The Big Apple Is The Place To Be

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Many people have said that they are disappointed in me because I have offered up anything on the NY primary taking place today……so I bow to my friends and readers…..

Things to watch tonight……..

Tuesday is primary day in New York, the biggest prize until California votes on June 7, and all five remaining campaigns went into overdrive Monday. Polls suggest big wins lie ahead for front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump—but there’s still plenty of room for surprises, and in this year’s races, every delegate counts. A roundup of coverage:

  • This is the first competitive GOP presidential primary in the state in 40 years, and the first in 24 years for Democrats, Politico reports in a look at how merely winning may not be enough for Clinton and Trump. To get all 95 delegates up for grabs, Trump needs at least 50% of the vote in every congressional district.
  • FiveThirtyEight takes a district-by-district look at the GOP primary and finds that Trump’s weakest spots could be Brooklyn, where Russian Jews favor Ted Cruz, and Manhattan, where a “ridiculously” well-educated group of voters could hand John Kasich a victory.
  • Politico has a list of districts to watch in both races, noting that around half of the state’s Democratic votes will be cast in New York City, but only around 15% of Republican ones.
  • The Washington Post reports on Monday’s “flurry of retail politicking” in New York City, with Clinton drinking “bubble tea” at Kung Fu Tea in Flushing while Trump rolled out a “diversity coalition” at Trump Tower.
  • Sanders, meanwhile, slammed both Clinton and corporate greed at an outdoor rally in Long Island City Monday night, the Hill reports. “It is an enormously important primary because there are a lot of delegates at stake,” he said. “Tomorrow, New York state can help take this country a giant step forward toward the political revolution.” The AP notes that if he fails to defy the polls and defeat Clinton, he faces “increasingly limited opportunities to change the trajectory of the race.”
  • Vox reports on a factor likely to hurt both Trump, who tends to benefit from high turnout, and Sanders, the choice of many independents: New York ranks a dismal 48th out of 50 states in voter turnout—and Tuesday’s primaries are closed. The deadline to register party affiliation was in October, which means two of Trump’s own children can’t vote for him.

There you have it…….now I feel like I need a shower and clean myself up.


So Ended Another “Tuesday”

Another round of delegate selection is done……and we are moving closer to the conventions and the rhetoric has become a blistering pace…..

Let’s start with the Dems for yesterday….who won what and who got what……

Hillary Clinton kept her delegate lead in the Democratic race intact Tuesday night with a big win in Arizona despite losing heavily to Bernie Sanders in two other states. With around 70% of votes in Arizona counted, she has 60% to 37% for Bernie Sanders, reports the Washington Post, which notes that there were long lines, delays, and voting glitches in parts of the state. The state’s 75 delegates are awarded proportionately. Sanders, meanwhile, is the projected winner of the Utah caucuses with a whopping 75% of the vote, which will give him most of the state’s 33 delegates, reports the Hill. He won by an an even bigger margin in the Idaho caucuses, with 78% of the vote giving him 17 delegates, leaving Hillary Clinton with six from the state.

“When we began this campaign, we were considered a fringe candidacy,” Sanders told supporters in California, per Politico. “Well, 10 months later we have now won 10 primaries and caucuses and unless I’m very mistaken, we’re gonna win a couple more tonight.”

Now how did the Repubs do last night?

Donald Trump inched closer to the GOP nomination with a massive victory in Arizona Tuesday night. With more than 80% of results in, he has 47% of the vote to 23% for Ted Cruz and 10% for John Kasich, according to Politico. Marco Rubio was still on the ballot and has 14.6% of the vote, leaving Kasich in fourth place in a three-man race. The state is winner-take-all, and its 58 delegates give Trump a total of 739, with 1,237 needed to win the nomination. But a long battle lies ahead: With most precincts in Utah reporting, Ted Cruz is the projected winner with 70% of the vote, well over the 50% needed to take all 40 delegates, the Washington Post reports. Kasich is second with around 17% and Trump is third with 14%.

This voting thing is getting boring… drama other than the stuff generated during the stump speeches….

I now return you to the sanity of daily life….

If You Vote Today

Another Tuesday and another set of primaries/caucuses.

