Will Johnny Go To War?

Once again the good people over at Ace News Room has seen to it that another of my op-eds have been published…..I appreciate their confidence in my writing to do so…..please when reading my piece take some time to look around they are an excellent news source for those that are looking for multi-faceted news…..

I have been saying for many years that the US is playing a dangerous game with our constant interventionism….and it is only getting worse….and when the situation gets worse the only answer our leaders have is…..more troops and more destruction…..

Source: Will Johnny Go To War?

To say that I am not very optimistic about the future and the chances of war would be an understatement…..there are too many indicators they say any peaceful settlement of international situations is never going to happen…..I am not alone in my worries…….

I try to be optimistic, and while sometimes it’s hard, I usually succeed in taking the long view that the case for peace and liberty will ultimately triumph simply because war and tyranny are incompatible with the requirements of an industrial civilization. That’s why the Soviet Union fell, and why, in my view, the Nazis’ […]

Source: Danger Ahead – Antiwar.com Original by — Antiwar.com

Thanx for reading and I hope it was insightful……

11 thoughts on “Will Johnny Go To War?

  1. As I commented in an earlier post and as confirmed on Antiwar, we are treading down a road to distruction. The new POTUS will have all the power to start or enter a war. They don’t realize, or don’t care that this is a one way street. People really need to open their eyes and know that this isn’t in their best interests. We need to keep a watchful eye for attacks on us but need to stop meddling. Please don’t laugh. Twenty-five years ago, I was drinking from the sippy cup of aggression. I now see the error of my ways.

    1. I agree with you completely….as an active participant in war I also see the error of the ways of our government…..it is easy to be macho until you are faced with bullets zinging over your head and see the obscenity of war…..I am glad that you have come to your senses, as it were…..chuq

    1. Yes and sometimes people just want to war on someone for whatever reason….but first you sell the war until it is an inevitable event…..

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