2016: New Hampshire’s In The Books

All the rhetoric for New Hampshire is a moot point…..the citizens have spoken and the head scratching begins….but not for long…..they are headed South…..

All the polls are also a moot point……all the hoopla is gone and now we have a real campaign beginning…..

Sorry I was rattling……(drum roll please)……the New Hampshire Winners Are…..

No late surprises in the New Hampshire top spots Tuesday night: Both the AP and CNN called the winners as soon as the polls closed at 8pm Eastern, with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump triumphing easily. The bigger questions will be who finishes in the secondary spots in the GOP—though John Kasich has locked up second place—and how big Sanders’ margin of victory will be. In incomplete returns, Sanders had 59% to Hillary Clinton’s 40%, while Trump (34%) was followed by Kasich (16%), Ted Cruz (12%), Jeb Bush (11%), Marco Rubio (10%), Chris Christie (8%), Carly Fiorina (4%), and Ben Carson (2%). While the wins by Trump and Sanders were predicted by recent polls, the New York Times takes note of the bigger picture: These are victories by two relative “outsiders” who have “rocked the political establishment.”

The Washington Post has a similar line of thought: The night is a “remarkable victory for two outsiders who tapped into voter anger at the two parties’ establishments, each promising massive government actions to provide working people with an economic boost.” After accepting a thunderous ovation from his supporters at his victory rally, Sanders called his win “nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution.” Trump, meanwhile, said, “This is something very special,” and told supporters that his late parents were looking down with pride. Clinton, for her part, called Sanders to congratulate him as soon as the race was called. “It’s not whether you get knocked down that matters,” she said at her rally. “It’s whether you get back up.” A spokesman added that the nomination “will very likely be won in March, not February,” and predicted that Clinton would roll up a “potentially insurmountable” lead next month, reports Politico.

No time for a shower…..if you feel dirty because of the primaries….then you should feel even worse…..for the mud is about to get deeper……

First, look for Clinton to try and re-invent herself…..she will jump on the ant-Wall Street bandwagon……she will use more economic stumps than before…..she will change to meet the competition…..

Will there be another “massacre” within the GOP or will they wait for the results in the next primary?

Now on to South Carolina……let the nasty begin!

10 thoughts on “2016: New Hampshire’s In The Books

  1. Let the freakshow begin in earnest. We’ve been getting previews for months. We’ve devolved to the point where supporters are calling one candidate a pussy. The other candidate is all, “well I didn’t say it but…” Then you have spawn of satan having her friend say there is a special place in hell for women who don’t vote for spawn.

  2. I suppose, if nothing else, there is some entertainment value in all this nonsense…. Frankly, though, it’s all rather a bore…. In spite of Trump & Bernie, I see nothing new in any of the platforms, nor any indication there will ever be any such seen….


    gigoid, the dubious

    1. Change is not the point for me….I enjoy seeing the fringe become mainstream…..as an old radical I have been waiting for this time…..I like it….but it is only a fleeting phenom….chuq

      1. I was basically kicked off of “Daily Kos” because I told everyone that Obama was NOT change in any way….they said that they would work to get Obama elected and if I could not get on board then maybe I should find some place else to post…..so I did and it is called IST…LOL chuq

      2. One of the insidious dangers of following a ’cause’…. they become obsessed with the ’cause’ to the exclusion of all else, thus placing themselves firmly in the camp of those they are fighting against….

        Bozos, every one of us….


      3. BTW…..a couple years after the election I wrote back to them and said….”TOLD YOU SO”, D/bags….I enjoyed that a lot….chuq

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