and in why it’s sometimes difficult to get people to become less prejudiced. This study opened a window into understanding why some people don’t know that they’re prejudiced, and why those people might be particularly difficult to reach,” said study author Keon West, an associate professor of social psychology and the director of Equalab at Goldsmiths, University of London.

The researchers examined who was the most likely to overestimate their level of egalitarianism in two studies with 307 participants.

Racism will always exist….the thing to do is make it as unattractive as possible… one should have to face discrimination because of the skin color or for their birth place…..

Sorry renaming military bases is not going to help stem the rise of racism at all…..pulling down statues does little to change prejudices….

Lots a work ahead….stay in the streets and make a difference…..just a thought……

Be Well…Be Safe….Be Heard……

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Did The Police Do That?

I could not let the day go without a post on the protests and the following violence.

Well this post is not about the violence of some police towards protesters but rather the police that are sneaking into the protests and inciting them to do vandalism.

The United States is on fire. Since the police killing of George Floyd on May 26, millions have taken to the streets in protest, clashing with police. At least 11 people have died, and thousands have been arrested. 15 states (plus Washington, D.C.) have called in the National Guard to quash protests raging in over 100 cities. Violence has been widespread, particularly in the epicenter Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed, with buildings engulfed in flames, stores looted and vehicles destroyed.

While protestors are undoubtedly responsible for some share of the destruction, the country’s law enforcement officials have also been caught multiple times sabotaging and destroying property as well, presumably in an attempt to escalate the situation or to defame the protests.

In Seattle, police were caught on camera smashing through the door of a local Target, seemingly far away from any conflict or commotion.

Agent Provocateurs: Police at Protests All Over the Country Caught Destroying Property

This is nothing new…..back in my younger days protests were infiltrated by FBI and the police and they would try to get the crowd fired up to commit other acts other than the protests….so there is a history there…..

It is a historical fact, as this episode illustrates, that law enforcement frequently infiltrates progressive political movements using agent provocateurs who urge others to engage in violence. It is also a historical fact that, more rarely, such provocateurs commit acts of violence themselves.

The media pays little attention to such infiltrators, for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, corporate media has never taken much enthusiasm in questioning government action in the midst of riots or major demonstrations, unless that action goes wildly over the line or targets members of the media. The subject of provocateurs is also fraught  from the perspective of protesters and movement organizers, as it can lead to paranoia that undermines solidarity and movement building. It is often conflated with the trope of “outside agitators” and used by authorities or other opponents of the protesters to delegitimize the anger on display, giving some protesters or their supporters an incentive to downplay the reality of the provocations.

Tactics by the police have gotten more deadly but some of them are still stuck in the 1960s.

But not to worry…there is NOTHING the president will do to change things….he wants protest leaders tagged as “terrorists”…..

Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray held a press conference Thursday afternoon to voice lying claims that left-wing groups bent on violence had “hijacked” the protests, in an effort to manufacture a pretext for repression.

Barr advocated the use of anti-terrorism units to apprehend the “agitators.” The branding of domestic political opposition as terrorism is aimed at delegitimizing and criminalizing all opposition to police violence and the policies of the oligarchy.

The level of lying in the Barr press conference would be admired by Nazi spokesman Josef Goebbels, the head of Hitler’s “Big Lie” propaganda machine. Barr conjured up an invented world in which demonstrations involving millions of people in hundreds of cities, large, medium and small, are being manipulated by Antifa, an “organization” that has not a single identified member. He also claimed that “foreign actors” were intervening in the protests, adding the specter of a Russian, Chinese, Iranian or Al Qaeda role.

Let’s not forget that the police/FBI/others all work for the American public and yet they are being used to inflict pain and violence against them…..even to having “secret” officers used…..

June 3, protesters gathered near the White House in Washington, D.C., were confronted by mysterious personnel equipped in tactical riot gear, including shields and “non-lethal” weaponry. These paramilitary units, which appeared alongside National Guard troops, were virtually absent of any identifying badge or insignia.

In a fascistic rant on Monday, June 1, delivered only minutes after a violent attack by police against protesters exercising their democratic right to peaceful assembly, Trump made clear that his administration is preparing to trample on the Constitution and establish a presidential dictatorship. The appearance of these unmarked paramilitary units must be seen as a significant step in that direction.

When asked by protesters and reporters to identify themselves, the personnel either remained silent, or simply stated, “Department of Justice [DOJ].”

To be fair…there have been some great moments that the news did not cover as much….like in Louisville….

Learn Stuff!  Be Informed!

Be Well….Be Safe….Be Cautious…..Be Heard

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Decent Cops Are Penalized

We all have heard about the killings by these brutal cops…but we hear very little about decent cops doing the right thing.

