Your Stim Check

This is info for those Social Security recipients like myself…..good news is that your check is in the mail (or will soon be)…..

One of the biggest challenges the Treasury Department has in getting Americans their checks from the $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package is tracking down people who don’t file tax returns. Now, at least one key group of nonfilers will see that process expedited. The official word, delivered from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in a statement late Wednesday, per NBC News: “We want to ensure that our senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and low-income Americans receive economic impact payments quickly and without undue burden. Social Security recipients who are not typically required to file a tax return need to take no action, and will receive their payment directly to their bank account.” Those who don’t have direct deposit info on file with the IRS will receive a paper check.

The move is a reversal of the original IRS wording, which noted seniors and those with low incomes would have to file a “simple” tax return to get the money. Americans can expect to receive an amount that starts out at $1,200 per individual and $500 per child; it starts phasing out for anyone who makes $75,000 or more per year and disappears altogether at $99,000 (double that for married couples), per recent tax returns. Meanwhile, NBC notes that people who owe back taxes or who have delinquent student loan payments won’t be penalized and will receive their stimulus payment in full. Who won’t be getting the funds, or at least not the full amount: anyone who owes child support. Mnuchin has said direct deposits will begin showing up on April 17, with paper checks sent in the mail to follow, per the Washington Post. CNN notes the payments won’t be taxed, according to the IRS.

Remember all those sanctimonious d/bags that hate those that look for free stuff from the government….how many do you think will send their free money back because they do not want “free stuff” from the government?

One more thing my wife took a picture of me while I wait for my check…..


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Do I Get Free Money?

Closing Thought–27Mar20

The stim package has passed and us mere mortals will be getting some sort of check in an attempt to sooth the savage beast……if so then how much will I get is the most asked question?

Let’s go to the info…..

The Senate on Wednesday passed the biggest economic relief bill in US history—the AP gives a sense of scope by noting the $2.2 trillion price tag is equivalent to half the size of the entire $4 trillion-plus annual federal budget. Assuming the House passes it as expected on Friday, how much will end up in your pocket? The Washington Post has created a coronavirus stimulus check calculator where you can see for yourself (use it here), but in general, here’s how it will work:

  • The checks are expected to go out in April, and in most cases they won’t be checks. If you qualify for a check, the government will see if it has your direct deposit info on file from the filing of your 2018 or 2019 taxes. If it does, you’ll receive your payment that way.
  • If you earn no more than $75,000 a year you’ll qualify for the full $1,200. Married couples can get $2,400 so long as their adjusted gross income doesn’t exceed $150,000 a year.
  • Reduced checks will go to individuals making up to $99,000, with the total amount reduced by $5 for every $100 over $75,000. Married couples who make up to $198,000 will also get reduced checks.
  • Adults will also receive $500 per child under age 17. Forbes reports there is no limit on the number of kids, so the same thing applies whether you have one kid or six.
  • Based on these parameters, not every American will receive a check, but most will—about 83% of tax filers, per one estimate cited by the Post.
  • Your income level will be determined based on your 2019 taxes, or your 2018 taxes if you haven’t filed them yet. The checks won’t be taxed.
  • Another note on timeline: The Post notes that while Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin wants the first batch of checks to go out the week of April 6, “the last time the US government did anything like this, in 2008 … it took about eight weeks for the final people to receive their checks.”
  • CNN echoes that, with Howard Gleckman with the Tax Policy Center saying, “It is more realistic to expect them in a month or two

Does that answer your question?

This should be helpful for some….but I feel that it will fall short in most cases for the people that are suffering economically.

On the other side of this disaster…..after all it is an election and the president needs the economy to rebound, which it is doing thanks to the free cash for corporations…..and he needs some popular support and apparently his free money to the peons  has had its upside…

Despite a series of setbacks and snafus, a stunning new poll finds that 60 percent of Americans approve of President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

A Gallup poll released this week — and conducted during the week ending this past Sunday — shows nearly two-thirds of Americans approving of Trump’s handling of the crisis, buoyed by high marks from Republicans (94 percent) and independents (60 percent), with even just over a quarter of Democrats (27 percent) in favor as well.

