Only Can Stand So Much Stupid

Since I am doctor bound today I will be posting stuff that caught my fancy on Twitter…..this one is just too damn good to pass up…..

People know that I do want most everything to be historically accurate…….this one is so far off base that it is beyond ignorant……


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Really Michele?  Mexicans in China?  I really do not think the Chinese were worried about job loss…..more like dying at the hands of the Mongols….but what do I know?

And she was on the intelligence committee (I believe)…….now I see why we are in so much crap in the World…..rampant ignorance!

I reiterate……CAN’T FIX STUPID!


11 thoughts on “Only Can Stand So Much Stupid

  1. Mama Gump had it right; stupid is as stupid does…. Besides, I don’t think the Incas were big migrators; they had a pretty good deal going at home, until the Spaniards found them. And, the Wall wasn’t much good against Genghis, and his gang, now, was it?

    I think Genghis gets a bad rap, anyway; it was said that during his reign, over a territory stretching from Siberia to Eastern Europe, including India and China, the largest single kingdom ever to exist, a virgin carrying bags of gold could ride across the kingdom, alone, and not be molested…. Not bad for a barbarian…You cannot say that of ANY country on Earth today….



      1. Gotta love a guy that was not interested in gold and stuff…..women…the more the merrier… kinda guy (when I was younger, of course)…..chuq

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