Let’s look a Buffalo.

We know that the cops there injured an old man and when they two we charged the rest of the unit was so upset they resigned (I say good riddance to garbage and now Buffalo can look for good cops)….but did you hear about the Buffalo cop that lost her job for doing the right thing?


Let me help out.

In Buffalo, New York a former police officer is fighting for her pension after being fired from the city’s police department for interfering with another officer she claims was abusing an arrested suspect. Cariol Horne was fired from the force in 2006 and charged with obstructing another cop during an arrest over a domestic dispute, ABC 7 reported last week. 

Horne claims that fellow Buffalo officer Gregory Kwiatkowski was abusing a suspect who had already been placed under arrest in handcuffs. “He was handcuffed in the front and he was sideways and being punched in the face by Gregory Kwiatkowski,” explained Horne. Horne said she intervened when she saw Kwiatowski begin to choke the man. “I’m like, ‘Greg! You’re choking him,’ because I thought whatever happened in the house he was still upset about so when he didn’t stop choking him I just grabbed his arm from around Neal Mack’s neck,” said Horne.

That may have been in 2006 but that does not matter….apparently she was doing the right thing and was penalized by Buffalo for her actions….that begs the question does Buffalo truly want to do the right thing or are they reacting to the moment these days and will revert back to the bad behavior that they have done in the past?

I feel like it is the latter.

Then there is the chief of police in Portland Oregon….who stepped aside to let another officer work on major reforms…..

With the police department in Portland receiving heavy criticism from the ACLU of Oregon and others for its response to the protests, Chief Jami Resch considered what the city needs. The answer, she decided, was someone else as police chief. She turned to Lt. Chuck Lovell, who hadn’t sought the job, the Oregonian reports. “You never wanted it,” Resch told him Monday. “You were meant for it.” The job offer stunned Lovell, 46, who will become Portland’s fourth black police chief. But he said that “when your boss comes to you and says the community needs you,” you have to take it. Resch called him “the exact right person at the exact right moment.” Mayor Ted Wheeler, who ordered police to limit the use of tear gas on Saturday, said more changes are coming, per Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Resch said she asked the mayor to support the change on Sunday, and he welcomed the new chief. “Together we will work on meaningful and bold reforms,” Wheeler said Monday. Resch had only been chief since January, and activists pointed out that appointing a new chief in the past hasn’t brought meaningful change to the department. Resch agreed that it’s only a start. At the announcement, Lovell said what struck him most when he watched the video of George Floyd dying in police custody in Minneapolis was the lack of compassion among the officers, a problem that he said the community could come together to battle. “The fight is not with each other,” Lovell said. “The fight is against that idea – that people, institutions, the agencies that can harbor that feeling in their heart.”

She moved at the right time and did the decent thing for the city and the times…..

I realize these are not the only time that the police have acted in a meaningful way….but it is some that will illustrate the point.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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Let’s End The Hardcore Policies

I read that some cities are starting to roll back there hard fisted policies toward protesters…..

New York will end its curfew…..

New York City is lifting its curfew spurred by protests against police brutality ahead of schedule, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Sunday morning. The 8pm citywide curfew, which the AP reports is New York’s first in decades, had been set to remain in effect through at least Sunday, with the city planning to lift it at the same time it enters the first phase of reopening after more than two months of shutdowns because of the coronavirus. “Yesterday and last night we saw the very best of our city,” de Blasio tweeted in his announcement of the curfew’s end “effective immediately.” “Tomorrow we take the first big step to restart.” The move followed New York City police pulling back on enforcing the curfew Saturday as thousands took to the streets and parks to protest police brutality, sparked by the death of George Floyd.

More than two hours after curfew passed Saturday night, groups of several hundred demonstrators continued to march in Manhattan and Brooklyn, while police monitored them but took a hands-off approach. Local politicians and civil liberties advocates had called for an end to the 8pm curfew, complaining that it causes needless friction when officers try to enforce it. But de Blasio had initially insisted the curfew would remain in place through the weekend. There were about 40 arrests citywide Friday—far fewer than previous nights—and no obvious signs of the smash-and-grab stealing that marred protests earlier in the week. On Saturday, Antoinette Henry wasn’t surprised people were still marching after more than a week, even though she said she had seen violence from police earlier. “Our first couple of protests ended a bit violently but we’re back out here. We’re not going to stop fighting.”