Stunning Poll Finds 60 Percent of Americans Approve of Trump’s Coronavirus Response

Apparently we Americans can be bought.

My thought is if we could ask the 1000+ people dead would they agree and approve of Trump’s virus response?

I know I am a cynic….but I have been watching this scenario played out numerous times and little has changed and the people still have not learned that they are only an after thought most of the time.

Just wondering.

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A Few Virus Thoughts

We hear a lot about the plan/s that are being debated in DC to save this group or that……do you know what is being said?

The GOP is trying to give corporations a ll the help they need while not too damn concerned with Main Street…..

Let’s begin with the Senate and their push for a corporate bail-out…….

Progressives on Monday renewed their demand for #AJustStimulus to mitigate the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic as the GOP continues to push a vote on a measure critics say could amount to “another corporate handout.”

“Republicans under Mitch McConnell want to turn the coronavirus rescue bill into a slush fund that Trump can use for corporate handouts, and we have to stop them,” advocacy group People’s Action said in letter to supporters Monday morning.

The legislation in question is the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES. Democrats late Sunday successfully blocked the bill from moving forward, as Common Dreams reported.

“We voted no on the McConnell-GOP bill because among other problems it includes huge bailouts without protections for people and workers and without accountability, and because it shortchanges our hospitals and healthcare workers who need our help,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.)  “These changes need to be made.”

Some would have us believe that Dems were holding it up and punishing the people….that is a lie.

Despite urgent demands from public health experts, frontline nurses and doctors, and Democratic lawmakers that President Donald Trump urgently utilize his authority under the Defense Production Act to order private companies to produce critically needed medical equipment to help stop the coronavirus crisis ravaging the nation, the president on Sunday explained that to do so would be akin to “nationalization” of industries and “socialism”—a claim he made even while suggesting that a taxpayer bailout of his personal hotel empire might be necessary.

“We’re a country not based on nationalizing our business,” Trump said at Sunday evening press conference when asked about his reluctance to more aggressively utilize the DPA, which he officially invoked last week. “Call a person over in Venezuela,” the president continued, “ask them how did nationalization of their businesses work out? Not too well.”

You interested in what is really happening?

President Trump has refused to use a wartime law to require major manufacturers to make vital equipment to combat the new coronavirus, reportedly after corporations successfully lobbied his top adviser and son-in-law, Jared Kushner.–after-corporations-lobbied-jared-kushner/

Games as usual……

Now for some of the more STUPID among us when it comes to this virus…….

These are times in which we may all have to make some sacrifices, but in the Texas lieutenant governor’s mind, senior citizens in the US should be ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. NBC News reports that Dan Patrick appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show Monday night, not long after a presser in which President Trump signaled he wants businesses reopened sooner rather than later—which would flout the advice of health experts, per CBS DFW. The 69-year-old grandfather of six agrees with Trump, and apparently thinks older Americans should be OK with risking their lives in this effort. “No one reached out to me and said, ‘As a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren?'” he said to Carlson. “If that’s the exchange, I’m all in.”

Patrick added: “Let’s get back to work. Let’s get back to living. … Those of us who are 70-plus, we’ll take care of ourselves. But don’t sacrifice the country.” Tucker double-checked that he was understanding Patrick correctly, asking: “You’re basically saying that this disease could take your life but that’s not the scariest thing to you? There’s something that would be worse than dying?” Patrick’s reply: “Yeah. If I get sick, I’ll go and try to get better, but if I don’t, I don’t.” CBS News notes the immediate backlash that came Patrick’s way, with the terms “death panel” and “Logan’s Run” (a movie in which anyone over 30 is eliminated) getting a lot of traction. “I’m 73, pretty active, and I’m not willing to sacrifice myself for the economy,” one commenter noted on Twitter. From another: “Sacrificing the elderly on the altar of the economy? This Texan will vote for someone with a moral compass next time.”