If you live in these regions and are planning to let the country know your preference then there is stuff you may need to know……

The 2016 race moves westward Tuesday. Arizona and Utah will vote for their candidates of choice, while Idaho Democrats will caucus, reports the AP. (Ted Cruz previously took the latter state for Republicans.) It’ll be a late one, with Utah Republicans permitted to vote online until 1am EDT—and exact percentages really matter there. Here’s what to watch:

  • Donald Trump is expected to lose Utah, but the big question is by how much. If Cruz manages to secure at least 50% of the vote, he gets all 40 delegates. If he doesn’t, they’ll be handed out proportionally, which the New York Times sees as psychologically damaging to Cruz and yet another boost for Trump on his quest to secure 1,237 delegates.
  • But maybe Cruz can pull it off. Politico cites a survey released Saturday that gives Cruz 53% of the GOP vote.
  • The thorn in Cruz’s side: John Kasich, who the AP reports “hopes to play spoiler” and has been running an online ad that suggests Mitt Romney endorsed him. (Not so.) The aforementioned poll has Kasich at 29%, and Trump at 11%.
  • In fact, Politico reports Romney recorded a robocall Monday that puts it plainly to Utahans: “A vote for John Kasich is a vote for Donald Trump.”
  • Arizona, with its 58 delegates, is winner-take-all. The Hill notes it’s the biggest such state left.
  • Trump is expected to win it, though Politico notes polling has been light in the state. Interestingly, Marco Rubio, who dropped out March 15, could end up with a decent number of votes here: Arizona has a lengthy early-voting period, and it’s possible a majority of votes have already been cast.
  • On the Democratic side, the Hill notes that “Sanders has fared better in states with smaller percentages of minority voters—likely to be the case in Utah and Idaho.”
  • But all delegates are awarded proportionally, so a big win for Sanders in Arizona (75 delegates) would have more impact than Utah (33) or Idaho (23), notes the Hill. Still, “a string of sizable victories could blunt the pressure on him to withdraw from the race,” reports the Times.

If you live in the region then please go and exercise the right that you have left…..and let the people decide……

In closing……the Right or other mental midgets have gone batcrap crazy over the Obama Cuba trip and especially when he has been photographed standing in front of a COMMIE……..

What a posse of silly d/bags.

The Flame Flickers

The Dem race is looking all but won……

The results of yet another big Tuesday of voting are rolling in, and they’re proving to be good news for Hillary Clinton: She has won Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Illinois, reports the AP. In Florida, Clinton had been handily leading all the polls, and she was handed the state immediately after polls closed at 8pm Eastern. With 99% of the vote in, she has a sizable 64% of the vote, giving her 142 delegates to 62 for Bernie Sanders. Clinton is up by double digits over Bernie Sanders in Ohio and North Carolina as well, per NBC News, with the win in North Carolina allowing her to complete her sweep of the South.

In Illinois, the race was called when Clinton had 50.5% of the vote with 96% of results in, giving her 88 delegates to 64 for Sanders. In Missouri, with 99% of precincts in, Clinton is 0.2% ahead, making the race a virtual tie. Sanders was hoping to pull off another Michigan-level surprise in at least one of the five states voting on Tuesday, but he appears bound for disappointment. Vox notes all five states voting tonight award their Democratic delegates proportionally

As well for the Repubs…..

It’s a campaign-saving win for John Kasich and a campaign-ending loss for Marco Rubio. In the latter race, Donald Trump easily defeated the Florida senator in Rubio’s home state. The contest had been seen as do-or-die for Rubio, and it turned out to be die: He suspended his campaign in an evening address to supporters. Both CNN and the AP called the state as soon as the last polls closed at 8pm Eastern, with Trump up by nearly 20 points in the winner-take-all contest.

In the other big race, however, Kasich got a much-needed win in his own home state of Ohio. Kasich beat Trump by around 11%, and he received a rousing cheer from supporters when he promised, “I will not take a low road to the highest office in the land,” per Reuters. Trump, meanwhile, praised Rubio: “He’s tough, he’s smart, and he’s got a great future.” In the other three states voting Tuesday night, Trump racked up victories in Illinois and North Carolina, and he was leading a close race in Missouri with Ted Cruz. Earlier, he won the Northern Mariana Islands caucus with 73% of the vote.

Another Tuesday, More Primaries

Don’t fret…it is FAR from over!

The results of the endless primaries are basically in……and I wanted to see how the Michigan race was going for the Dems….and as I have been saying the media is determined to make the case for Hillary…..

Let’s go to the tallies……..

All eyes were on Michigan on Tuesday night, but three other states were in play—including Mississippi, where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each won easily. When the polls closed at 8pm ET, CNN and AP immediately called the race for Clinton, who continues her sweep of the Deep South as she rides a continuing wave of support from black voters. The Republican race took longer, but CNN called it for Trump about a half-hour after the polls closed. With most of the vote in, Ted Cruz handily took second, with John Kasich and Marco Rubio each winning less than 10% of the vote. Up for grabs were 40 GOP delegates and 36 Democratic delegates; they’ll be proportionally awarded.