Other cities and states are starting to roll back police responses to protesters……

Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler on Saturday ordered the city’s police to stop using tear gas except as a last resort in life-threatening situations, making it one of several cities that have started restricting law enforcement tactics in response to protests over the killing of George Floyd. Wheeler says he shares community concerns about the use of CS gas, especially during a respiratory-illness pandemic. Critics have called on the Portland Police Bureau to permanently ban the use of CS gas on protesters, reports the AP. “I strongly believe that gas should not be used to disperse crowds of non-violent protestors or for general crowd management purposes,” Wheeler tweeted. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan on Friday announced a 30-day moratorium on its use—though pepper spray and other less-than-lethal measures remain available to officers. Officials in Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and Washington, DC, have proposed bans or limits on the use of tear gas, and Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed, halted the use of choke holds and neck restraints like the one that killed him.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered police to stop training officers in choke holds, and Bellevue, Wash., Police Chief Steve Mylett on Friday banned his officers from using neck restraints except when deadly force is needed. In Denver, US District Judge Brooke Jackson on Friday imposed restrictions on the use of chemical and less-lethal weapons by police, saying officers had failed to police themselves when it came to using them. Videos of police firing pepper spray at protesters who were yelling but not acting violently “showed that the officers had ample time for reflection and were not dealing with dangerous conditions,” he said. Police in Seattle were similarly criticized for overreacting to protests last week. Video showed police attacking mostly peaceful protesters with pepper spray after an officer tried to grab a pink umbrella from a demonstrator. The city has promised a thorough review. More than 12,000 complaints poured into Seattle’s police accountability office.

I would say these are good things…but KI have a feeling it is a political move and not a morally right move….after all they will be facing the voters next time around and this will look good on their resume.

In case anyone is interesting how we got to this place in society….they need to look back about 50 years.

The Kerner Commission identified factors contributing to police ineffectiveness during the 1960s civil disorders. Since release of the Kerner report, the frequency and intensity of civil disorders has declined and the policing of disorders has changed. Using the report recommendations as a framework, we analyze changes in police disorder management during the 2014 events in Ferguson as these involve operational planning and equipment. Data for the Ferguson case are constructed from media reports, police and activist accounts, after action reports, and field observations. We link changes seen in Ferguson to larger institutional changes in law enforcement over the last fifty years. We conclude with discussions on what did and did not work in the policing of Ferguson and highlight implications for policing of protest and disorder in the twenty-first century.

We will see just how serious these cities are about a change in attitude…or it it is all talk.

Learn Stuff!

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I wish I had more but that is the question that needs asking of the police officers that did this to an old man……

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo say they are disturbed and sickened by a video that led to the suspension of two Buffalo police officers without pay. The graphic video, which can be seen here, shows officers shoving a 75-year-old man to the ground, leaving him motionless as a pool of blood forms under his head. “This incident is wholly unjustified and utterly disgraceful,” Cuomo tweeted Thursday night. He said he spoke to Brown, and they “agree that the officers involved should be immediately suspended pending a formal investigation.” Brown said the man, who was shoved around 8pm Thursday after approaching a group of officers during a George Floyd protest, was hospitalized in serious but stable condition, the New York Times reports

“Police officers must enforce—NOT ABUSE—the law,” Cuomo wrote. The video was posted Thursday night by WBFO and had been viewed more than 47 million times by Friday morning. Shortly before the video was posted, a police spokesman claimed the man “tripped and fell” during a “skirmish involving protesters,” the Buffalo News reports. Brown described the incident as “disheartening” after “days of peaceful protests and several meetings between myself, police leadership and members of the community.” Earlier Thursday, the mayor told a group of around 200 protesters that he had directed the city’s police department to formally ban the use of choke holds

Watch the video but be warned it is troubling for some…..

Personally the son of a bitch needs to be locked up for 20 damn years to think about his actions…..the cop (no he is not a cop he is a fucking thug) not the old man….in case there was any confusion

There is NO excuse for this and all that resort to unnecessary violence should be made to pay and pay dearly.  PERIOD!

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Stop Pretending Reform Will Help

Politicians have lined up, especially Dems, to call for reform….to include former president Obama….

Barack Obama has told young people of colour “your lives matter” in public remarks that supporters welcomed as an antidote to Donald Trump’s racially charged and divisive threats to crack down on civil dissent.

America’s first black president on Wednesday expressed faith in young people in the US and said he remained “optimistic” about the future despite the police killing of George Floyd and mounting crises that Trump’s critics say leave the country crying out for leadership.

Obama spoke at an event by the My Brother’s Keeper alliance, a program of the Obama Foundation, that was called “Reimagining Policing in the Wake of Continued Police Violence.” It was the first public appearance by the 44th president since Floyd was killed by a white Minneapolis police officer kneeling on his neck, sparking nine days of nationwide protests that have been mostly peaceful but marred by some incidents of violence.