This one just makes one ask….SERIOUSLY?

And I hear the idiot of the Right Glen Beck echoes the feeling of the Lt. Gov…..

On Tuesday, right-wing shock jock Glenn Beck followed Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s lead, and suggested that older people should risk their lives and potentially expose themselves to coronavirus for the sake of the economy.

“I sincerely hope that we are not at a place, as Americans, where we are going to let the Democrats jam down the Green New Deal because we’re at home panicked,” said Beck. “I want to have a frank conversation with you and ask you where you stand. I mean, I’m in the danger zone. I’m right at the edge, I’m 56. In Italy they’re saying if you’re sick and your 60, don’t even come in. So I’m in the danger zone.”

I could add something truly disgusting about Beck….but I will save that for others.

President Trump warned that the number of suicides could increase if he does not lift restrictions due to the coronavirus on daily life.

His administration is mulling whether to lift social distancing measures at the end of a 15-day period, and he has repeatedly said that the “cure should not be worse than the problem.”


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That Virus Stimulus Plan

There has been a lot of talk about the plan for cash payments to help in this time of need… payments to the citizens…..we know one thing for sure if anybody will get bailed out of this crisis it will be corporations and billionaires……bug it sounds good to say that the people are their number one priority……sorry but I kinda doubt that……

With an election on the fast track……..and PRESTO…the plan has been announced!

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday presented the third part of the legislation intended to help the economy recover from the pandemic, built around payments of $1,200 to anyone with an income up to $75,000. The amount of the payment would decline as household income neared $99,000. There would be a $500 check for every child in the family, the Hill reports. The direct payments, backed early by Sen. Mitt Romney and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, are not universally popular among Senate Republicans. “Direct payments make sense when the economy is beginning to start,” Sen. Lindsey Graham said Thursday. “It makes no sense now, because it’s just money. What I want is income, not one check.” Lawmakers are still negotiating the details of the payments, though as of now, the poorest Americans would receive less, per the Washington Post, with a minimum check of $600.

Sen. Richard Shelby is among the Republicans who want to provide aid through unemployment insurance instead. “I personally think that if we are going to help people, we ought to direct the cash payments maybe as a supplement to unemployment,” he said, “not to the people that are still working every day.” President Trump has vacillated on the idea of payments to individuals, and supported a different approach Thursday on corporate bailouts. Asked about companies that have used their extra cash to buy back stock, Trump endorsed the government receiving a stake in the companies in exchange for aid. Comparing them with companies that invested the cash, Trump said, “Maybe I view that as a little bit differently than somebody that didn’t and somebody that built plants all over the United States.”

Will this abate all the panic?  I doubt it….it will however look great on a campaign ad.

Any thoughts on this?

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The Cash Scramble!

Just like the crash of ’08 businesses are scrambling to preserve their profits by getting the government to give them money……and now that the markets have slid another 3000 points the screams are growing louder by the day….

These daily slides have wiped out about 96% of the profits it created in the Trump years so far.  If this continues then Trump has lost his best re-election weapon.

How about those businesses like the airlines……seems everyone is scrambling to get a piece of the government’s pie.

“We’re going to be in a position to help the airlines very much,” President Trump said Monday when asked about possible government aid in the wake of the huge drop in passenger bookings. The airlines have now put an amount on that promise: $50 billion. That’s more than three times as much as they received after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Wall Street Journal reports; the tab for the auto industry bailout was $80 billion. Cash payments, loans and tax help could be part of the deal being discussed by the airlines with Trump administration officials and members of Congress. United Airlines said it plans to cut service in half for April and May because of the coronavirus outbreak and figures the flights it keeps running will only be one-fourth full. “We have to back the airlines,” Trump said. “It’s not their fault.”