  • Idaho: With 32 delegates at stake and 74% of the vote in, NBC was projecting Cruz as the winner with 44% of the vote followed by Trump with 28%. Marco Rubio, in what may be his best showing of the night, is third with 17%.

Hawaii: Another win for Donald Trump, this time in the state he didn’t believe President Obama was born in. CNN projects that the tycoon has won Hawaii’s GOP caucuses, adding to his Tuesday night victories in Michigan and Mississippi. Hawaii is one of the smallest and most solidly Democratic states in the union, meaning visits from GOP candidates are rare and its GOP caucuses can be very hard to predict. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports that the state Republican Party was deeply split over Trump’s candidacy, though organizers were very pleased with the size of the turnout, which they estimate at around 20,000 more than twice as many as turned out in 2012

But the big news is Michigan………

The biggest prize of the night is Michigan, and it’s shaping up to be a tight finish between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. With 97% of results in, CNN and NBC are projecting Sanders as the winner with 50% of the vote to Clinton’s 48%. Both candidates campaigned aggressively in the state, which has 130 delegates up for grabs. One factor in Sanders’ strong showing might be what Nate Cohn of the New York Times calls the “most surprising” stat out of exit polls: Clinton was “beating Sanders by 32 points among black voters in Michigan, which would be her weakest showing of the season by a wide margin.”

Sanders was hoping for an upset to make the case that he’s more of a national candidate, given that Clinton has racked up so many wins in the South, notes Politico. Clinton, on the other hand, had been hoping for a decisive victory to “close the door” on Sanders’ candidacy, it adds. Either way, neither candidate will get a huge net gain in delegates, which will be divided proportionately.

But the bigger news for the media was Trump’s wins…..wins by the way were foretold by the polls…….the Bernie win is just a side note…..he took on the might of the Clinton machine and won….why is that not more news than the inevitable winner?

Would it be a bigger story for the media is Bernie had been black?

The big question should be…..will Hillary play nice or will the Clinton “nasty” machine once again rear its UGLY head?  My guess is “nasty” will win the day.

Next week will be make or break for Rubio and Kasich….if they lose…they are gone!

2016: The Weekend That Was

In case you were otherwise engaged living life and enjoy the day…..I will give you the mark-up on the races that made the weekend bearable for the media…..

First the Repubs……

Ted Cruz picked up two double-digit victories against Donald Trump Saturday night with wins in Kansas and Maine, though Trump won much tighter contests in Louisiana and Kentucky. Trump will retain a sizable overall lead in delegates, but the Cruz wins show “there’s no quick end in sight to the fractious GOP race,” notes AP. Cruz’s victory in Kansas was especially decisive: He received 48% of the vote, well ahead of Trump (23%), Marco Rubio (17%), and John Kasich (11%). The results in Maine, another caucus, were a bit closer: Cruz (46%), Trump (33%), Kasich (12%), and Rubio (8%). Trump’s wins over Cruz, meanwhile, will likely end up being in the single digits, with Rubio having a weak night all around. In fact, Trump called on him to drop out in his post-results address to supporters, reports Politico.

“It’s time,” he said, adding, “I want Ted one on one.” In his own address, delivered early in the night, Cruz told supporters in Idaho that “what we’re seeing is the public coming together, libertarians coming together, men and women who love the Constitution coming together and uniting and standing as one behind this campaign.”

And now the adults in the room (as scary as that may sound)…..the Dems…….

Bernie Sanders has won the two Democratic caucuses of the night in Kansas and Nebraska, but Hillary Clinton countered with a big win in the Louisiana primary, reports CNN. The network called the latter race soon after polls closed at 9 Eastern, with African-American voters again giving her an easy victory. With 58 delegates at stake, Louisiana is the single biggest prize of the night. Kansas has 37 at stake and Nebraska 30. Which means that while Sanders has bragging rights after winning two of three, “the results were not likely to alter the broader contours of a race in which Mrs. Clinton maintains a significant delegate lead,” observes the New York Times.

The only thing you missed was the implosion of Rubio…the man could not buy votes last weekend….his only dim hope is looking like Florida….plus it gives the MSM something to speculate over for the next week or so….

See your time was better spent on other endeavors……leave the mundane crap to me.