Nice words….but he had 8 years in White House to accomplish something…..and here we are.

Then there is the new ad from candidate Biden….

Again he was in the White House for 8 years and yet…here we are again.

Then there are all the pundits that have the answers to the problems….they are paid to have these…so take most of them with a grain of salt.

Let’s be honest….the police have immunity from prosecution in some cases and it was given by the Supreme Court….

Qualified immunity, created by the Supreme Court in the 1970s, shields police and other government officials from liability in civil rights lawsuits when the illegality of their actions was not “clearly established” at the time of the offense.

The Supreme Court Has a Chance To End Qualified Immunity and Prevent Cases Like George Floyd’s

Learn more about ‘Qualified Immunity’…..

Not to worry there will be a mass of bills to change things when it involves the police and each one will be just to pad a resume for their next election…..or it it makes it to the Senate it will die a slow death for the Senate is where great bills go to die.

What I am saying is that ‘reforms’ will not change a damn thing….why?  They are easily swept aside but another administration.

The first thing we need to do is….stop blaming those ‘bad apples’….why?

There is a long long legacy of brutality by the police…

Let us not forget those state legislatures……they were slow if not slower than the national leaders in ceasing the brutality……

1 of 7
FILE – In this March 5, 2019 file photo Ohio House minority leader Emilia Sykes delivers the Democrat’s response to the Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s Ohio State of the State address at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio. Only about a third of U.S. states have enacted laws addressing police use-of-force in the six years since a national protest movement emerged over the killings of black men by white police officers. Sykes criticized GOP lawmakers this week for failing to enact laws recommended by former Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s task force that hold police accountable. (AP Photo/Paul Vernon)


A wave of police killings of young black men in 2014 prompted 24 states to quickly pass some type of law enforcement reform, but many declined to address the most glaring issue: police use of force. Six years later, only about a third of states have passed laws on the question.

The issue is at the heart of nationwide protests set off by the May 25 death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white police officer in Minneapolis pressed a knee into Floyd’s neck for several minutes while he pleaded for air.

Now, some lawmakers and governors are hoping to harness the renewed wave of anger to push through changes on the use of force they couldn’t manage after 2014, a year that included the deaths at the hands of police of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Eric Garner in New York and 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland.

“We’re absolutely at a point in time where we have to do more,” said Maryland state Del. Vanessa Atterbeary, a Democrat who will chair a working group announced this week that will take up use-of-force standards for that state.

Pushback from politically influential law enforcement unions prompted some states’ use-of-force proposals to stall, while others have opted for voluntary programs to change policing practices. In some states, lawmakers have even broadened the powers of police, such as increasing penalties for those who attack officers or, as in Tennessee and Utah, limiting the power of independent review boards that investigate police conduct.

I do not have all the answers but a start would be to recall all the military equipment and let the police use the law as the weapon not the arms made for war.

Training in law enforcement and community not tactics for going to war.

One attempt to do something (to illustrate my point)…..

H.R.1232 — 114th Congress (2015-2016)All Information (Except Text)

Bill History – Congressional Record References

And it ended with a thud of non-action.

Another attempt from the same timeline….

The Demilitarization of Police Act requires law enforcement agencies to disclose and justify the need and cost of any military equipment they own (e.g. machine guns, armored vehicles, night-vision scopes, camouflage fatigues and flash-bang grenades). Law enforcement agencies must provide the [legislature/council/commission] at least 90 days notice before any future acquisition of military equipment.

Based on New Jersey SB 2364 and SB 2365 (2014)

Read the Act….

A Case for de-militarization…..

Time to end for good the 1033 Program which is the way police gets their weapons of war to use on the civilian population.

Just a few reasons why I do not trust the politicians and pundits and their calls for reform…..

This country needs CHANGE…..not reform.

The call for reforms is what you do when you want nothing to be done.

Enough talk!

I Read, I Write, You Know

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A New Word–Antifa

There is a new word that is making the rounds in news reports that the media is trying to slyly blame for the violence.

The word is “ANTIFA” (caps for effect only)…..

Read and learn

It came about in 2017 in Charlottesville when protesters clashed with bigot white boys….and the media went batcrap crazy with news of these clashes… thoughts on Charlottesville–2017…..

Personally I was pleased to see these folks show up and take on the fascist scum….and now the word ANTIFA is once again in the news……and once again the old professor will help you understand these protesters.

The group that Donald the Orange has decided he will add to the terrorism list….a foolish threat from a foolish immature toad.

But who are these people/groups?