The airlines also made a plea for urgency. “We cannot afford to wait long for assistance,” the A4A trade group said. “This is a today problem, not a tomorrow problem,” the group’s CEO said, per the Washington Post. Airports could ask for federal aid, too. “Airlines may be the most visible part of our aviation system,” a House GOP spokesman said, “but we have to ensure that a stabilization package addresses the needs of airports, regional and charter airlines, cargo airlines, manufacturers, and general aviation business.” An industry analyst called the plan “an aggressive request” but cautioned that it could be just a starting point. “You have to remember the A4A’s job is to shoot for the universe in hopes of getting the moon,” he said.

I say give the greedy bastards the money….but take it out of the Pentagon’s budget for it is pretty bloated.

My feelings are…”F*ck ’em”!

How much have they used to buy back their own stocks?  Maybe they should say screw short term gains and look to the future.

Just saying…….

And the games being played in the Congress is so typical of the gutless wonders we elect…..

With an urgency unseen since the Great Recession, Congress is rushing to develop a sweeping economic lifeline for American households and businesses capsized by the coronavirus outbreak. Democrats said at least $750 billion would be needed, the AP reports. “We will need big, bold, urgent federal action to deal with this crisis,” Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said Monday. Republicans did not object, as a roster of America’s big and small industries lined up for aid. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he wants a comprehensive approach with “significant steps” for the economy, particularly Main Street businesses. Senators had returned to an emptied-out US Capitol, clear of tourists or House members, to confront an even more dire situation than the one they left for a long weekend, before Trump declared a national emergency.

Stuck in the Senate is the aid package approved Saturday by the House, with sick pay, free testing and emergency food. Some Republicans want changes, and the House has technical corrections to make. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who negotiated the package with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, arrived late Monday on Capitol Hill to confer with Senate GOP leaders, saying they were trying to fix the hangup and turn to next steps. The House, Senate and White House agree the pending bill is not nearly enough. The Chamber of Commerce called Monday for legislation including a three-month cancellation of the taxes companies pay to support Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance, for example. The Democrats’ plan would boost hospital capacity, unemployment insurance and other direct aid for households, businesses and the health care industry.

Not to worry the Senate will go on a three day hiatus just when we need their worthless asses to get things done… typical.

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Markets Go Up….Markets Go Down

We have had a volatile few weeks in the markets…..up….down….up again…..down again…..

Just the other day the markets went up then down 2000 pts and then up 1000 then down another 1000… are waiting for Trump to do something to off-set the market losses…..

US stocks slid on Wednesday as investors mulled the timeline for the White House’s stimulus measures in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

All three major indexes tanked roughly 5%, erasing gains made during Tuesday’s rebound. The drop ushered in another day of heightened volatility from coronavirus risks and the escalating oil-market war between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Investors initially expected stimulus details to be announced Tuesday. Markets surged through the previous session amid reports that President Donald Trump wanted to cut payroll taxes through the November election. The fiscal stimulus would join the Federal Reserve’s early-March monetary-policy boost.

Trump’s ace in the hole for the election is the good economy……and with the virus crapping all over his rep as an astute businessman…..he may decide to do something to help and to improve his chances for the next election….

President Trump on Tuesday proposed eliminating the payroll tax until the end of the year to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus. A few different timelines were discussed during a closed-door meeting with Republican lawmakers, with some talk of the rollback stretching beyond 2020, officials tell NBC News, adding Trump favors a cut that would last at least until November. Payroll taxes are paid by employers and employees to fund Social Security and Medicare. Employees pay 6.2% on the first $137,700 of their income for Social Security, and 1.45% of all their earned income for Medicare, with employers matching those amounts. Under the Obama administration, the Social Security payroll tax was temporarily cut to 4.2%, per CNN. The idea of a 0% payroll tax rate is reportedly being met with resistance from Republican senators, per CNBC.