There many ways to tell who the people are and what they want….most of the definitions are not accurate but they will be used ad nauseum….like this one…

The anti-fascist protest movement known as antifa gained new prominence in the United States after the white supremacist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, in August 2017. In Charlottesville and at many subsequent events held by white supremacists or right-wing extremists, antifa activists have aggressively confronted what they believe to be authoritarian movements and groups. While most counter-protestors tend to be peaceful, there have been several instances where encounters between antifa and the far-right have turned violent.

Online battles between far right groups and anti-fascists – or “Antifa” – are now regularly spilling out onto the streets of America. But who are Antifa and what do they represent? Anisa Subedar and Mike Wendling went to the West coast of America to find out for Seriously… podcast Political Violence in America. Here are seven facts you need to know.

1. How long have Antifa been around?

Some Antifa groups date the origins of their movement to fights against European fascists in the 1920s and 1930s. Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, says the modern American Antifa movement began in the 1980s with a group called Anti-Racist Action. Its members confronted neo-Nazi skinheads at punk gigs in the American Midwest and elsewhere. By the early 2000s the Antifa movement was mostly dormant – until the rise of Donald Trump and the alt-right.

There is lots of disinformation about Antifa circling the social media accounts.

A compilation of arguments addressing some of the claims and conspiracy theories that have been circulating about “outside agitators” and “ANTIFA” in recent days. These were originally posted as social media threads by Crimethinc and It’s Going Down.

This is another example of the far right’s attempts to discredit Antifa….

As if tensions weren’t high enough with the George Floyd protests taking place across America, an ominous message circulated Sunday night that seemed to hint at more violence to come—and it appeared to be linked to antifa. “Tonight’s the night, Comrades,” the @ANTIFA_US account said in the tweet. “Tonight we say ‘F— The City’ and we move into the residential areas … and we take what’s ours.” That account has since been suspended by Twitter, and NBC News reports that it was fake. It wasn’t tied to anyone involved with the antifa movement, but to Identity Evropa, a white nationalist group that Twitter has had to contend with before regarding fraudulent accounts, per a Twitter spokesperson. “This account violated our platform manipulation and spam policy, specifically the creation of fake accounts,” a Twitter rep tells Axios.

“We took action after the account sent a Tweet inciting violence and broke the Twitter rules,” the rep adds. NBC notes there was other misinformation that started circulating Sunday night revolving around a supposed “cover-up” or “blackout” of DC protests, but that was also a hoax.

I have defended the actions of Antifa and now it is good to see someone else doing the same…..

Antifa is once again being attacked by elements of the right, elements of the Left and the center. Those on the right see an anarchist anti-capitalist bogeyman. The critics on the left see nihilism and a misunderstanding of the definition of fascism. Those in the liberal/conservative center see an undefinable and unquantifiable element in the body politic that prefers violence to debate and vandalism to voting. All of these criticisms are both wrong and right. Precisely because it is not an organized group and has no politics beyond challenging those it considers fascists or very sympathetic to fascism, Antifa opens itself to these and other misunderstandings. There is no single spokesperson or committee to defend and explain it. Because it so loosely defined, it opens itself up to multiple definitions, many of which are lies.

In Defense of Antifa

By the way…..all that crap Trump spouted about Antifa last week was just, like most of his stuff, bullshit…..

The FBI’s Washington Field Office “has no intelligence indicating Antifa involvement/presence” in the violence that occurred on May 31 during the D.C.-area protests over the murder of George Floyd, according to an internal FBI situation report obtained exclusively by The Nation. That same day, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he would designate “Antifa” a terrorist organization, even though the government has no existing authority to declare a domestic group a terrorist organization, and antifa is not an organized group. Following the president’s tweet, Attorney General William Barr said in a statement, “The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.”

The FBI report, however, states that “based on CHS [Confidential Human Source] canvassing, open source/social media partner engagement, and liaison, FBI WFO has no intelligence indicating Antifa involvement/presence.” The statement followed a list of violent acts like throwing bricks at police and the discovery of a backpack containing explosive materials, which were flagged by the FBI under a “Key Updates” section of the report. The FBI has been issuing such reports daily since the weekend, according to a Bureau source, who added that none of these documents contained any evidence of antifa violence.

One last thought…take the word “antifa” and turn it around to “fitna”….kinda cool the definition of the word in Arabic….Fitna (or fitnah, pl. fitan; Arabic: فتنة , فتن‎: “temptation, trial; sedition, civil strife, conflict…….

Kinda fits huh?  (This should give those idiot conspiracy theorist something to work with)

Time to be a by-stander is over….either join the move or learn to live on your knees with Donald the Orange…..the choice is yours….I have made mine.

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