Officials tell the Wall Street Journal that the April 15 tax deadline is also likely to be extended, though a specific date hasn’t been decided, nor is it clear who would qualify for the extension. Republicans also discussed federal assistance for the shale oil industry, which is suffering as a result of a price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia. “They are talking about specific industries that would be hurt the worst and to try and get first of all this payroll tax deduction,” GOP Sen. David Perdue of Georgia tells NBC. “That’s at the top of my list as having immediate impact,” but “if you’re not getting paid, that doesn’t help.” Any economic stimulus plan would need to be approved by Congress. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that Democrats were working on a plan of their own.

Something needs to be done to calm the nerves of the profit takers…..but is the proposed plan anything but a secret attack on Social Security?

Economists and progressive advocacy groups are warning that President Donald Trump’s proposal to cut or temporarily suspend the payroll tax in an effort to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus is “a Trojan Horse attack on our Social Security system” that will do little to help most U.S. households.

Slashing the payroll tax, the primary funding mechanism for Social Security, “is the wrong way to go,” said Dean Baker, senior economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR).

But do not worry the president went on national TV to calm the frayed nerves…..and it did not go so well…..

President Trump announced a 30-day ban on travel to the US from Europe Wednesday night—but the anti-coronavirus move did not reassure the stock market. CNN reports that Dow Jones futures plummeted more than 1,000 points overnight, setting up another day of stock market carnage Thursday, the day after a 1,465-point plunge officially ended the 11-year bull market. Asian markets also saw major falls Thursday, and European markets suffered in early trading, with Britain’s FTSE 100 down 5.7% to 5,542.17. Analysts say investors were dismayed by Trump’s failure to set out a comprehensive medical and economic response to the outbreak and its effects. More:

  • Travel ban clarified. Trump initially said all travel from Europe—excluding the UK—would be suspended for 30 days, but officials later clarified that the ban only applies to foreign nationals who have been in the 26 Schengen Area countries that allow passport-free travel between each other, the AP reports.
  • Britain won’t follow suit. Authorities in Britain say they won’t copy the US ban on flights from the European Union, the Guardian reports. “With regard to flight bans we are always guided by the science as we make our decisions here,” health secretary Matt Hancock said Thursday. “The advice we are getting is that there isn’t evidence that interventions like closing borders or travel bans are going to have a material effect on the spread of the infections.”
  • EU condemns move. The European Commission slammed Trump’s move in a statement Thursday, reports the New York Times. “The coronavirus is a global crisis, not limited to any continent and it requires cooperation rather than unilateral action,” the EU’s governing body said. “The European Union disapproves of the fact that the US decision to impose a travel ban was taken unilaterally and without consultation.”
  • Airlines hardest hit. The Wall Street Journal reports that airlines and cruise ship operators have been the hardest hit by pretrading drops, with America Airlines, Delta, and United all down at least 10%. Analysts say that with the full effect of the virus and containment measures on the world economy still largely unknown, markets may remain volatile for weeks to come.

Sorry but the markets are not showing much faith in the proposals by this president….and today’s opening shows the lack of confidence in the president…..

The market is cratering at the open, and it happened so fast that trading was suspended for the second time this week. The Dow fell more than 1,700 points, about 7%, after another string of worrying coronavirus developments. The benchmark S&P fell 7% as well, and that triggered a 15-minute “circuit breaker” pause in trading, reports CNBC. The plunges come after the Dow slipped into a bear market Wednesday after 11 years of a bull run. On Thursday, the S&P also entered a bear market.

Meanwhile, the New York Stock Exchange is exploring the unprecedented step of closing its trading floor and switching to electronic backup systems, reports the Wall Street Journal. The move comes amid a push to discourage large gatherings of any kind as a way to curb the spread of the disease.

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Update on the 2020 Trump Budget.

I gave my readers a look at the preliminary budget being offered by Trump for 2021…… and a few thoughts before we look into the budget……

According to Trump Social Security and Medicare will be saved from cuts….and the real report has come out……either Trump does not know what is in his budget or he was lying……(I believe the later applies here)……

President Donald Trump posted a tweet on Saturday vowing, “We will not be touching your Social Security and Medicare in Fiscal 2021 Budget.” One day later, the Wall Street Journal published a report indicating that Trump is doing exactly that with his budget proposal.

The Journal’s report, which came a day ahead of the administration officially releasing its budget on Monday, indicates that Trump’s $4.8 trillion budget includes “steep reductions in social-safety-net programs,” including cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security disability programs:

The White House proposes to cut spending by $4.4 trillion over a decade. Of that, it targets $2 trillion in savings from mandatory spending programs, including $130 billion from changes to Medicare prescription-drug pricing, $292 billion from safety-net cuts—such as work requirements for Medicaid and food stamps—and $70 billion from tightening eligibility access to disability benefits.

There is stuff that ALL seniors need to know about the new budget proposal……

Seniors should think of the proposed budget as President Trump’s “wish list”: not all of his proposals will take effect. Most, but not all, of his proposals would require the cooperation of the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives and the Republican-controlled Senate.

Here are the line items from Trump’s 2021 budget that would have the greatest impact on seniors.

This budget will take some dickering to get passed…..but will it?

Another problem I see with this budget…..

Budget proposals for fiscal 2021 released Monday afternoon call for $4.5 billion for the European Deterrence Initiative, a fund started by the Obama administration in the aftermath of Russia’s 2014 invasion of parts of eastern Ukraine and annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, which sparked a conflict that continues to inflict casualties on both sides. The latest proposal represents a precipitous drop from the $6 billion enacted for the current fiscal year and $6.5 billion the year before. Congress approved funding in line with administration requests for those years.

But not to worry the Imperial President now has his sycophants in place to rubber stamp his every move…..

President Trump released his 2021 budget on Monday to great fanfare, but don’t expect to hear much about it in terms of Senate debate. The chair of the Senate Budget Committee says he won’t even schedule a hearing on it because the document is essentially meaningless, reports the Hill. That isn’t an anti-Trump slam: Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming gave the same treatment to former President Obama. His rationale is that any related hearing is a waste of time and turns into a “diatribe against the president,” reports Politico.

“I want to encourage people … not to waste any time searching out the president’s budget cuts,” Enzi told his fellow senators in a floor speech. “Congress doesn’t pay any attention to the president’s budget exercise. It’s all it is—an exercise. Congress holds the purse strings, according to the Constitution, and Congress is very protective of that constitutional authority.” Among other things, Trump’s $4.8 trillion blueprint calls for a big outlay in military spending, including the creation of a new submarine-launched nuclear warhead, reports the New York Times

Not to worry the economy is great…that is according to Trump….and yet this…..

In public, President Donald Trump likes to boast about—and usually inflate—the performance of the American economy on his watch. He picks through the numbers to take credit for everything good and sorts out everything not-so-good for dumping on his predecessors. The result: lots of exclamation points!

If you lived in a bubble where Twitter Trump was your sole news source, you’d be pretty fired up, which makes it odd that on Monday the very same Trump White House said it intends to slash a scheduled pay raise for civilian federal employees. Cutting the 2.5 percent raise set for 2021 to 1 percent for millions of federal workers seems a bit austere in the face of such self-proclaimed boom times. Even more absurdly, Trump is justifying ordering the cut on the grounds that the country is in the midst of a “national emergency or serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare,” which the White House says authorizes the president to “implement alternative plans for pay adjustments.”

So which is it? The best economy in the history of economies or a national economic emergency? Either way, somebody’s lying.


And that is how you pull the wool over the eyes of the voter……

It pains me to see how our government is going into the toilet and I hope that the next president has more oversight than this Imperial one….

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